20 Best Andrea Bocelli Songs for a Funeral


Andrea Bocelli is one of the most well-known voices in the modern opera scene. He is especially well known for his strong voice that belts out ballads and emotional pieces that can touch the soul even if they’re sung in a language not understood. Though most of Bocelli’s songs are in Italian, they each carry a sense of emotion that makes them ideal for playing at a funeral.

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In this article, we list some of Bocelli’s most popular songs and explain their meanings in English. You might find a song that resonates with you because of the lyrics, or you might discover that the music alone is enough for you to decide on playing it at a funeral for a loved one or yourself.

Sad or Sorrowful Andrea Bocelli Songs for a Funeral

Though many of Bocelli’s songs aren’t exactly sad, they are thought-provoking and somber. This combination lands a few of his songs in the category of best funeral songs to play for a loved one. Several of the numbers we list below are songs about death, as well.

1. “E Più Ti Penso” with Ariana Grande from Cinema

Many of Bocelli’s songs and ballads are focused on romantic love, so they’re perfect to play as a tribute song for a spouse or significant other. This song focuses on what it feels like for a bereaved spouse to try and continue on with the daily tasks of life. Perhaps you can resonate with lyrics like these,

“The more I think of you
the more I miss you;
I'm sad and hopeless
as I've never been
without you, without you.”

2. “Besame Mucho” from Amore

This short yet moving song is one of Bocelli’s most well-known pieces. The lyrics speak of love and passion that is driven by the fear of losing the one he loves. If your significant other passed away due to a terminal illness, perhaps this feeling is all too familiar.

3. “Il Mare Calmo Della Sera” from Il Mare Calmo Della Sera

This Italian number talks about the impact a spouse or significant other can have on our lives. This is an excellent tribute song to play in honor of someone who completely changed your life for the better. 

4. “Sogno” from Il Mare Calmo Della Sera

Were you and your significant other the type to cherish every moment you had together? Did you make time slow down so you could hold hands and smell the roses? If so, this song might be a perfect one to play in honor of your relationship. 

5. “Amapola” from Cinema

This beautiful ballad shares the sentiment that love for your spouse will never fade even though they’re no longer physically present with you. The singer wishes to be with the one they love forever, even though now they must live a lonely life without them.

6. “Voglio Restare Cosi” from Bocelli

If you’ve ever felt like you wish you could kiss the world goodbye and retreat to a private island with your spouse, this song might resonate with you. Several lines from an English translation state,

“The world around doesn't interest me anymore
It's enough for me to have you here and hold you like this
One gesture from you is enough for me
A smile, a word
A moment like this is worth an eternity.”

7. “If Only” with Dua Lipa from

Though this song is talking about a breakup, it could also be viewed from the perspective of being separated from the one you love due to death. Perhaps you wish you could turn back time like these lyrics,

“If only we could turn back time
Take back the day we said goodbye
My love, if only.”

8. “Pero Te Extraño” from Amore

This song is meant to be sung to a loved one you miss dearly. The lyrics can also shed light on how you’re feeling as a grieving spouse. If you need a tribute song to play for your loved one and you want to share how you’re doing, play this and translate the words into English for funeral attendees to read.

9. “Se La Gente Usasse Il Cuore” from Cieli di Toscana 

Was your loved one someone who inspired others to be the best they could be? Did they bring out the best in you or challenge you to make the world a better place? That’s the type of person this song is about.

10. “Fall On Me” with Matteo Bocelli from

This beautiful father/son duet speaks about the difficulty of feeling like you need to be made whole after experiencing the loss of someone dear to you.

11. “Chiara” from Cieli di Toscana 

This sweet song is a tribute to finding love in the most unexpected place. If you need a song to play as a backing track for a funeral slideshow or in honor of falling in love with your significant other, this is an excellent choice.

12. “Les Feuilles Mortes” from Amore

The lyrics of this song describe what life is like in the autumn after a loved one passes away. If you see your loved one in the falling leaves, hear their steps when you take a walk, and imagine them in every beautiful scene, this might be the song you want to play in their honor.

13. “L’Ultimo Re” from Cieli di Toscana 

Did your significant other make you feel like a king or queen? This is a song that pays tribute to the person who makes you feel like the most important person in the world.

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Uplifting Andrea Bocelli Songs for a Funeral

If you’re planning a memorial service or preparing a funeral slideshow, you’ll likely want some uplifting backing tracks to accompany photos and video clips. The songs we list here contain lyrics that run the range from encouraging and victorious to challenging and lesson-filled. Each song has a message, however, and they’re highly appropriate for a funeral or memorial service.

14. “Time to Say Goodbye” with Sarah Brightman from Timeless

One of the hardest things to do is let go of those we love. This timeless song pays tribute to the difficult moment when you realize it’s time to say goodbye. The lyrics are deeply touching and provide a unique insight into the emotions involved in saying goodbye.

15. “Perfect Symphony” with Ed Sheeran from Perfect Symphony

The perfect symphony in this song is the way two people fall in love starting from their childhood days. Sheeran’s and Bocelli’s voices effortlessly blend to share a song half in English, half in Italian, that sounds like a movie straight out of Hollywood. Play this in honor of your high school sweetheart or childhood friend who became your spouse.

16. “Because We Believe” from Amore

Every life is lived for a reason and everyone can impact the world in some way. This song pays tribute to the person in your life who made a difference in their world, no matter how short-lived their life. As Bocelli sings, 

“Like stars across the sky
We were born to shine.”

17. “The Prayer” with Celine Dion from Sogno

This is a prayer for help, guidance, and wisdom to navigate the storms and trials of life. Losing someone you love is certainly a trial, and this song might bring you and your family comfort as you navigate grief and loss.

18. “Somos Novios” with Christina Aguilera from Amore

In this duet, Bocelli and Aguilera sing a tribute to spouses and significant others who enjoyed a relationship of lasting love. The English translation of the song starts with the lines,

“We're a couple
As we both feel a mutual deep love
And with that, we have already won the biggest thing
Of this world.”

If you felt like you “won life” because you found the love of your life, consider playing this song in their honor.

19. “Vivo Per Lei” with Heather Headley from Bocelli

Was your significant other the love of your life? Did they give your life meaning because they gave you something to live for? If so, you’ll identify with this song. The song begins with these lines, 

“Do you know how long I’ve lived for her?
Since the first time I found her
I don’t remember how
But she entered my life and there she remained.”

20. “Cuando Me Enamoro” from Amore

Do you remember what it was like to fall in love with your spouse or significant other? This beautiful song talks about the feelings that come with finding the love of your life. Though your spouse may no longer be with you, you can play this song and remember what it was like to fall in love with them.

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Saying It With a Song

If you find it difficult to share your thoughts or feelings about your loved one, then you might want to choose a song to say it for you. Andrea Bocelli’s pieces are sweeping, powerful, and filled with the kinds of emotions we all want to express during a funeral or memorial service. We hope this list helps you pick the perfect song for yourself or a loved one.

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