Affiliate Disclosure

Cake is the leading online resource for all things mortality. Our priority is always serving our users and delivering a seamless experience. From our blog posts to our expert-backed tools, we serve you first and foremost. 

Our Goal 

At Cake, we know navigating end of life is hard. Whether you’re planning for yourself, helping a loved one, or you’re experiencing a recent loss, we’re here for you. Cake is the leading resource for expert advice and easy-to-use planning tools. 

With a topic as complex and challenging as end-of-life planning, we understand that we can’t always do it all. Comprehensive planning often means using several products or services. We don’t hesitate to recommend valuable tools we know and trust that offer genuine, reliable help or guidance.

Why and How Cake Recommends Products or Services

Cake helps mortals understand end-of-life planning while also breaking down complex legal, financial, and emotional topics around death and dying. While all of our resources are free to use, we sometimes recommend third-party brands, products, and services that we feel also serve the same purpose. When we partner with other providers to share useful, relevant links, we might earn a small commission or compensation. 

While these partnerships may impact which products or services appear on our website, they in no way affect our recommendations. We only share products or services we trust. Cake does not accept payment in exchange for favorable reviews. As a leader in the end-of-life space, we know the importance of trust when making important decisions. By promoting tools and products we trust, we help our users make informed decisions about their own planning. 

Above all, we value transparency. While we’re always growing, we vow to be genuine and upfront in our partner relationships and affiliate disclosures. Thank you for your continued support and trust. 

List of Service Providers

Cake partners with memorial retailers, insurance platforms, and other leaders in the funeral, estate planning, and end-of-life space. By working with trusted providers, we provide you with the best offers and products while also offering clear recommendations throughout the decision-making process.

You can learn more about them here: 

  • AgeUp: Backed by MassMutual insurance, AgeUp is a longevity annuity that lets you trade money today for guaranteed income in the future. 
  • Amazon: Amazon is a leading eCommerce provider for all sorts of products, including funeral and memorial items. 
  • ASPCA Pet Health Insurance: The ASPCA non-profit helps pet owners find the right insurance to cover their pet’s health long-term. 
  • Care is an online caretaking marketplace, helping families find childcare, senior care, tutoring, and more. 
  • Clear Stream Monuments: With headstone and burial marketers costing more than ever before, Clear Stream Monuments provides an affordable, high-quality alternative. 
  • Dashlane: Dashlane makes it easy (and affordable) to secure your passwords and keep your digital accounts secure. 
  • eHealth: Finding health insurance can be complicated, but eHealth makes it easy as one of the leading plan navigators. 
  • Eterneva: Through a process that resembles nature, Eterneva turns human or pet cremated remains into stunning diamonds. 
  • Etsy: The creator marketplace Etsy is the perfect place to find memorial products, handmade crafts, or keepsake jewelry. 
  • Ever Loved: Ever Loved makes funeral planning easier for families with digital tools like online obituaries, event planning resources, and virtual fundraisers. 
  • Foreverence: Create a custom, one-of-a-kind urn with Foreverence. 
  • FreeWill: Using FreeWill’s lawyer-backed tool, you can create an online will for free.
  • GatheringUs: Whether you’re near or far, you can celebrate your loved one’s life with a virtual or hybrid memorial service. 
  • Haven Life: Haven Life provides affordable, dependable term life insurance. 
  • Healthy Paws: Healthy Paws is one of the leading providers of comprehensive pet insurance. 
  • Intuitive Password: This military-grade password manager is one of the most secure in the world, featuring strong encryption technology to keep your accounts safe. 
  • Ladder: Ladder offers affordable, easy life insurance without any hidden fees. 
  • Keeper: Create stunning online memorials and tributes to preserve your loved one’s legacy with Keeper.
  • MassMutual: The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company offers life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and more. 
  • Nationwide Pet Insurance: With low-cost plans and the ability to use any vet, Nationwide Pet Insurance protects over a million pets. 
  • Parting Stone: Turn a loved one’s ashes into a realistic riverstone with Parting Stone. 
  • Policygenius: Navigating insurance is tricky, but Policygenius breaks down complex plans into easy-to-understand explanations. 
  • Remembering Live: Connect with your loved ones virtually through online memorials or tribute websites. 
  • RoboForm: RoboForm is a secure password manager that gives you access to all of your accounts in a single tap. 
  • Titan Casket: The leading provider of high-quality, affordable caskets, Titan Casket is one of the best in the funeral business. 
  • Trust & Will: Built with everyday users in mind, Trust & Will makes it easy for families of all backgrounds to create their own will or estate plan online.