11 Popular Places to Find the Best Cremation Jewelry


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Cremation is becoming an increasingly popular means of handling a body when someone dies. Along with humans, you can also cremate pets. Maybe you’ve recently cremated a loved one or pet. Or, perhaps you’re planning to in the future. Either way, if so, you may wonder what you should do with their remains.

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For example, you could get cremation jewelry. Wearing a piece of jewelry made from or containing some of a loved one’s ashes allows you to keep part of them with you at all times. Of course, when buying cremation jewelry, you want to be confident you’re buying from a company you can trust to deliver a quality product and convenient service. This guide makes finding such a company easy. Some of the best cremation jewelry suppliers include:

1. Eterneva

What is Eterneva?

Eterneva is one of several companies that makes memorial diamonds out of a loved one or pet’s ashes. They stand out among the competition primarily thanks to the unique customer experience they provide.

When you order cremation jewelry from Eterneva, you send a sample of a loved one’s ashes--but you don’t just wait around for them to eventually send back a finished product. When you first get started, the company will send you a welcome kit complete with a video, written instructions, and everything you need to send them a loved one’s ashes.

They also offer resources explaining in detail their process. This helps you better understand what’s happening to a loved one’s remains while they turn them into a diamond.

They’ll send routine updates throughout the process to ensure you know how far along they are. Additionally, you have the option of creating a dedication page for the deceased in which you get to share their story.

When the diamond is finished, it will be graded, and the company will laser engrave your loved one’s name onto the diamond itself, making it truly unique. Eterneva is also a convenient option if you’re looking for the best cremation jewelry because they allow you to select the actual piece of jewelry you want to set the diamond in through them.

Some companies will only create the diamond itself. Once you receive it, it’s up to you to find a piece of jewelry to set it in from another supplier. Not having to take that extra step will save you a lot of time. 

If you're looking for something more solid and tangible, companies like Parting Stone create beautiful, handheld cremation stones to help someone grieving keep their loved one close by.

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2. EverDear

A unique and personalized customer experience is at the core of Eterneva’s appeal. While Eterneva strives to make their diamonds affordable by offering payment plans and similar options, that type of customer service comes at a price. Maybe you don’t need a unique customer experience. Perhaps you can go without that degree of attention if it means paying less for the diamond.

If so, EverDear is an option to consider. EverDear’s main selling point is their pricing. The company offers affordable cremation diamonds by leveraging innovative technology, selling directly instead of using agents or distributors, and managing production in-house.

They still deliver genuine high-quality diamonds. They simply offer savings instead of a tailored customer experience.

3. Cremation Solutions

If you’re looking for more ways to save money when ordering cremation jewelry, be aware that you don’t have to turn your loved one’s ashes into a diamond. Companies such as Cremation Solutions can instead incorporate a loved one or pet’s ashes into a glass bead or cremation gems.

Many find these items to be just as striking as memorial diamonds. However, because the process involved in making them is less complicated and demanding, they tend to cost significantly less.

You can find various companies offering this service. Cremation Solutions is among the best because of the numerous options you have to choose from when ordering a product. Along with cremation gems and beads for jewelry, they also offer cremation keepsakes, fingerprint jewelry, and traditional cremation urns.

4. Jewelry Keepsakes

The best cremation jewelry doesn’t consist solely of diamonds or glass beads. Some cremation jewelry comes in the form of small urns that serve as pendants for necklaces, rings that have compartments for small amounts of ashes, and other types of urn-style jewelry.

Jewelry Keepsakes offers a relatively wide range of options at various price points if that’s the type of cremation jewelry that most appeals to you. They also allow you to customize the jewelry in various ways, from choosing different chain lengths and styles to engraving the jewelry. They even provide kits to help you fill the jewelry with a loved one’s ashes safely, along with videos depicting the process.

5. Lonité

Lonité is another option to consider if you’re planning on turning a loved one or pet’s ashes into diamonds. This Swiss company has earned a glowing reputation by delivering quality customer service and gorgeous diamonds.

