30+ Best Alternatives to ‘Sincerely’ for a Card, Email or Text


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Using the appropriate letter closing can save you from some TMI with the local florist, help you solidify that perfect cover letter, or show appreciation for someone’s time via email or snail mail. 

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To craft the best closing, reflect back on the content of your correspondence, and consider how you want to leave the conversation—so to speak. While the good old “sincerely” may be appropriate, it’s also dated and may lack that oomph you might be looking for. Explore some of the options listed to see what serves you best!

Informal or Personal Alternatives to Sincerely 

Example of alternative to writing Sincerely with image of pencils

This is a place where you can be as creative as you like. Alternatively, you can stick to some safe options that are both sentimental and sweet, perfect for an informal email, ecard, or physical card (like this small pack of blank greeting cards.) You’ll find both options below.

1. With Love,

This sweet letter closing adds more than just a simple little "love." It's perfect for an email, birthday card, or floral arrangement card. This closing fills the need to magnify your feelings, yet it prevents you from having to share too much with the local florist.

2. Happy Summer!

This exuberant letter closing should reflect the content of the email. Perhaps you want to express how you feel about the impending time off. Or maybe you've been having a wonderful summer and want to share the sentiment.

3. I hope you have a great day!

This letter closing takes the typical farewell and makes it into something so much more sincere.

It's the perfect closing in a card for an extended family member with whom you have a bond, whether they are an aunt, uncle, or cousin. The closing also works well for your yoga or Pilates instructor.

4. Warmest Regards,

This letter closing is appropriate when you’d like to sign off in a warm, empathetic, and caring manner. The closing also works well when you are on the receiving end of sympathy and goodwill like a funeral thank you card or a get well card.

5. Bye for now…

This email or letter closing is open-ended. It's perfect for the neighbor with whom you stay in touch or check up on as well as any old classmate from high school or college.  

6. Gotta Boogie!

This text closing is perfect for that old friend with whom you spent most of your formative years. It may sound a little dated, but if you want to leave them with a smile and fond memories, this may be a way to do it.

7. Lots of Love,

This closing works for times when someone needs a lot of encouragement.

For example, if you have a niece or nephew struggling at home or in school, this closing would offer the support they need to hear. It also works as a sympathy message for anyone who has lost a loved one.

8. Your Friend,

While this email sign-off may seem a bit bland, it's the opposite of boring. The closing is really nothing but honest and completely sincere, which makes it the best for someone with whom you have a beautiful friendship.

9. Yours ‘til the Cat Meows!

This closing also relates to the honesty of a friendship, but perhaps this one is a bit more magical.

It's a beautiful closing for the person in your life who just gets you, and no matter how much time lapses, whenever you get together, it's like no time has passed at all.

10. Yours Respectfully,

If you’re sending along get well wishes for your boss or other company personnel, this phrase can tie up your message in a bow. 

You can maintain the separation of work-home life while letting them know you have heard about their situation.

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Formal or Business Alternatives to Sincerely

Example of formal or business alternatives to Sincerely

The selections below relate to both you as the consumer as well as you as a business associate seeking information. Here, your correspondence will either resonate or flub, so pick one that’s best suited for the situation, whether you're sending a corporate sympathy gift basket or a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers.

11. Cordially,

This ending is suitable for anyone who wants to remain as neutral as possible without resorting to the standard "sincerely."

It works well if you have met or corresponded a few times, but the relationship is very much in a business-to-business channel.

12. Yours Respectfully,

Finishing an email with “yours respectfully” wraps up a correspondence you have had with a business associate in some capacity or other. It is also neutral enough to make you feel like you’re on a level playing field.

13. Best Regards,

Trying out your formal email formula? Sticking with “best regards” is perfectly acceptable in almost any situation from a professional-professional setting or to a student-mentor setting.

14. With Appreciation,

Should you be looking for advice or help from someone in a professional circumstance, this could be a nice way to remind them of your interest.

Also, if you have had some prior contact, this is also useful to send in the follow-up and closing letter suggesting that your business needs have been met.

15. Warmly,

A lot of times over email, you can develop a friendly connection with someone over time and have shared some laughs over the long-term.

Ending an email with the word “warmly” is suitable if you have been working one-on-one with regards to a project. It may be a little awkward however if you send it to more than a few close work folks.

16. Thank you for your assistance in this matter,

This formal closing phrase may work when you have concerns or complaints with a product or person within the company. It can also be a way to find out more about an item's warranty, the company guarantee, or a possible replacement.

17. Thank you for your time,

When you are unfamiliar with someone, but you know that they are doing you a favor by addressing your query, saying thank you for your time is always good. It shows that person that although you are adding to their work pile, you also appreciate the time they spend helping you.

18. Your help is greatly appreciated,

Like the above, this closing reflects on your knowledge of someone having worked diligently to make sure your request has not gone unnoticed. 

19. Thank you for your recommendation,

When someone has responded to your initial question, send your gratitude over by wrapping up your message with this.

Saying thanks for a recommendation helps especially if you are new in town or at a job and need help finding some things.

20. In Appreciation,

If all else fails, remind someone that you appreciate them for their work. If someone has gone above and beyond to help you, consider using this term to add the right ending to your message of thanks.

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Alternatives to Sincerely for a Cover Letter

Example of alternative to writing Sincerely in a cover letter

Finding a new job is already stressful, so don’t go over the top with a letter closing here. Keep it simple and let your resume do most of the talking.

21. Thank You,

This is easily one of the best cover letter closings to a cover letter. You don't need to put any more thought into it, and no one will look at it as lacking in any way.

22. Thank You for Your Consideration,

Sometimes the candidate pools are very big. When they are, this cover letter closing will let HR and the hiring manager than you are grateful for the time they took to actually read through your resume and cover letter.

23. Respectfully,

Again as mentioned above, using the word respectfully can help remind folks of your admiration for the work they do.

24. Respectfully Yours,

If you have developed a relationship with the hiring manager or a human resources staffer at a company, finishing up an email or letter with “respectfully yours” will let them know how much you value their help while maintaining the professional balance.

25. Most Sincerely, 

This mildly personal phrase is a simple but effective flourish when you're filling out your cover letter for admission to an undergrad, post-baccalaureate, or master's program.

Because you are looking to cultivate a strong relationship with multiple mentors, being sincere helps when applying for a job afterward.

26. With Best Regards,

“Best Regards” can elicit a sense of understanding or a bolster good relationship you may have with an admissions counselor or hiring manager. It assumes a little bit more but remains understated.

27. Kind Regards,

This cover letter closing is next to the best closing to a simple thank you. It's also very understated, lacks nothing, and will not be questioned for impertinence or insincerity.

28. Best,

When you're just trying to get some experience writing cover letters, this closing won't raise or lower your resume's position on the pile. If you’re looking to wrap it up succinctly, this is perfectly fine in a pinch.

29. Happy Regards,

In the event that you’re applying for a job thanks to a great network connection, using happy regards can be a positive marker to top off your letter.

But also err on the side of caution if you’re not as familiar with the hiring folks or the people who will be interviewing you, as it can sound a bit awkward and unprofessional.

30. Best Regards, 

And finally, “Best Regards” is the most accepted and succinct way of finishing up a cover letter. The closing says that you are eager and business savvy, and they have a lot to look forward to from you.

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