Jasmine Tanguay, BA, MS

Jasmine Tanguay, BA, MS

Legacy facilitator and funeral celebrant
Legacy planning, green funerals, funeral planning
College of the Atlantic, Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology Clark University, Master of Geography Certified Legacy Facilitator, Life Legacies Certified Life Tribute Professional/Funeral Celebrant, InSight Institute


Jasmine Tanguay helps folks to align their final outcomes with their deepest values and greatest gifts. In 2016, she founded A Sustainable Legacy, where she advises clients and conducts workshops on legacy and deathcare topics. She is a hospice volunteer, funeral celebrant, green burial advocate, legacy writing coach, and director of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Eastern Massachusetts. She is a human ecologist and sustainability consultant with almost 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Jasmine also leads FullCircleLife.org, which examines the connected cycles of life and death, and homesteads with her family and livestock in Southeastern Massachusetts.



Legacy Planning

Jasmine trained as a Legacy Facilitator with Rachael Freed of Life Legacies in 2018. Jasmine teaches workshops on sustainable legacy planning and helps people tell the stories of their lives. She works with patients and families on legacy projects as a volunteer with Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care.

Green Funerals

Jasmine champions the environmental and emotional benefits of natural death care options. She draws on her education and experience in environmental policy and planning to inform her work on greener disposition. Jasmine is a volunteer with Green Burial Massachusetts and a member of the Natural Deathcare Collaborative, where she teaches on topics of natural, green, or alternative funeral care.

Funeral Planning

In 2016, Jasmine trained with as a funeral celebrant with Insight Institute. She teaches and consults to help people align their funeral plans with their values in ways that honor their unique lives. She is an advocate for creative, affordable, and participatory funeral options and helps individuals and families plan or navigate memorials for themselves or a loved one.

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