How to Make an Alphabet List of Gratitude: Step-by-Step


Practicing mindfulness and positivity is one of the best ways to grow comfortable with yourself and your life. There are endless ways to show gratitude, so it’s important to find what works best for you. One of the best options is to create what’s known as an alphabet list of gratitude. 

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If you’re able to identify things you’re grateful for, no matter how large or small, this makes all the difference. It’s easy to take things for granted. In reality, we’re blessed in so many ways. It’s natural to be grateful for the material things, but what about the non-material? Our relationships, experiences, and special characteristics are what define who we are. 

You don’t have to start alone. If you’re new to gratitude and mindfulness, this guide is for you. We’ll share how to make an alphabet list of gratitude from square one. Thankfulness doesn’t always come naturally, but it’s a skill you can build no matter where you’re at in life. Thankful people are the happiest people. Are you ready to transform your life?

What Is an Alphabet Gratitude List?

First, what is an alphabet gratitude list? Gratitude is a mindfulness practice in which you focus on the things you have rather than what you want. While you can probably list many things that would be nice to have (fancy tech, new clothes, a nice house, etc.), how often do you think about the blessings you already have?

These don’t have to be physical, material things either. You’re lucky to have a caring family, a loving romantic partner, a job you enjoy, or special time to yourself. No matter how small, all of these blessings add up. When you focus on what you have, you practice gratitude. While there are many ways to show grief and gratitude, one option is an alphabet gratitude list.

This specific type of list uses the alphabet as a guide. By naming something (or many things) you’re grateful for with each letter of the alphabet, you’re forced to think outside the box. While some letters come easily, others might be a bit trickier. This challenges you to truly highlight what you’re grateful for. 

An alphabet gratitude list can be used as part of a gratitude journal, but you can also include it in your daily gratitude practice. It’s perfect for holidays, death anniversaries, legacy work, or just mindfulness in general. 

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Steps for Making an Alphabet Gratitude List

Next, creating an alphabet gratitude list on your own is simple. Whether you prefer physical lists, journals, or digital tools, there’s an option for you. Follow these easy steps below. 

1. Create a list

The first step is to have a list. This can be a digital list or a physical list. Some ideas for where you can store your list include:

  • In an existing journal
  • On a notepad near your bed
  • In your phone’s note app
  • Online using a digital cloud
  • Using a digital app like Gratitude

2. Set aside time

Next, you need to set aside time to work on your gratitude list. While some write spontaneously, it’s good to start with a clear schedule when first starting. This helps you create the daily (or weekly) habit of writing for yourself. 

Choose a time when you’re less likely to be rushed or stressed. It’s common to choose an early morning or late night time, but work with your own schedule. When do you feel the most relaxed?

3. Make reminders

It might be helpful to set reminders to write your gratitude list. If this is a new habit for you, setting clear reminders daily, weekly, or even monthly can keep you accountable. It’s okay if you skip a few sessions, but make sure you put real dedication toward this new practice. 

If you use a digital app, you usually have the option to set reminders within the app. Otherwise, set alarms on your phone or calendar. 

4. Explore gratitude

From there, it’s okay if gratitude and mindfulness don’t come naturally right away. It can take a while to develop the right mindset. This is especially true if you haven’t given much thought to what you’re thankful for before. 

5. Grow and develop 

Lastly, take this as an opportunity to grow and develop your gratitude and mindfulness skills. If you complete your alphabet gratitude list, start another one! Alternatively, start a new mindfulness practice. This is a flexible way to express yourself, no matter your goals. 

Example of an Alphabet Gratitude List

Now, let’s create a real-world example of an alphabet gratitude list. These are things you can use to spark inspiration for your own list. 

A: Adventures

Who doesn’t love adventures? Whether you’re exploring your own backyard close to home or striking out on a far-off destination, adventure is what makes life exciting. 

B: Books

Of course, books have the power to change lives. From the children's books that defined our character to the late-night reads that keep us wondering what will happen next, there’s a magic to these words. 

C: Chocolate

Can you say yum? Chocolate might just be one of the most delicious treats on earth. Now, this is something we’re all thankful for!

D: Daylight

There’s something warm and welcoming about the light of a new day. Whether you stay in or explore the great outdoors, daylight is certainly something to be thankful for. 

