68 Short Best Wishes, Good Luck & Congrats Messages


Good luck! Buena suerte! Ich drücke dir die Daumen! Félicitacions! Omedetou! There is always a way to say “good luck” or “congrats” in every language. However, you don’t need to be a polyglot to be well versed in positive language.

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No matter what you say, the easiest way to be positive is to speak from the heart. Once you've got that nailed down, then sending your best wishes, congratulations, and hope for good return is easy.

When choosing the best message to convey any of these thoughts, first consider who your audience is and then their back story. For some, like your friends or your partner, the messages will be straightforward, fun, and easy to craft.

For others, you may find that there's a level of professionalism, tone, or seriousness that requires a more somber tone—and some due respect. Below, you'll find lots of ideas for lots of events, accomplishments, and endeavors.

Best Wishes Message Ideas

Best wishes message with flowers in the background

Are you wishing someone well in their next job or school? Are they getting married? Or, have they been ill? These messages cover the sincere wishes you may have for anyone from a coworker to a friend or loved one.

1. Way to grab the bull by the horns!

This message works for that person in your life who has the "failure is not an option" mantra whether. It works in situations like a new job, starting an ultramarathon training program, or even quitting their job to explore the world.

2. You made every day in this place so much brighter. Thank you for all of your wit and wisdom. You will be greatly missed.

It's tough to replace your teacher or mentor in any situation but wishing them the best is what they would do for you. So, take this opportunity to show them that you learned something from their gift.

3. Your next boss doesn’t know how lucky they are. I hope they appreciate you as much as we have.

A great send-off includes telling someone that they made a positive impact, that their contributions were appreciated, and that they will be missed.

4. Wishing you all the best!

This message works for those who didn't know the person very well but should sign the card. Saying something short and kind is better than saying nothing at all.

5. We are all going to miss you, and we wish you well on your next endeavor.

Sincere and straightforward messages always go over well, and they're perfect whether they are moving out of state or to the job next door.

6. I am so glad you are getting out of this place! 

If you know someone who is about to go home after convalescing in a nursing home for quite a while, then this message will add some humor to their very obvious cabin fever frustration.

7. I hope you have a speedy recovery! We’re all pulling for you.

Knowing what to say when someone is sick is essential. Start with some genuine positivity, and then continue with something heartfelt. If you stick with that formula, then anything you say will be perfect.

8. I hope you’re back to gardening faster than your last speeding ticket!

As an inside joke, this well-wishing is perfect for the closeted lead foot in your life. Plus, everyone needs a good laugh when they're not feeling well.

9. The gang and I wanted to offer our best wishes for your health and happiness. We can’t wait to see you back at the dog park again.

Try to include as many people as you can into your get well wishes and sentiments so that the person feels special and loved. Have each one of them sign the card, too.

10. Here’s hoping that your day is everything you’ve ever wanted.

If you know someone who is about to have a big day, this message lets them know you're rooting for them. It works for days as simple as a birthday, to something as expansive and detailed as a wedding and the first day of college.

11. Praying for your peace of mind.

If you know that someone is struggling, but they haven't expressed it to everyone, then being ambiguous in your words lets them know you're joining them in solidarity without a peep.

12. Just checking in with you…

Any time you send a quick note to let someone know you care is an easy way to show that you're a good friend and that you send your goodwill.

13. Congratulations on your continued military successes. We hope that your career is rewarding!

You could tailor this message to anyone joining or someone who is already in the military. It works for soldiers who have either received a recent commission to a military branch or will be receiving a promotion in rank.

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Good Luck Message Ideas

Good Luck message with flowers in the background

People everywhere and in any situation need to hear “good luck” from time to time whether they are embarking on a new journey or a big life change.

Even those pursuing a military career, a new business venture, or having a serious surgery would appreciate a note that lets them know you value them.

14. The boss said he was just about to give you a big raise and two extra weeks of time off every year, but now that you’re leaving, it doesn’t matter. Good Luck! 

This message works if you have a great relationship with your no-longer coworker. Plus, if you've also had some of those water cooler or after-work conversations about employee benefits, this might be a cheeky thing to say.

15. It was such a pleasure working on the last project with you. Good Luck, and please stay in touch.

Whether you work on multiple teams, a tree-planting group, or a political sub-committee, there's always going to be that one person with whom you mesh the most.

