20 Best Get Well Soon Flowers & Arrangement Types


When someone is feeling ill or received a medical diagnosis, it’s a great idea to cheer them up with a thoughtful gift. Few things in life are as inspiring and uplifting as flowers. Sending a get well soon flower arrangement is sure to brighten their day. 

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One of the things that help most when you’re feeling under the weather is knowing that you have the support of your friends and family behind you. By sending a flower arrangement, you’re not just sending something beautiful. You’re sending a symbol of life and persistence, and this carries a lot of meaning. 

If you want to know how to make someone’s day, look no further than this list of the best get well soon flowers and arrangement types. These are perfect for any recipient and any situation that might warrant a get well soon gift.

It’s essential to be there for those we love in their times of need, no matter how challenging it might seem to find the right words. 

When to Send Get Well Soon Flowers

There are several occasions where it makes sense to send get well soon flowers to someone. These are perfect for everyone, including children and families. If your recipient is experiencing any of the following, consider sending a get well soon arrangement:

  • A challenging diagnosis (cancer, chronic condition, etc.)
  • Sickness or injury
  • Surgery
  • A close family member’s illness

There’s a rich world of flower meanings. These flowers might seem simple at first glance, but they say what words can’t. For example, after a challenging diagnosis, it’s often difficult to know the “right” words to say. Flowers fill in these gaps in communication, making your support loud and clear.

Get Well Soon Flower Ideas for Her

Most women are used to receiving flowers as a gift, and they might be more in tune with their different meanings and the language behind them. Gift any of these get well soon flower ideas below to cheer up her day. 

1. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are gifted as a way to show loyalty and love. These gorgeous blooms are breathtakingly beautiful, and they’re sure to bring a smile to her face even in the darkest of times. They’re sometimes seen as the queen of flowers.

2. Heather

The heather flower is dainty and fragile, but it’s also a sign of admiration and good luck.

These work perfectly in more ornate arrangements, and they add a lot of unique texture. In the parts of the world where this flower grows naturally, it’s said to bring protection. 

3. Roses

Roses are the most versatile flower. Seen as a sign of love, friendship, and passion, these are the perfect way to show the woman in your life that you support her, no matter what. 

4. Peony

Another flower that’s perfect for sending get well wishes is the peony. The peony has a rich history within mythology.

According to legend, a Greek myth named Paeonia was turned into a peony to represent her beauty. Today, these are seen as good luck. 

5. Lilac

Lastly, the lilac is a symbol of peace and prosperity. The light purple color is a way to show first love, but it’s come to mean much more than that. It’s seen as the bringer of spring, a sign of new life and wellness. 

Get Well Soon Flower Ideas for Him

Men don’t often receive flowers as frequently as women, but they still make a touching gift. There are many flower arrangements that make the perfect get well gift for the men in your life like these below. 

6. Aster

The bright aster flower is a representation of all things wise. In Greek mythology, the aster flower is said to have come from the tears of the goddess Astraea. Today, it’s a reminder that bad days don’t last forever.

7. Bird of paradise

It’s hard not to smile when you see the bird of paradise flower. This symbol of freedom is best known for its bright orange and blue colors, unusual on a flower. Like a bird in flight, this flower is a reminder that life is full of highs and lows. 

8. Gladiolus

The Gladiolus flower is a way to show strength and integrity of character. The word “gladiolus” comes from the Latin word for “sword.”

There’s a myth that these were worn around the necks of Roman gladiators to protect them from death. Though your recipient might be going through a difficult time, you still believe in their ability to survive anything. 

9. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is the most playful of flowers, represented in the funky display of colorful flowers.

They’re commonly used to show friendship and fun, so they’re perfect for turning someone’s day around. 

10. Protea

This unique looking flower is a way to show your recipient you believe in them.

A sign of courage and change, it’s a powerful symbol of your love and respect. This resilient flower is distinctive and makes a strong statement.

Get Well Soon Flower Ideas for a Child

Children also love to receive flowers, and they make a great gift for the entire family. When it comes to choosing the right get well flower for children, focus on happy, upbeat messages.

11. Sunflower

Few flowers are quite as happy and uplifting as the sunflower. These bright yellow favorites follow the light of the sun, representing both warmth and dedicated love. They’re perfect for adding cheer to a child’s space.

12. Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath is a symbol for everlasting love and innocence, making them perfect for children and infants.

Though they’re often used in bouquets to fill the space between larger flowers, they’re also powerful on their own. 

13. Lily of the valley

The lily of the valley is another flower that represents innocence and purity. It’s small and dainty, commonly used in the springtime to represent newness and rebirth. Though it’s simple, it’s stunningly beautiful.

14. Gerbera daisies

Daisies come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the happiest of types is the gerbera daisy.

This colorful flower is known for its perseverance through all seasons. It’s a classic, and it’s sure to attract the attention of any child. 

15. Daffodils

Daffodils are a staple of springtime. They’re brightly colored star-shed blooms, and they don’t get the appreciation they deserve.

Named after a river god from Greek mythology, these flowers are brightness and happiness personified. 

Get Well Soon Flower Ideas for an Acquaintance or Coworker

When thinking of the perfect get well gifts for an acquaintance or coworker, it’s not always easy to know what to choose. Since you don’t want to overstep, try these common flower choices below.  

16. Tulips

Tulips are always a good idea. They’re most common around the springtime, but they’re perfect any time of the year.

They represent affection and kindness, so they’re ideal for someone you don’t know very well. 

17. Poinsettia

While these flowers have gained a close association with Christmas, they’re still welcome all throughout the year.

Poinsettias are a bright, easy to care for flower, and they stand for reassurance and cheer. 

18. Hydrangeas

Also common for thank you gifts, hydrangeas are a simple declaration of kindness and good emotions.

They come in shades of white, pink, green, and blue, and they’re always a gorgeous gift.

19. Cornflowers

Cornflowers are fun and full of life, appearing like small puffs of petals in eye-catching colors. These smaller flowers are a simple way to show you’re thinking of someone, especially if they’re not feeling well. 

20. Alstroemeria

Last but not least, alstroemeria is a beautiful flower that has come to represent good fortune and friendship. It’s not too strong of a flower for someone you don’t know very well, but it still sends a kind message of support. 

Say Get Well Soon with Flowers

Flowers have their own rich history and language, so it’s no wonder they’re a common get well gift. No matter who your recipient is or the message you’re trying to send, there’s a bloom that’s right for you. Because flowers are accessible and affordable, they make the perfect way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. 

The list above is the perfect place to start if you’re searching for the perfect flower. From unwavering good luck to colorful cheerfulness, there’s something for everyone in your life. 

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