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E: Energy

From your own mental energy to the electricity that powers your home, energy is easy to take for granted. It’s important to revel in the things that bring you energy, no matter how small. 

F: Friends

Friendship makes life worth living. These are people who become your chosen family. From long-term friends to new people you let into your life, make sure these relationships are appreciated. 

G: Greenery

If you look outside your window, what do you see? Odds are there are some types of greenery, even if you live in a big city. Greenery like plants, trees, and grass add color to our lives. They remind us of warm summer days on the lawn, and they lift our spirits. 

H: Home

It doesn’t matter where you call home. This might be your favorite town, your parent’s house, or your small apartment. Either way, it’s a special place that belongs to you. Unfortunately, not everyone has a home where they feel welcome and accepted. 

I: Ideas

We all have ideas—both big and small. You don’t have to be a big-shot inventor for your ideas to matter. You had the idea to start your alphabet gratitude list, and that was pretty spectacular. Are there any ideas you’re especially proud of? This is your time to soak them in. 

J: Journaling

Having a journal is a special way to make sure your thoughts are heard. There’s magic to spilling your heart and soul on the page. This is a tool for finding peace, coming to terms with stress, and creating plans. 

K: Kindness

Kindness really does make the world spin. Taking in the positive news of the moment or creating small acts of kindness is something to be proud of. You’re making the world a better place. 

L: Learning

Learning is such a privilege. Whether you’re blessed with a higher-level education or you’ve attended the school of life, you’ve learned some impressive lessons. Consider what’s been the most important thing you’ve learned from your own experience. 

M: Memories

When you look back on your life, you think of memories. These are the key experiences that define who we are. What memories do you cherish the most? How can you keep these memories alive and well?

N: Nature

Of course, nature is always worth honoring. It’s what makes all life possible, and it’s our first and only home. From the trees in the park to the highest mountains, thank nature for making the universe yours to discover. 

O: Optimism

Have you ever thought the future was brighter than ever? This means you practiced optimism. Though not always easy to do, it’s important to recognize small moments of optimism as they pass. 

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P: Parents

What was your relationship like with your parents? Whether they were strict or compassionate, they were the ones who likely raised you to the adult you are today. 

Q: Quiet

Though life is fun when it’s exciting, there’s a special peacefulness found in the quiet moments. From thoughtful reflection to solitude, thank the universe for creating intimate moments just for you. 

R: Rain

There are few things more therapeutic than the sound of falling rain. A symbol for cleaning and rebirth, this is an opportunity to unwind and see the world in a whole new way. Who doesn’t love a day spent curled up by the rain-splattered window? This is something to cherish for the miracle it is. 

S: Spring

Another symbol of rebirth is springtime. As they say, April showers bring May flowers. No matter your favorite season, there’s a beauty to the warmer days and blooming grounds. When we stop to quite literally smell the roses, we take in the little things. 

T: Tomorrow

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Our time can come at any time. Death is the great equalizer, and there is never any positivity that you’ll live beyond this present moment. 

U: Unique

What is it that makes you unique? Honor these little characteristics, no matter how small. They’re an essential part of your story. 

V: Vacations

Of course, what isn’t there to love about vacations? You don’t have to travel far to experience the uplifting magic of taking time to yourself. Where will you go next?

W: Walks

Have you ever taken a long walk by yourself or with a friend? This is the perfect time to chat, reflect, or observe the world around you. 

X: Xmas

If you celebrate Christmas or the winter holiday season, this is a special time of year. Though the weather might get chilly, the season is warm and bright. 

Y: Youth

Your youth might be fleeting, but it’s a part of your story. What are your most beloved childhood memories? How do they make you feel?

Z: Zen

Lastly, zen is when you find an utter peacefulness within yourself. This isn’t something easy to achieve, but it’s something to strive for in your own life. 

Create Your Own Alphabet Gratitude List

With so many things to be grateful for, how do you share your gratitude? Getting creative helps you think outside of the box, building on your own skills for mindfulness. Hopefully, this list sparked your own thoughts around gratitude, reminding you of what’s really important. 

Have you created a gratitude practice? If so, congrats on taking this first step. We could all use more time for reflection.


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