Yvonne Bertovich

Yvonne Bertovich

Contributing writer
Journalism, health, and wellness
University of Florida, Bachelor of Science in Journalism


Yvonne received her degree in journalism from the University of Florida. In addition to blogging for Cake, she currently works in marketing out of Knoxville, TN, predominantly covering the intersection of cannabis and health. An avid writer for many years, Yvonne has also published three young adult books that cover topics like history, sports, and professional development. In previous roles, Yvonne particularly enjoyed working with medical professionals to make health information less scary. This is a big part of what she loves about Cake, too, as she believes death positivity can only make us more grateful in the meantime.


Health and wellness

Yvonne’s passion for health and wellness stems heavily from her previous role at Buoy Health. This friendly health assistant helps those feeling unwell make sense of their symptoms and seek proper care. Yvonne worked with medical professionals to help the public learn about symptoms, diagnoses, and more.

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