Their website further demonstrates why many choose to buy cremation diamonds from Lonité. It’s extremely comprehensive. While some websites focus mainly on a company’s products without going into much more detail when it comes to other topics, Lonité describes their process, thoroughly explains your various options, demonstrates how they offer scientific proof that a diamond is genuine, and more.

When ordering a memorial diamond, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re buying one from a reputable company. That’s one of many reasons to consider Lonite.

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6. Spirit Pieces

The products that Spirit Pieces offers are very unique and eye-catching. This is another company that will turn your loved one’s ashes into glass beads or keepsakes.

However, the company describes its products as “glass art” because that’s precisely what they create. Some glass cremation jewelry beads are either transparent or a single solid color. That’s not the case with many of the items Spirit Pieces offers.

Their beads and keepsakes feature stunning swirls of color that are remarkably beautiful. They also offer silver marble cremation jewelry. Browse their website to get a better sense of whether this unique style of product is the best cremation jewelry for your tastes.

7. LifeGem

What is LifeGem?

LifeGem is among the oldest companies turning ashes into diamonds. Because they’ve been around for a long time, you can generally assume that they do right by their customers. They’ve managed to stay in business for decades by providing reliable service and impressive products.

They’re also a company you may choose to order from if you want a truly close look into the process involved in turning ashes into a diamond. They often allow customers to tour their facilities, directly showing them how they operate.

8. Heart in Diamond

Ordering from Heart in Diamond offers many of the same benefits you enjoy when ordering from any major company that turns ashes into diamonds. The primary reason you might choose to order from them instead of another company on this list is location.

Heart in Diamond is UK-based. If you’re from that part of the world, ordering from a company nearby can potentially help you save time and money. 

That’s an important point no matter where you live. When deciding which company to order cremation jewelry from, while your main priority should be to order from one that has a solid reputation and offers prices that fit your budget, you may narrow down your list of options by looking at where various companies are based and choosing one accordingly. Again, proximity shouldn’t be the only factor influencing your decision, but it is something to consider.

9. Perfect Memorials

Like Jewelry Keepsakes, Perfect Memorials is an option worth keeping in mind thanks to the wide range of items they offer. Also like Jewelry Keepsakes, their products tend to be small urns and other such items, rather than memorial diamonds or cremation gems.

You may find their items particularly appealing if you’re looking for cremation jewelry for a pet. Although all the companies on this list offer pet cremation jewelry, the large number of pet-themed items available on the Perfect Memorials site rivals that of many other suppliers.

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10. Saint Diamonds

Saint Diamonds is yet another reputable company worth looking into if you’re thinking about turning a loved one or pet’s ashes into a diamond. They may not be the most affordable supplier in the world, but their prices are generally reasonable given the quality of service they offer.

It’s worth noting that Saint Diamonds can also create diamonds out of a loved one or pet’s hair. In fact, most major companies offer this option if you don’t have the deceased’s ashes or don’t plan on cremating them but would still like a memorial diamond.

These companies create memorial diamonds by first extracting the carbon from the deceased’s remains. If ashes aren’t available, their hair also contains enough carbon to facilitate the process.

11. Etsy

Most of the entries on this list are companies specializing in these types of products. However, it’s worth noting that some of the best cremation jewelry comes from independent artisans.

Many of them sell their work on such platforms as Etsy. While you might not find someone who can turn your loved one’s ashes into a diamond or glass bead on Etsy, as doing so requires equipment only a larger company will have access to, you can find plenty of small urns for necklaces or similar pieces of jewelry. You can also find such products on Amazon and other popular eTailers.

The Best Cremation Jewelry: Options to Consider

This list of the best cremation jewelry suppliers can help you feel more comfortable choosing one. However, before making a final decision, it’s still smart to research a company in greater detail. It will help ensure you’re thoroughly happy with the service and products you receive.


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