Dr. Alejandra Vasquez, JD, CT

Dr. Alejandra Vasquez, JD, CT

Certified Grief Counselor
Death and bereavement, spiritual grief counseling, continuing bonds therapy
University of Central Florida, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Florida Coastal School of Law, JD Association for Death Education and Counseling, Certification in Thanatology


Dr. Vasquez holds a Juris Doctor and Certification in Thanatology with the Association for Death Education and Counseling. She began her legal career as a counselor in estate, long-term care, and end-of-life planning. Since then, she has authored and self-published dozens of how-to self-help manuals to help families dealing with end-of-life matters.

Currently, Dr. Vasquez continues to train medical doctors throughout the United States in physician behavior and bedside manners to help them overcome the fears and stigmas associated with talking about death and dying. She is a popular speaker on death and dying, life after death, and the science behind near-death experiences.


Death and bereavement

Dr. Vasquez is an expert in the field of death, dying, and bereavement. She has over two decades of experience counseling the bereaved and has mentored under Dr. Barry Taff in the areas of parapsychology and the paranormal. She continues to study medical and scientific developments in life after death.

Spiritual grief counseling

Dr. Vasquez currently counsels clients who are dealing with the death of their loved ones or those who've suffered other types of traumatic loss. She holds a Certification in Thanatology with the Association of Death Education and Counseling and is an ordained minister with Universal Life Church.

Continuing bonds therapy

Dr. Vasquez is certified in Continuing Bonds Therapy and helps people stay connected to their loved ones who have crossed over to help them in their grief healing process. Through her work, she's become a highly sought-after grief healer and therapist in her areas of expertise.

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