Michael T. Flannery, BA, JD

Michael T. Flannery, BA, JD

Attorney, distinguished law professor
Decedents' Estates / Estate Planning, Living Trusts, The Prudent Investing of Trusts, Elder Law, Family Law
University of Delaware, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, Juris Doctor


Michael T. Flannery is the Judge George Howard, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, William H. Bowen School of Law, where he has served as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Associate Dean of Faculty Development. He has served as a Special Judge for the 20th District Circuit Court in the State of Arkansas and is the Legislative Expert Liaison for the Arkansas Bar Association's Legislative Committee on Family Law. He has been teaching law for 25 years and has been featured on National Public Radio as an “Agent of Change” for his extensive body of work as a legal scholar.


Decedents' Estates / Estate Planning

Dean Flannery teaches several law school courses covering estate planning and end-of-life issues. His most popular course is Decedents' Estates and Trusts, which covers all aspects of wills, trusts, and estate planning. He has been teaching Decedents Estates for 25 years. His casebook, "Decedents' Estates, Cases and Materials" is in its fourth edition and is one of the leading legal resources on the subject. Dean Flannery has won numerous Faculty Excellence Awards for "Teaching" and "Research and Scholarly Endeavors." He is beloved by his students as a caring and dedicated professor who remains available to his students as a friend and mentor long after graduation and throughout their legal careers.

Living Trusts

Dean Flannery is nationally recognized for his expertise on living trusts. He publishes an annual treatise for Matthew Bender/LexisNexis entitled, "Living Trusts: Forms and Practice" . Lawyers and estate planners across the country rely on this resources in their daily practice.

The Prudent Investing of Trusts

Dean Flannery also specializes in the prudent investing of trusts and the legal requirements for the proper administration of living trusts. His legal casebook, "The Prudent Investing of Trusts" is used at numerous law schools to teach the law of trusts to lawyers, trustees, executors, and estate planners who deal with living trusts on a daily basis.

Family Law

Dean Flannery is also known for his expertise in the area of family law and domestic relations. He practiced family law in Philadelphia with the law firm of Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen (formerly Gold-Biken, Clifford & Young), handling divorce, custody, and domestic relations matters. After leaving his family law practice, he began teaching Family Law at the Villanova University School of Law in Villanova, Pennsylvania. He has been teaching Family Law and writing about divorce and family law-related issues for twenty-five years and continues to write extensively in this area.

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