25 Best Birthday Gifts for Quarantine or Self-Isolation


Spending a birthday in quarantine or self-isolation is difficult. Whether you’re distancing from friends and family to keep them healthy or you’re worried about an increased risk of illness, it’s still possible to have an enjoyable, special birthday. 

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Sending a gift or heartfelt happy birthday message is always appreciated, especially when spending time alone. These gifts are a reminder that you’re never really alone, and the ones you love are always there to offer support. 

Luckily, you don’t have to search long and hard for the best gifts for every type of recipient. We’ve compiled the best birthday gifts for quarantine or self-isolation. Any of these gifts below are perfect for putting a smile on anyone’s face. 

Quarantine Birthday Gifts for Adults

Gifts for the adults in your life are often the hardest to find. Not only do most adults usually have the things they want already, but you’ll have to think a bit harder about what matters the most to them. 

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1. Steaming service

A new streaming service is perfect for any adult in your life. With so many streaming services to choose from nowadays, most people only have one that they use regularly. 

Gifting a subscription to a TV or film streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, and so on gives them a whole new world of entertainment to discover. Better yet, pair this gift with your personal favorites and recommendations for their watch list. 

2. Birthday cake and candle

As adults, we don’t always take the time to return to those childhood pastimes we loved so much. One of the most memorable parts of birthdays as a kid was getting to blow out your candle on a birthday cake and make a wish. 

Sending a cake, baking ingredients, and a candle is the perfect gift of nostalgia. For an extra touch, send several candles so they can make even more wishes. 

3. Indoor plant

Indoor plants have recently risen in popularity, especially with more people choosing to quarantine or self-isolate at home. Having a living, blooming thing to remind you of nature’s power and beauty is the perfect ode to resilience. 

Choose indoor house plants that are easy to care for, especially if they’re not experienced plant owners. Include some tips so they know how to take care of their new plant. 

4. Eye mask

Sleep is a big part of quarantine, and it’s the best way to feel rested even when going through a difficult time. Because sleep doesn’t always come easily, gift a high-quality, soothing eye mask to make sure they get their best beauty rest. 

5. Food delivery

Last but not least, everyone could use a delicious meal that they don’t have to make themselves. Since eating out at restaurants isn’t possible, and your recipient might not be able to make it to the grocery store, gift a food delivery gift card. 

A service like Uber Eats or Grubhub takes care of the cooking for them. If you live in the area, make some recommendations for your favorite delivery restaurants. 

Quarantine Birthday Gifts for Friends

The gifts we get our friends on their birthday often show how much we care for them. No matter how small, these quarantine birthday gifts let your friends know that you hope they’re staying safe and healthy

6. Book selection or membership

Reading is a form of escape, and we could all use a little bit of escapism during quarantine. For a friend in self-isolation, gift them an adventure with the latest bestsellers, or a membership to the Book of the Month club

7. Care package

If you’re crafty, put together a care package for someone in self-isolation. A quarantine care package includes things they might need, like medicine or self-care items. It’s also a breath of fresh air during an extended time spent alone. 

8. Handmade face mask

A face mask is a must if your loved one is going into public for necessities like groceries or errands. There’s no such thing as having too many face masks, and a handmade one helps your friend stick to their personal style. 

9. Coffee maker

If your friend always has their morning brew, gift them something to level up their personal cup of joe from home. Whether they like cold brew coffee, iced coffee, or traditional french press coffee, there’s a way to make sure they always have the perfect dose of caffeine. 

Better yet, pair this gift with freshly ground coffee beans or flavoring syrups. Who knows? They might become the next great barista! 

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10. Baking supplies

Let’s face it—we’ve all started baking once or twice during quarantine or self-isolation. Help your friend become worthy of the Great British Bake Off by sending them some yummy recipes and baking supplies. This is a skill we can all get behind. 

Quarantine Birthday Gifts for Kids or Teenagers

Shopping for kids or teens can be challenging, especially during quarantine when kids are known to get a bit restless. These gifts below keep them learning, entertained, and engaged. 

11. Craft project

There’s never been a better time to create. All children love to make things, so why not give them something that lets them get a bit messy? From DIY art kits to the ultimate craft library kit, this type of activity empowers kids to use some of that mental energy to create. 

