13 Types of Memorial Angel Keepsakes to Send a Loved One


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Whether your loved one has just lost a pet, a family member, a friend, or is coming up on the anniversary of a loss, an angel keepsake is an especially meaningful gift. Angels are often used to symbolize loved ones who have passed away and gone to heaven.

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For others, angels are a reminder that loved ones are in a better place. Angels as remembrance keepsakes are often deeply appreciated for the simple reminder of a loved who is gone but will never be forgotten. 

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Types of Angel Keepsakes

No matter the style, preferences, or personality of your friend or loved one, you’re sure to find an angel keepsake that’s a perfect match. From wind chimes to snow globes, you can find something for everyone.

1. Figurine

Angel figurines are among the most classic gifts to give in memory of a loved one’s passing. You can get them customized to look like the person who passed away or customized to hold different objects such as a cat, school books, or a bunch of flowers. Finally, you can get the name and dates of the person who the angel memorializes etched onto the angel along with the phrase “in memory of.” 

Small but meaningful, you can find a perfect figurine for someone who has a display in her home or office.

2. Wind chime

Wind chimes make thoughtful additions to any home and especially for someone who has a love for gardening or the outdoors.

Every time the chimes sound, the angel wings or angel clapper will help them remember that they are being watched over by their own guardian angel in heaven.

3. Garden statue

Garden statues come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making this an ideal gift for any size memorial garden. If you’re helping your loved one design a memorial seating area, consider purchasing an angel statue to go next to a bench. Should the area be smaller, size the angel statue accordingly. These statues can stay outside year-round. Whether it is placed beside a memorial flower bed or set up as a prominent focal point in a memorial garden, your loved one is sure to appreciate it.

4. Magnet

Does your loved one have limited space or lack a place to display things? Consider getting an angel magnet instead.

To make this gift more meaningful, look for magnets that can be customized with the name and dates of the deceased loved one. Include a memorial photograph with the magnet or opt for a photo holder magnet with an angel on it. 

5. Urn

Did the person who passed away want to be cremated? If so, your loved one may still be looking for an urn. Consider purchasing an urn for ashes decorated with an angel or angel wings.

Most urns can be fully customized so you can include the name and dates of the person who passed away, along with a poem, quote, or a meaningful piece of scripture. If your loved one will share ashes among several family members, consider buying a small keepsake urn with an angel on it instead.

6. Garden stone

If you want to contribute to a memorial garden but an angel statue would be too big, consider a garden stone with an angel on it instead. These are made of concrete, weigh several pounds, and are made to stay outside in the garden rain or shine. Garden stones can be customized or purchased as-is. For an extra special touch, you can purchase a kit to DIY an angel garden stone.

If you’re creating a garden stone to commemorate a pet that passed away, plan ahead and get a cast of the pet’s paw print. Then, when it’s time, you can craft the stone with the animal’s paw print and make it even more special for its owner.

7. Ornament

Consider giving your loved one an angel ornament. You can find many types of angel ornaments available from glass balls and glass figurines to miniature picture frames.

Ready-made ornaments typically come as-is, but if you purchase through an individual seller, many will offer to customize and write on the ornament to commemorate the occasion.

8. Fountain

Fountains come in a variety of sizes, from an outside garden fountain to a tabletop fountain ideal for small spaces. Depending on your budget and your loved one’s available space, a fountain can provide a soothing environment for reflection and remembrance.

For large garden-sized angel fountains, check with your local garden supply center. For tabletop sized angel fountains, search online. 

9. Art print

An artistic print of an angel may be just what you’re looking for to provide your loved one with something to remember a departed relative or friend.

While there are many ready-made prints that come with poems and memorial language, you can also commission a print if you want to customize it with a specific saying, poem, or by adding the person’s name and dates to the print.

10. Photoshopped picture

Photographers and photography artists can create customized overlays and unique photo art using copies of photographs.

Consider commissioning an artist to Photoshop an angel into a picture with the person who passed away or have the artist place angel wings on them. 

11. Planter

Does your loved one enjoy gardening but have limited space in an apartment?

Get an angel planter with a plant. The angel will help provide space for reflection and memories while the plant will give your loved one an opportunity to tend something that brings life and joy in the midst of sorrow or pain.

12. Snow globe

The scene inside a snow globe’s watery world has a magical feel to those who enjoy it. These can make beautiful gifts for the right person and provide a sense of wonder, awe, and reminiscence as they think about the angel who is no longer with them.

You can personalize many snow globes with a quote, saying, or special message around the base in addition to other special features from crafters. Whether you choose a premade snow globe or a customized option, your loved one is sure to enjoy it.

13. Candle holder

Would your loved one welcome the opportunity to light a candle in honor of the deceased? Get an angel candle holder for a tealight, pillar, or taper candle. Your loved one will surely appreciate the ability to bring some light into the difficult season of pain and mourning.

Where Can You Buy an Angel Keepsake?

You can find an angel keepsake in numerous places. 


Florists supply flowers for all occasions, from weddings to funerals. As a result, many also carry memorial keepsakes such as angel figurines. If you’re looking for a specific type of figurine or angel planter, check with your local florist so you know what it can order in for you.

Online retailer

A quick online search will give you a massive selection of angel keepsakes. Amazon, Etsy, and eBay will provide you with a one-stop-shop to look through all the available offerings before choosing one. When searching online, you can easily refine your search by specifically asking for the type of angel keepsake you want, from candle holders to wind chimes.

If purchasing online, be sure to check for customer ratings and shipping fees. Honest retailers will link to customer ratings and be upfront about any extra costs, such as taxes and shipping. Never purchase from a site that has questionable ratings or hidden fees.

Keepsake shops

Many shops that sell knick-knacks and keepsakes will have a diverse selection of angel keepsakes.

Some shops will customize the keepsake you purchase and many can order in a specialty item they don’t have in stock. These types of stores can be found in most shopping malls in major cities.

An Angel Reminder

Angels are often used as a reminder that deceased friends and loved ones are in a better place or watching over the ones they left behind. Give an angel keepsake to your loved one to help her remember the love, joy, and memories of the person who passed away.

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