Sam Tetrault, BA in English

Sam Tetrault, BA in English

Contributing writer
Literature, online legal planning, and personal finance
Flagler College, Bachelor of Arts in English


Sam is a full-time writer and storyteller from Seattle, WA. She uses her love of history, culture, and end-of-life rituals to blur the lines of mortality. She also acts as the editor-in-chief of Capulet Mag, an online publication that gives young women a platform for sharing their unique perspectives without judgement.

Above all, she believes our legacies live in the stories we tell. When not writing for Cake, she creates content for her blogs and podcasts, travels, and stays up too late reading.



Sam has a 4-year degree in literature as well as 6+ years of experience as an editor for an online literary publication. I connect stories, poems, and art with mortality, grieving, and end-of-life planning.

Online legal planning

She also has 3+ years of experience creating educational content for law firms in the realm of legal planning and financial planning as well as hundreds of research hours.

Personal finance

She has 3+ years of experience explaining complex financial topics related to estate planning, retirement planning, and money management.

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