Ariel Sherry, BA in Psychology and Religion

Ariel Sherry, BA in Psychology and Religion

Senior Product Manager, Cake
Colgate University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Religion


Ariel is the Senior Product Manager at Cake. Prior to joining Cake, Ariel founded Age Together, a startup helping family caregivers connect and exchange advice and information. 

She is also a long-standing board member of Boston Bridge, a group that supports networking and development of professionals in the field of aging. She is also the author of two publications: "Apprehensive about retirement: Women, life transitions, and relationships" in the Journal of Women & Aging, and "Ageism: Stereotypes, Causes, Effects, and Countermovements" in Gerontology: changes, challenges, and solutions.

Ariel's interest in aging and end-of-life began at 12-years-old after witnessing her grandma's experience with terminal cancer. While on hospice, her grandma planned for the end, including baking cookies for her shiva, editing her eulogy (she was an English teacher!), and writing an ethical will (or legacy letter) to her grandchildren. To this day, Ariel cherishes the legacy letter as the best gift she's ever received. 

In more recent years, Ariel helped her mom and family care for her grandfather after his Parkinson's diagnosis. Her exposure to the challenges of caregiving, the impact of palliative care and hospice, the effects of dementia and terminal illness, and the power of end-of-life planning has only fueled her motivation to improve the aging and end-of-life experiences for others.

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