Minda Powers-Douglas, BA in English

Minda Powers-Douglas, BA in English

Contributing writer, cemetery historian
History of cemeteries
Augustana College, Bachelor of Arts in English


Minda Powers-Douglas is an author and cemeterian. She is the founder of TheCemeteryClub.com, an information hub for taphophiles (people who “dig” cemeteries). Her Facebook for the “club” has more than 20 thousand members. For the past 15 years, she’s traveled the country speaking about the history and art of cemeteries. Located in northwest Illinois, Minda is a freelance writer, who has written for clients around the world, including end-of-life planning and funeral home websites. Each year she teaches a class for CommUniversity on “The Life and Times of the American Cemetery.” She recently started Quad City Haunts & History Tours, which offers a cemetery tour and downtown ghost tour.



Because of her interest in symbolism, Minda likes to say she reads gravestones like a palm reader. She’s the author of “Translating Tombstones: Your Guide to Symbolism and Meaning in the Cemetery” and other cemetery-themed books. She’s passionate about sharing stories of the lesser-known who came before us who each have stories to tell.

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