15 Flowers Suitable for a Baby or Toddler’s Funeral


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The death of a baby or toddler is one of the most heartbreaking things one can experience. Honoring their life, no matter how short, with a funeral or memorial brings more meaning to their time on Earth. Though their life might have been brief, it was a source of brightness and joy. 

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With so many types of funeral flowers to choose from, how do you find the best ones for a baby or toddler’s funeral? This is an incredibly sensitive occasion, so it pays to focus on these small details. It’s all part of crafting the little one’s memory and legacy, even after they’re gone. 

In this guide, we’ll share 15 types of flowers suitable for a baby or toddler’s funeral. Consider the message you’re trying to send, your budget, and choose from the thoughtful list below. 

Virtual funeral tip: If the funeral is taking place virtually with a service like GatheringUs, ask the host if they're accepting flowers. You can also ask if they'll be displaying funeral flowers to online guests. They might have an "in lieu of flowers" request, instead. 

Flowers to Send to a Newborn Baby’s Funeral or Memorial

Flowers to Send to a Newborn Baby’s Funeral or Memorial

Losing a newborn is a true tragedy, and it’s important to treat this occasion like the painful loss it is. Because it’s not always easy to know what to say when someone loses a baby, these flowers can sometimes say what words can’t. 

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1. Aster

In Greek, aster means ‘star.’ These bright purple flowers represent the universe itself, emphasizing how the newborn is safe amongst the stars.

Their presence is still here, no matter how far they might seem. Asters are also associated with love and daintiness, perfect for a newborn.

2. Baby’s breath

Of course, baby’s breath is a good fit for sending to a newborn baby’s funeral or memorial. These flowers are everything pure, and they represent purity of heart and the ultimate innocence. 

3. Daffodil

Daffodils are called the ‘knight’s flower’ since they’re supposed to represent the knight’s code. They’re chivalrous, respectful, and also a symbol for love. Most importantly, they’re a source of strength in a time of need. 

4. Daisy

Another flower that stands for purity and love is the daisy. Gorgeous and simple, this flower is a reminder that the world is still a beautiful, supportive place.

Their newborn is still with them, though this moment might be tough. 

5. Orchid

Orchids have a long association with children and hope, so they’re a good choice if you’re not sure what flowers to send to a newborn’s memorial. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with children and strength. 

Flowers to Send to a Toddler’s Funeral or Memorial

For a toddler’s funeral or memorial, you’ll want to honor the child’s legacy. These children have their own personalities, and they’ve had time to develop into their own selves more than infants. Paying homage to this legacy is a powerful way to show support. 

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6. Iris

The iris is a common flower and with good reason. It comes in a variety of colors, and it's absolutely stunning with its bold varieties. In the Victorian era, the iris was given to someone to honor their courage and hope.

7. Sunflower

Though the sunflower might feel too bold and happy for a baby or toddler’s memorial, it might be just this brightness that the family needs.

The sunflower is a sign of adoration, but it’s also a symbol of strength. It grows and thrives in the harshest of months, always reaching higher. Quite literally, it’s a beam of sunshine on a cloudy day. 

8. Zinnia

Though less common, zinnias are an understated flower. They bloom from mid-summer through the chilly months, standing strong as a metaphor for lasting love and goodness. These flowers are commonly used to show remembrance and support. 

9. Roses

Roses are a universal flower that suit any occasion, including this solemn one. While each color represents something unique, it’s a good idea to choose the toddler’s favorite color as a way to honor their short life. 

10. Tulip

Tulips are the ultimate sign of love. They’re quite literally used to show “perfect” or “ultimate” love, and what more perfect love exists than that of a parent and a child? Tulips are also the first flower to bloom each spring, a glorious metaphor for rebirth and change. 

Flowers to Send to a Miscarriage or Stillborn Baby’s Funeral or Memorial

Flowers to Send to a Miscarriage or Stillborn Baby’s Funeral or Memorial

Though less common, many families find peace in hosting a funeral or memorial for a miscarriage or stillborn baby. Losing a life you never got to meet is always painful, and it’s important to acknowledge the family’s feelings amidst this tragedy. 

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11. Marigold

Marigolds were famously given to the virgin Mary herself, so this is a powerful gesture for someone who finds peace through this religious story.

Otherwise, marigolds are a symbol of sunshine, and they’re used to give someone strength through a difficult situation.

12. Lilac

Lilac is a way to show youthful innocence. This lovely purple flower is airy and light, hinting at both purity and spirituality.

Some also believe them to mean rebirth and remembrance, hinting that their lost life continues with them.

13. Dahlia

For the family that needs extra strength and kindness, give a dahlia to the funeral or memorial service. These blooms are a way to show strength, elegance, and dignity. They’re always a good fit in a time of need. 

14. Morning glory 

The morning glory used to be a symbol of love and mortality in the Victorian era.

Though this might sound grotesque, it truly means that love continues even after death. The ones we love most, even those we don’t meet, might feel far away. In reality, they’re always in our thoughts. 

15. Chamomile

Chamomile is commonly used in flower arrangements, but it’s not a flower to be overlooked. Though when used in tea, it’s known for its relaxation and rest. As a flower, it’s all about finding strength through life’s challenges. 

When to Send Flowers to a Baby or Toddler’s Funeral

While all funerals evoke strong feelings, whether it’s grief, pain, or intimidation, it’s important to be there for the family. This is the case for the death of a baby or toddler. These are heartbreaking occasions, and the family needs their loved ones to show support any way they can. 

You can do so by sending flowers to the baby or toddler’s funeral. It’s appropriate to send these directly to the funeral venue or graveside service. The family has enough on their plate, and likely won’t have time to arrange this as well. If you’re unable to send them to the funeral venue in time, you can also send them directly to the family’s home. 

The only time it’s not a good idea to send flowers is if the family specifically requests you not to. In addition, in some cultures, flowers are not seen as appropriate. If the family asks for something in lieu of flowers, like a donation in the child’s honor, it’s always wise to follow these wishes. 

Show Support After a Tragedy

Your flowers might seem like a small way to be there after an absolute tragedy, know that your gesture means a lot to the family. They might not have time to thank you right away (or at all), but they’ll notice your small act of kindness. These flowers are a visual reminder that their child’s life was important and had meaning. 

Whether you choose to send flowers to the family’s home or the memorial itself, make sure you put thought into the arrangement you choose. There are so many flowers to choose from, and each has its own world of meaning behind it. There’s also funeral flower etiquette to consider. Whether you’re hoping to send a message of strength or purity, say it with flowers. 

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