16. You don’t need luck—you never have. But Good Luck anyways!

This message is similar to saying, "break a leg," but without the theater references. It works in any situation where someone you know is about to embark on a journey or new work situation.

17. Sometimes a new challenge is what we need to wake up the soul. I hope you find everything you are searching for!

Making change to fulfill one's soul takes a lot of courage. So, these words can provide some soothing support for the person who has been struggling to find their way—and make that necessary, but life-altering move.

18. “May the force be with you.”

Yes, the phrase has become somewhat cliché over the years. However, if you know someone who is a huge Star Wars fan—it’ll never be outdated for them.

19. “If you build it, [he] will come.”

Movie quotes are great because they already come dressed up for the party. This one works for anyone who has started their own business. Or, for anyone undertaking a new project at their nonprofit. Or building a baseball park, thanks to Field of Dreams.

20. We are so proud of you!!

Maybe this is understated for adults, but there's something really strengthening for kids and teenagers when they hear how proud you are of them.

21. “Fortune favors the bold.”

A quote from Virgil, this message adds the most significant value for new service members who are embarking on a lifelong journey of a military career.

22. Good luck! Don’t stress! You can totally do it!

Everyone needs a cheer team in their corner.

23. I wish you luck!

This is another version of the simple and sincere wishes, which are always well received.

24. You’ve got the truth on your side.

Reassurance, coupled with some well-wishes, will work for those who are staring down the justice system.

25. You’ve worked hard for this—I believe in you.

If your partner is heading in for an interview, send them a quick text to let them know you're right there with them. Be just as positive no matter what the outcome is, too.

26. I’ll be there when you wake up. You got this!

Knowing the right thing to say to someone before surgery can be reassuring. It's also best to avoid any accidental innuendos with your well-wishes.

Congratulations Message Ideas

Congratulations message with flowers in the background

Supporting life changes and another’s personal growth journey is rewarding just to watch. It’s particularly so when that person is your partner or a kid that really struggled through school.

Plus, being able to find joy in other people’s successes makes you a good friend, neighbor, or coworker.

27. I hear that you and your partner were finally taking that leap… Good for you!

It's better to be supportive than a naysayer.

28. You rock! 

Continued personal growth is deserving of applause.

29. Killin’ it!

This message works well in a text message, especially if your best buddy just landed another promotion.

30. Good Job!

If you don't know what else to say, then keep it simple.

31. My Hero!

If your partner just received a long-awaited promotion, this would make an excellent text before a much longer card or conversation.

32. Bravo!

This is a very understated way of congratulating someone who just had their music, writing, or art recognized for the first time.

33. I always knew you had it in you!

This message is filled with both pride and congratulations. This message works especially well for the kid who struggled in school but overcame the obstacles to succeed.

34. Not Worthy! Not Worthy!

This very informal message works for those who have a super casual report.

35. How does it feel to make it to the top?

If your good friend just made their first magazine or newspaper article, this message would be a fun way of celebrating their success.

36. Congratulations on your well-deserved success.

If you were up for a promotion but lost to someone else, this is a very adult and formal way to tell them congratulations.

37. We are thrilled to hear your fantastic news!

This quick message works for the extended family member referencing school, work, or even personal life successes. 

38. You have earned every bit of success coming your way. 

Although this message is on the lower end of formality, it's still perfectly acceptable for any work situation.

Best Wishes Messages for a Coworker

Look for messages that will convey just about anything you need, from a friendly to a business-like tone. Note the additional Spanish translations for those working in diverse environments.

39. Congratulations on your latest adventure. We wish you nothing but success!
Español: Enhorabuena por tu última aventura. ¡No le deseamos nada más que éxito!

This message offers well wishes in a somewhat vague context that could mean just about anything from preparing to hike Mt. Everest or tackling an online business. 

40. It's your birthday! FYI, I am closing for you tonight so you can take off early with your friends. I hope you have fun!! 
Español: ¡Es tu cumpleaños! Para tu información, estoy cerrando para ti esta noche para que puedas despegar temprano con tus amigos. ¡¡Espero que os divirtáis!! 

When the gesture speaks volumes, keep the message simple. 

41. I hope you have the best time in Spain! You better not think of work or any of us while on vacation!!
Español:  ¡Espero que lo pases de maravilla! ¡¡Es mejor que no pienses en el trabajo o en cualquiera de nosotros mientras estás de vacaciones!!

