Angel Cremation Jewelry: Types, Cost & Where to Buy


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Are you planning on cremating a deceased loved one, or have you already done so? If so, you may be wondering what to do with the cremation ashes.

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One of the most common choices is to store them in a traditional urn. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with this option. However, you may want to be able to take at least some of a loved one’s ashes with you as you go about your daily life, too.

If this is the case, you might consider purchasing a piece of angel-themed cremation jewelry. This guide will explain what angel cremation jewelry is, how much it may cost, what types of angel-themed cremation jewelry are available, and where you can buy it.

What Is Angel-Themed Cremation Jewelry?

Angel cremation jewelry may consist of necklace pendants, bracelet charms, rings, and other popular forms of jewelry. What these items all have in common is that they all depict or suggest the appearance of angelic figures.

Most types of angel-themed cremation jewelry are small urns that can store some of a deceased person’s ashes. However, there are other types, such as glass art or cremation gems with angel-themed iconography accompanying them. 

This type of jewelry allows someone to keep a part of a loved one with them at all times, even after their death. While anyone can choose to wear angel-themed cremation jewelry, these items are often popular among those who travel regularly and thus don’t have the option to stay near a loved one’s urn in their home all the time.

As you likely guessed, these items also tend to attract religious customers. That said, because angel images are so iconic throughout our general culture, even those without strong spiritual beliefs might choose this type of jewelry.

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How Much Does Angel-Themed Cremation Jewelry Typically Cost?

The cost of angel-themed cremation jewelry can vary somewhat depending on a number of factors. They include the following:


The material of which an angel ring consists significantly influences its price. Some small gold pieces may cost hundreds of dollars. Small pieces that consist of less expensive materials, such as sterling silver, usually cost less.


Naturally, the size of a piece of jewelry (whether it’s angel-themed or not) contributes to its price. If all other factors (such as material) are equal, the larger the piece, the greater the cost.


Some types of angel cremation jewelry are uniform items consisting of one single material. Others may feature add-ons, such as diamonds or glass beads. These additional features will raise the price.


Depending on the type of angel-themed cremation jewelry you purchase, you may have the option to customize or personalize it in some way. For example, you might be able to add engravings to a piece of jewelry. Doing so will usually require spending more money.

Based on the prices of items on major suppliers’ online shops, you should expect to spend between $50 and $150 on a piece of angel cremation jewelry. However, it is possible to find angel cremation jewelry that costs less, as well as jewelry that may cost more if you’re looking for a premium item.

What Are the Different Types of Angel-Themed Cremation Jewelry?

Angel-themed cremation jewelry can come in a variety of forms. The following are among the most popular:

Angel figurines

This may be the most common type of angel cremation jewelry. It consists of a small figurine of an angel that also serves as an urn for a portion of a loved one’s ashes. This figurine may be a pendant for a necklace or a bracelet charm.

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Angel wings

Some types of angel-themed cremation jewelry don’t literally depict angels the way angel figurines do. Instead, they suggest the idea of an angel’s presence by taking the shape of angel wings. Like angel figurines, they’re often charms or necklace pendants.

Angel wings and crosses

This is a variation on the above design. It consists of angel wings extending from either side of a rectangular shape to suggest the shape of a cross. Such designs serve as a reminder that although angel-cremation jewelry may theoretically appeal to anyone, it tends to most often appeal to Christians, as the angels these items depict resemble popular Christian images of angels.


Another popular type of angel cremation jewelry is a small, heart-shaped urn. These urns also tend to feature inscriptions or engravings. Sometimes, they feature engravings of angel figures or angel wings.

Circular urns

These are similar to heart-shaped urns. Their design is simply a little more minimalistic. Instead of resembling hearts, they’re small, circle-shaped urns that can feature engravings of angel wings or related images.

Angel wings rings

Not all types of angel-themed cremation jewelry are small urns. Some companies can fuse portions of a loved one’s ashes with glass, creating strikingly colorful glass beads and charms. Some of these charms may serve as the stone in a ring, with the band resembling angel wings.

