16 Baby Keepsake Ideas to Gift or Hold On To


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Few life experiences compare to the arrival of a new baby. Whether you’re a soon-to-be parent who wants to give their child a special gift to celebrate their first years of life, or you’re a friend or family member who wants to help new parents mark this happy occasion, you may wonder what type of keepsake gift you should give.

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The right gift depends on the situation. Some keepsakes are perfect for baby showers. Others are ideal for newborns. Of course, grandparents would like keepsakes too.

This list will help you make the right choice. If you’re expecting a new baby to show up soon, keep the following keepsake gift ideas in mind.

Tip: If one of the baby's family members, like a grandparent, recently passed away, a unique keepsake gift could be part of that person's ashes. You can turn cremation ashes into solidified stones with Parting Stone, or transform them into a diamond with Eterneva. While the child won't understand the gift right away, they'll appreciate the keepsake later in life. 

Keepsakes Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

The excitement expecting parents may feel as their new baby approaches can often reach its peak at their baby shower. Cherish this excitement and this moment with these gifts.

1. Advice puzzle pieces

Parents-to-be often ask guests to fill out cards with advice for them or their child at a baby shower. They typically store these cards somewhere, returning to them as their baby grows.

Put a unique spin on this traditional keepsake by asking guests to write their messages on blank puzzle pieces instead of cards. You can frame the finished puzzle, or put it together in the future, making this common gift more interactive.

2. Your favorite book from childhood

Many simple gifts can still be special. Gifting a special edition of your favorite book from childhood at a baby shower lets you offer something practical while also incorporating your personality into the keepsake.

3. Baby prediction boxes

Baby shower guests and parents-to-be love making predictions at a baby shower. Which parent will the baby look more like? What time of day will they be born? What will their first word be?

With this keepsake, guests can jot down their predictions on cards and store them in a box so new parents can return to them later and find out which predictions came true.

4. Birthday prediction calendar

This twist on the prediction box gives baby shower guests something fun to do, and it gives both parents and their new baby a cherished keepsake.

Choose any calendar that appeals to you and ask guests to initial or sign the date when they think the baby will arrive. To make the activity even more fun, find a cute ink stamp in the shape of hearts, baby feet, or something similar, and ask guests to stamp the date above their initials.

If you're looking for more birthday ideas, read our guide on birthday keepsake gift ideas.

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Keepsake Ideas for a Newborn Baby

Newborns deserve keepsakes as well. While they might not be able to appreciate all the gifts they receive at first, many keepsakes help children learn about their own early life experiences later. Ideas to consider include:

5. Baby time capsule

Newborn baby keepsake gifts often give a baby a chance to learn about their first year of life in the future.

That’s why you should consider giving a baby time capsule to new parents. Or, if you are a new parent, buy one for yourself and your child. Just about any sort of container can serve this purpose, from a traditional wooden box with the newborn’s name engraved on it to a more decorative vase.

New parents can use this time capsule to store mementos from the first year of their child’s life. Once it’s full, they’ll seal it, opening it up again with their child on a future date of their choosing. 

6. Customized baby piggy bank

Help a newborn learn the power of saving during their first few years of life with a piggy bank. Even better, give a customized one, with their name and date of birth printed on it.

Over the years, they and their parents can deposit coins into the bank, opening it up (and probably buying a treat with the contents) when it’s full.

7. Personalized baby blocks

Babies love playing with blocks. New parents love personalized gifts. Combine the two by ordering personalized baby blocks with letters that spell out the child’s name, along with their date of birth and related details. Many sellers on Etsy and similar platforms will make these for you.

8. Personalized plush toy

This customized gift is another option to consider. Like baby blocks, you can order a custom stuffed animal with a baby’s name printed on it, adding a personal spin to a classic gift.

DIY Baby Keepsake Ideas

Do you want to show someone you truly care by giving a baby keepsake gift you made yourself? If so, keep these ideas in mind.

9. Photo ornament

Consider this gift if you want to go the DIY approach, but don’t fully trust your own crafting skills. Just about anyone can easily make a photo ornament. All you need to do is buy a basic transparent ball-shaped ornament and insert a special picture of your loved one’s new baby inside. 

10. Foot cast

Newborns grow fast. Before a new baby gets bigger, you might want to make a foot cast. With a quick search, you’ll find plenty of kits that let you cast the unique imprint of a baby’s foot in clay. Of course, you could also make your own if you know what type of materials to use.

11. Fingerprint flower pot

Keep this DIY gift idea in mind if you want to give a baby the chance to help make their own gift. With (baby safe!) paint or ink, they can decorate a flower pot with their fingerprints and handprints (read this article on handprint keepsakes for more.) The result will continue to capture the baby’s frantic creativity and energy for years to come.

12. DIY picture frame

If you have basic woodworking skills, make a picture frame for a baby keepsake. While a basic frame will certainly make for an ideal gift, if you want to get more creative, you can make a larger frame or something similar to a memorial collage, with smaller individual sections to hold multiple pictures from a baby’s early years.

If you're looking for more DIY baby keepsake ideas, read our guide on baby memory box items.

Baby Keepsake Ideas for Parents and Grandparents

Whether you’re trying to come up with gift ideas for parents or gifts for older people, consider these baby keepsakes. They’ll make a baby’s first few years even more memorable than they already are.

13. First year tracking chart

Quite a bit tends to happen over the course of a baby’s first year of life. They’ll start crawling. In some cases, they’ll take their first steps. Their first teeth will show up.

These moments naturally thrill new parents. Help them document this momentous year with a chart with blank spaces (and accompanying illustrations or graphics) where they can enter the dates when these moments first occur.

You can find numerous options online (Google “baby first year tracking chart” or “baby first year infographic”), or make your own if you have graphic design skills.

14. Newborn baby journal

A chart like the one described above gives new parents the opportunity to track major developments in the life of a newborn. However, they might also appreciate a gift that lets them record their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences during their first year raising a new child.

That’s what makes a newborn baby journal a fantastic gift. Gift shops often carry these. Give one to new parents, and they’ll always have a collection of recorded memories they can turn back to as their child grows.

15. Grandparent memory book

New parents aren’t the only ones who want to keep track of their memories over the course of a baby’s first year. Grandparents also savor these experiences.

A memory book for a grandparent lets them do so. This is another gift that comes in many styles. Some shops sell memory journals designed specifically for new grandparents. You can also buy a generic journal and customize it if you prefer. 

However, unlike the newborn baby journal, new grandparents themselves won’t fill out this book. Instead, a baby’s parents will fill it out with messages from their baby describing beloved experiences they had with their grandparents during their first year.

Entries might include “I loved it when Grandma sang me my first song” or “Thank you for making my first birthday so special.” Once the book is all filled out, new parents will give it back to the grandparents, letting them look back on this happy time.

16. Birthstone pendant jewelry

One grandchild may not always satisfy all grandparents. The odds are good that a new baby’s siblings may arrive someday in the future.

If you expect that to be the case, consider this gift idea. Get a bracelet or necklace that you can add multiple pendants to, and every time a new grandchild arrives, give the grandparents a birthstone pendant with the baby’s name or initials engraved on the back. They’ll love seeing the bracelet or necklace transform as their family grows.

Celebrating a Baby’s Life with Keepsakes

Keepsakes don’t just serve as simple gifts to give on special occasions. Like in memory of gifts, those who receive them often treasure them forever.

Choose an idea from this list for new parents, newborns, or new grandparents, and they’re sure to cherish it throughout their lives.

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