Even though we’re workaholics in the United States, remind your coworker it’s okay to take time off and go radio silent. 

42. We will miss you, but that baby needs [her] [mama] and [papa]! Wishing you all health and happiness (and a lot of rest)!!
Español: ¡Te extrañaremos, pero ese bebé necesita [ella] [mamá] y [papá]! ¡¡Deseándoles toda la salud y felicidad (y mucho descanso)!!

When your coworker takes time for maternity leave, make sure they know you support these critical developmental moments between babies and new parents.

43. Congratulations! I heard you just added a new family member… May your shoes and sofa remain in one piece.
Español: ¡Felicidades! Escuché que acabas de agregar un nuevo miembro de la familia ... Que tus zapatos y sofá permanezcan en una sola pieza.

While the absolute joy of getting a new pup certainly overshadows any damage to a shoe collection or a sofa, your coworker may need to hear you can relate.

44. I just heard some news that’s nothing short of amazing. You’re going to do great, but if you need some support, I’m always here for you.
Español: Acabo de escuchar algunas noticias que son nada menos que increíbles. Lo vas a hacer muy bien, pero si necesitas algo de apoyo, siempre estoy aquí para ti.

Use this message for those occasions when you don’t want to advertise what you’ve heard but still want to send well wishes in a coworker’s direction.

Best Wishes Messages for a Coworker, New Job, or Retirement

You're seeing it more and more. People are making career changes searching for better opportunities, greener pastures, or because early retirement is calling. Included is a Spanish translation for diverse working communities.

45. Best wishes on all of your retirement adventures, wherever and whatever they may be. May you discover life's abundance from spring and summer to fall and winter, and back again.
Español: Los mejores deseos en todas sus aventuras de jubilación, dondequiera y sean las que sean. Que descubras la abundancia de la vida desde la primavera y el verano hasta el otoño y el invierno, y viceversa.

Here’s a message for a short, super positive, and almost poetic look at retirement life.

46. Welcome to the team! You’re going to make a great addition!
Español: ¡Bienvenido al equipo! ¡Vas a hacer una gran adición!

Everyone has a first day, so why not send a message that helps your new coworker have one that’s less stressful.

47. I just heard that you landed an amazing new job. Wishing you tremendous success in your new role.
Español: Acabo de escuchar que conseguiste un nuevo trabajo increíble. Deseándole un tremendo éxito en su nuevo rol.

Some messages are keen on conveying a business-like agenda while still offering support to someone you respect.

48. We’ll be at a loss without you, but I’m thrilled you've found something you'll enjoy. Best of luck to you!
Español: Estaremos perdidos sin ti, pero estoy encantado de que hayas encontrado algo que disfrutarás. ¡Mucha suerte para ti!

Here’s a quick message for when a great employee leaves and hate to see them go.

49. You’re a stand-up type. I won’t forget how you always had my back. I wish you the absolute best of luck. 
Español: Eres un stand-up tipo. No olvidaré cómo siempre me respaldaste. Les deseo la mejor de las suertes. 

Words flow a little differently when you’re a peer and coworker instead of being the boss.

50. It's a shame we're losing such a valuable employee, but our loss is certainly your new employer's gain. Good luck, best wishes, and please stay in touch.
Español: Es una pena que estemos perdiendo a un empleado tan valioso, pero nuestra pérdida es ciertamente la ganancia de su nuevo empleador. Buena suerte, mis mejores deseos, y por favor manténgase en contacto.

If you’re a company owner, here’s a quick message to let your soon-to-be-former employee know they were a valuable member of the team. 

51. Run! And don’t ever look back. You’re so much better than this place could ever be. Wishing you luck—even though you won’t need it.
Español: ¡Corre! Y nunca mires hacia atrás. Eres mucho mejor de lo que este lugar podría ser. Deseándote suerte, aunque no la necesites.

When a job is anything but rosy, make your message plump with praise.

Best Wishes Messages for a Wedding or Bridal Shower

Wondering what to say to the happy couple? Choose anything that speaks from your heart whether it’s a lengthy message or something short and sweet. A Spanish translation is included.

