Amy Wolkenhauer

Amy Wolkenhauer

Contributing writer
Funeral planning and logistics, creative writing, and journalism
Seattle University, Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing Oregon State University, Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Certificate in Technical Writing


Amy Wolkenhauer is a full-time freelance writer and has been writing professionally since 2014, specializing in grant proposal and writing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing from Seattle University and a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability from Oregon State University and has continued her post-baccalaureate studies in technical writing, grant writing, environmental science and policy, nonprofit management, and even canine fitness.

Amy has demonstrated a long history of working for non-profit organizations whose focus is animals, children, the environment, sustainability, and green living.


Funeral planning and logistics

Amy worked as a funeral attendant and removal technician at Flinthoff's Funeral Home in Issaquah, Washington for six years. 

Creative writing and journalism

Amy's English/Creative Writing and Sustainability degrees complement each other by connecting strong reading, writing, and communication skills within economic, environmental, and social pillars.

Her work and life experiences are broad, including micro- and macro-thinking with a detailed understanding of the funeral industry from an insider's perspective, enabling her to be an authentic communicator for end-of-life planning, relying on both observation and analytic research to provide factual information.

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