12. Card or board games

Games are fun for the whole family, and even kids can admit it’s time to put away the screens sometimes. A card game or board game helps make family time fun for everyone, especially a fan favorite like Kids Against Maturity

13. Escape room

Escape rooms are all the rage, but it’s not always possible to play this fun game in-person outside of the home. Luckily, you can bring the fun and the challenge to your own home with an at-home version. Escape Room in a Box lets you create an escape room anywhere!

14. Video games

There’s never been a better time to play video games. For kids and teens, this is a great way to interact with friends from the safety of home. Video game gear like a headset, keyboard, or new in-demand games that put interaction at the heart of the fun are perfect for quarantine birthdays. 

15. Stationary

For kids who are old enough, stationery and writing tools are a great way to get them excited about writing. Encourage them to send messages to friends and family with pretty paper, pens, and fun stickers. Though it might sound simple, this is an important lesson in connectivity. 

Quarantine Birthday Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents and the older generations are often the most isolated and vulnerable during quarantine and self-isolation. Remind them that you’re thinking of them with these gifts. 

16. Cookies or baked goods

Usually, it’s the grandparents who gift baked goods when we need it most. Turn the tables by sending them handmade creations from your own kitchen, a local bakery, or an online seller. They’re sure to appreciate this treat on their birthday!

17. Bread maker

Quarantine and making bread go hand-in-hand for some reason, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lean all the way into this trend. Making bread is an act of love. 

It might take a lot of time, but it’s well worth the result. A bread maker is a perfect way to get the best loaf of bread every time. 

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18. Flowers

Shopping for grandparents who already seem to have everything is sometimes tricky. Flowers are a gorgeous gift and symbol of support. Fresh blooms are sure to put some brightness and life into their quarantine or self-isolation birthday. 

19. Digital photo frame

Staying connected to the ones you love has never been easier with digital photo frames. Easily set these frames up to let friends and family send photos through WiFi, allowing your grandparents to stay connected to the ones they love the most. 

20. Wine 

The perfect glass of wine is something all adults enjoy, even grandparents. Choose your loved one’s favorite wine and send it to them directly to cheer up their quarantine. If you’re unsure what kind they like, use a wine pairing service like Naked Wines or Winc to let them choose for themselves. 

Quarantine Birthday Gifts for a Spouse or Partner

Last but not least, honor your spouse or partner on their special day with a quarantine birthday gift that shows you care. Shopping for a spouse can be difficult, so don’t be afraid to get creative. 

21. Lap desk

Whether your spouse is working from home or likes to browse the web, make sure they can do it in comfort. A lap desk makes it easy for them to get work done in a warm, cozy space, plus it’s easy to find one with extras like cup holders or fans. 

22. Coffee subscription

For the spouse who always has to have their morning cup of caffeine, give them new flavors. If they loved trying new coffee shops in your neighborhood, bring these coffee shops to them with a coffee subscription service. 

Atlas Coffee Club brings some of the best coffees in the world to their doorstep, so they never have a repeat glass. There’s never been a better time to upgrade your at-home brews. 

23. Home-cooked meal

Everyone loves and appreciates a home-cooked meal. Whipping something up yourself that you know they’ll like is a great way to show you care during a quarantine birthday. 

24. Vinyl records

Whether your loved one collects records or spends a lot of time listening to music, this type of collectible is always a fun way to honor their favorite tunes. All of their favorite albums are likely already in vinyl, so this makes the perfect at-home tribute to a favorite musical artist. 

25. Photo album

Last but not least, help them reflect on your memories together with a DIY photo album. You don’t need any crafting or DIY skills to put together your favorite photos, mementos, and memories in a self-adhesive photo album

Better yet, gift them a disposable camera with your album so you two can continue making memories together. This will be something fun to look back on years in the future after quarantine. 

The Perfect Quarantine Birthday Gifts

Whether you’re sending a care package for families with COVID or a thoughtful birthday gift, quarantine is the perfect time to honor the ones you love. Taking a few moments to find and purchase a gift you know they’ll love is a powerful way to remind them how much you care. 

Find something from this list for any recipient in any situation. Birthdays should always be special, even if they’re spent in quarantine or self-isolation. Gift someone something to make this time a little brighter. 


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