This type of angel cremation jewelry might appeal to someone who wants to keep part of a loved one close to them but doesn’t want to call attention to the item they’re wearing. Because you have to look at this type of ring closely to see that its band looks like angel wings, it’s unlikely many people will notice the resemblance. This is ideal for those who don’t want to constantly have to explain to curious friends and family that they’re wearing a piece of jewelry containing a deceased loved one’s ashes.

Angel wing necklace pendants

This type of item is essentially the same as the one above. The only difference is that the item is a necklace pendant instead of a ring. You can also find such pendants in the form of bracelet charms.

Cylindrical urns with wings

This is another option to keep in mind if you want a product that won’t attract too much attention. One of the most common types of cremation jewelry is a small cylindrical urn that can serve as a necklace pendant, bracelet charm, or even a keychain.

Most of the time, these urns are very simple and feature no extra details. However, that’s not always the case. For example, you can find versions of these urns with small angel wings wrapped around the cylinder. 

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Where Can You Buy Angel-Themed Cremation Jewelry?

Finding various pieces of angel-themed cremation jewelry is easier than ever thanks to the internet. There are numerous popular cremation jewelry companies with an active online presence. By purchasing an item from one of these companies instead of restricting yourself to local retailers, you can browse from a wider range of options and more easily find a piece that fits your budget.

Places from which you might purchase a piece of angel-themed cremation jewelry include the following:

Perfect Memorials

Perfect Memorials offers a relatively wide selection of angel cremation jewelry. It’s also one of the most reputable suppliers of memorial items in general. Along with angel cremation jewelry, Perfect Memorials also offers traditional urns, engraved keepsakes, pet memorial items, and much more.

Spirit Pieces

Spirit Pieces is another one of the most well-known online suppliers of memorial items. Like Perfect Memorials, Spirit Pieces offers angel-themed cremation jewelry, as well as other items that you might find interesting. For example, Spirit Pieces also sells small angel keepsake cremation urns. These urns are too large to serve as pieces of jewelry, but small enough that you can easily take them with you when you travel.

Keepsake cremation urns are also an option to consider when numerous members of a family who don’t live together would all like to keep some of a loved one’s ashes. Instead of keeping someone’s ashes in one large urn that would remain in a single location, you can distribute the ashes amongst family members in smaller urns, satisfying everyone in the process. This also gives everyone involved the option to choose which type of urn they would like to store a loved one’s ashes in.

Funeral Direct

Funeral Direct sells a range of angel-themed necklace pendants across a fairly wide range of prices. Their items tend to be very simple yet attractive, evoking a sense of elegance and class that may remind you of a lost loved one.

Like all the others on this list, Funeral Direct sells numerous other memorial items, including fingerprint memorial jewelry, urns, caskets, and more.


As the name implies, MiniMemorials specializes in smaller memorial items. While their selection of angel cremation jewelry is not necessarily as large as that of most of the other suppliers on this list, MiniMemorials nevertheless deserves a spot here because the pieces this company sells are particularly beautiful. Take a quick look at what they have to offer to see if you find an item that calls out to you. sells cremation jewelry urns, keepsake urns, and traditional urns. Their selection of angel-themed urns isn’t quite as extensive as some others, but because the items they offer come in a range of styles, you might find an item here that you can’t find anywhere else.


If you’d rather support an individual artist than a company, you can find plenty of angel-themed cremation jewelry on Etsy. The popular online DIY platform is also an ideal place to turn if you want a personalized piece of jewelry.

Many artists on Etsy are willing to make pieces based on a customer’s ideas. While ordering a piece of custom jewelry will likely cost more than simply buying one that’s premade, if you have very specific ideas about how you would like the piece to look, this may be an option to consider.

However, if you do decide to order a piece of angel-themed cremation jewelry from Etsy, you should be aware that some artists are more reliable than others. You don’t want to spend money on an item only to wait a long time for it to arrive, or to be disappointed with the item you receive. Be sure to research a seller’s reputation before buying from them.

Angel-Themed Cremation Jewelry Keeps a Loved One Close to Your Heart

Remember, there are many different choices you can make when deciding what to do with a loved one’s ashes. Purchasing angel cremation jewelry is just one option that may appeal to you.

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