25+ Best Songs About Angels for Funerals


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Songs played at a funeral set the tone for the ceremony. They may also provide a sense of comfort for all those who attend. Songs are a great way to remember those who have passed away and can also serve as a reminder of where they are now.

Music brings people together and touches lives in a way that nothing else can. That’s why music selection is one of the most important aspects of funeral planning. (For help with the other aspects, as well as a guide through the entire process of loss, check out our post-loss checklist.)

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For people with a religious background, songs about angels may be the ultimate comfort. After all, it’s uplifting to believe that our loved ones are still with us—watching over from above. These songs not only remind people to cling to their faith but also provide a sense of comfort in knowing that their loved one is still nearby.

If you're struggling to find the best song about angels, then you've come to the right place. Here are a few songs that may inspire you and touch your heart. 

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Angel Funeral Songs for Your Parents

Angel funeral songs for your parents image

Losing a parent is one of the most life-altering moments in anybody's life. For some people, their belief that their loved one is now an angel goes a long way to curb that pain. It's not only a sweet reminder but can help a person through those initial days following their loss.

Here are a few songs that remind us those who pass on are simply gaining their wings. 

1. "Jealous of the Angels" by Jenn Bostic 

Jenn Bostic wrote this song following her father's tragic death. If ever you needed a song to portray how you may feel about losing your parent, then this may be the perfect melody to play during their memorial service

2. "Dancing with the Angels" by Monk and Neagle 

This song is about love, loss, and acceptance when someone near and dear to us passes away. The idea is those who pass on are just "dancing with the angels." It may provide the comfort you need during the grieving process. 

3. "Angels Among Us" by Alabama 

If you appreciate country music, then you may prefer Alabama's "Angels Among Us." It is a beautiful song that has gained popularity as an uplifting funeral song

4. "To Where You Are" by Josh Groban 

"To Where You Are" is a touching melody that talks about revisiting our loved ones in memory. It discusses finding your loved one again one day among the stars and angels, making it an incredibly inspiring song for funerals. 

5. "Heaven Got Another Angel" by Gordon True 

Losing your parents is one of the hardest things that a person can go through. However, the belief that your loved one is now an angel can bring some comfort as this song explains. 

6. "Fly" by Celine Dion 

Celine Dion's voice is nothing short of angelic. This song talks about transforming into an angel, which may be appropriate for a funeral service. It is a sweet and gentle reminder that many will appreciate. 

7. "Angels" by Robbie Williams 

This song talks about an angel that offers love and protection, which may be appropriate to play at a mother's funeral. It's a touching song that reminds us that our loved ones are always nearby and looking out for us. 

8. "Calling All Angels" by Train 

"Calling All Angels" was written with all of humankind in mind. In the context of a memorial, it could stand for the search for signs of your loved one close by. This song has a contemporary sound that listeners will appreciate. 

9. "Supermarket Flowers" by Ed Sheeran 

This is perhaps the most heartfelt song ever written by Ed Sheeran. It's intended to explain his mother's perspective after his grandmother passed away. One line says, "You were an angel in the shape of my mum." 

10. "Even Though You're Gone" by Angelis 

Angelis delivers a powerful and uplifting reminder that those who pass away are here with us in memory and spirit. The song hints at how our loved ones become angels. We will be with them again one day. 

If you're looking for more, take a look at our picks for funeral songs for mom and funeral songs for dad.

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Angel Funeral Songs for a Child

Angel funeral songs for a child image

There are no words to describe the loss of a child. The pain is impossible to explain. So often, people can't even express what they want to say during this harrowing time. However, the songs here may provide a tiny bit of comfort to those who are mourning the loss of their beloved child. 

11. "In the Arms of an Angel" by Sarah McLachlan 

There's no denying that Sarah McLachlan's voice is absolutely magical. This particular song provides comfort and peace that a child is in "in the arms of an angel." 

12. "Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)" by Billy Joel 

Billy Joel's song "Lullaby" can be interpreted as a goodbye song to a child who has passed on. While they may no longer be here in this form, they are still nearby and will always be close to your heart. 

13. "Borrowed Angels" by Kristin Chenoweth 

This song explains sometimes we only get to keep the ones we love for a little while. This song may console a bereaved parent that their little one has gone back to Heaven. 

14. "Angels Are Everywhere" by Daniel Pinkham

This religious funeral song may be a perfect fit for a child's funeral. It is a reminder that angels are among us, and all who pass on transform into a beautiful guardian angel. 

15. "I Can See An Angel" by Patsy Cline 

If you prefer country music, then Patsy Cline's "I Can See An Angel" may be a suitable fit for you. It's a beautiful song with a powerful message that is incredibly relatable for those who are experiencing grief. 

16. "Angels Watching Over Me" by The Oak Ridge Boys 

This is an older song that may be more appropriate for the loss of an adult child. It has more of an old fashioned sound with a clear and relatable message: angels are always watching over us. 

17. "Heaven and Angels" by Faith Reboot  

This powerful and beautiful melody is not only uplifting but resonates with many people who are mourning the loss of someone that they loved. 

18. "Streets of Heaven" by Sherrie Austin 

This song is a plea to keep a loved one here. It is a raw, emotional song about the loss of a child. It touches on the concept that the child will also become an angel. 

19. "When God Opens the Door" by Joyce Aldrich 

This slow, sweet song is nothing short of amazing. It's about the process of entering Heaven and letting go of your previous life. It has a bit of a jazzy sound to it, which may be appropriate for some funeral themes. 

20. "Angels" by Hillsong 

This is a slow and melodic Christian song that is popularly played at funerals. It is said to be uplifting and inspiring, which may bring some ease during such a dark time.

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Angel Funeral Songs for Another Loved One

Angel funeral songs for another loved one image

If you need a song that pertains to another kind of relationship, then there are certainly a variety of angel songs to choose from. Remember, each song can have its own meaning to you and doesn't necessarily have to be taken for its literal meaning. 

Here are a few tunes that may inspire the best funeral playlist for you or your loved one. 

21. "Angels Cry" by Mariah Carey 

This song may be appropriate for the loss of a partner or spouse. It's a truly touching song that discusses the finality of never again seeing each other again in this lifetime. 

22. "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler 

"Wind Beneath My Wings" offers an abstract reference to our loved ones becoming angels. This is a timeless song that has been played at many funerals over the years. 

24. "My Special Angel" by Bobby Helms 

This classic song, written in the late 1950s, could be the ideal tune to add to a funeral playlist. It's a sweet and innocent song that references the time in which it was written. 

25. "Angels from Heaven Came" by Jonathan Quick

This is an older song that is usually sung in a choir rather than played from a recording. It could be a nice addition to a traditional funeral service. 

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Songs That Move Your Heart 

Songs about angels serve the purpose of being a soft reminder that our loved ones are never truly gone. The songs listed here may provide a small amount of hope and peace that people need during the earliest days following the passing of their family member.

Consider adding some of these songs to a funeral playlist as a way to give attendees a sense of comfort. 


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