52. When two people as well-suited as you find love and decide to marry, it’s apparent they’ll last. So, here’s to a happy marriage. May it be filled with open minds, hearts full of love, and laughter longer than life. 
Español: Cuando dos personas tan adecuadas como tú encuentran el amor y deciden casarse, es evidente que durarán. Entonces, aquí está un matrimonio feliz. Que esté lleno de mentes abiertas, corazones llenos de amor y risas más largas que la vida. 

In a relationship, there’s not much more you need than grace, love, and that kind of ‘tilt your head back’ laughter.

53. We are so happy for your joy! 
Español: ¡Estamos muy felices por su alegría!

When less is more, choose a short message. Besides, it’s usually the gift people remember, not the card.

54. Blessings and best wishes on your upcoming nuptials. 
Español: Bendiciones y mejores deseos en sus próximas nupcias.

If you’re not sure about the faith of the bride-to-be, you can choose a phrase that’s nondescript.  

55. Happy wishes for the bride-to-be. 
Español: Felices deseos para la futura novia.

eGifts don’t always leave a lot of space for messages. In that case, keep it simple and let the gift speak for you.

56. Best wishes to you both on creating memories that will fill a lifetime. 
Español: Los mejores deseos para ambos en la creación de recuerdos que llenarán toda una vida.

Here’s how to wish the happy couple well as they are about to embark on a lifelong journey filling their life with moments of utter joy and endless days of conversation.

57. May you build a foundation of love to stand the test of time. 
Español: Que construyas una base de amor para resistir la prueba del tiempo.

The beginning of a relationship is where the foundation begins and what the rest of the relationship will rely upon when times are difficult or trying.

Best Wishes Messages for a Birthday

Our communities are expanding, and so are our friend groups. Below, you can look for ways to offer birthday wishes or messages in English and Spanish.

58. Happiest of happy birthday wishes to you today, tomorrow, and throughout your [30th] year! 
Español: ¡El más feliz de los deseos de feliz cumpleaños para usted hoy, mañana y durante todo su [30º] año!

Wording such as this is basic enough to work for any year but genuine enough not to seem so generic.

59. We send birthday wishes to you for a marvelous day, healthy life, and a wonderful year. 
Español: Le enviamos deseos de cumpleaños para un día maravilloso, una vida saludable y un año maravilloso.

You could elaborate a little more using that last message, offering a few additional specifics.

60. May you make room in your heart for love and witness the simple joys. 
Español: Que hagas espacio en tu corazón para el amor y para ser testigo de las alegrías sencillas.

We live in a rush, rush, rush society, so make a wish for someone to slow down, enjoy the day, and enjoy life with loved ones.

61. May you invite time for stillness every morning but create space to smile and laugh out loud. 
Español: Que invites a la quietud todas las mañanas, pero creas espacio para sonreír y reír a carcajadas.

Here’s another way of saying that last message. The difference is that you hope they find an abundance of happiness that makes them really belly laugh.

62. We hope you find time to rest when needed but run amok when no one is looking. 
Español: Esperamos que encuentre tiempo para descansar cuando sea necesario, pero se vuelva loco cuando nadie está mirando. 

Here’s a short birthday message for friends who take self-care and wilderness adventures to a new level. 

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Best Wishes Messages for a Baby Shower

When those newest bundles of joy enter the world, you want the perfect baby shower message to convey your happiness for the new parents. A Spanish translation is also included.

63. Happy, healthy wishes to the newest member about to join your family. 
Español: Felices deseos saludables para el miembro más nuevo a punto de unirse a su familia. 

The baby shower is about getting the new parents ready to welcome that incredible little bundle of joy.

64. May you find joy in the small but rewarding moments in this, your newest and most wonderful journey. 
Español: Que encuentres alegría en los pequeños, pero gratificantes momentos en este, tu viaje más nuevo y maravilloso. 

With a new baby comes some serious stress and many sleepless nights, but so does an immense, rewarding joy.

65. May your [son or daughter] have unsurmountable health and a bright future.  
Español: Que tu [hijo o hija] tenga una salud insuperable y un futuro brillante.  

Wellness and a prosperous future are two things all parents want for their little ones, so couple these wishes with a savings bond and you’ll be right on the mark.

66. Happy wishes to the new parents.
Español: Felices deseos a los nuevos padres.

For a short, simple wish, use the message above.

67. We hope the arrival of your newest little one brings you both pure joy.
Español: Esperamos que la llegada de tu nuevo pequeño os traiga a ambos pura alegría.

Here’s a nice but short little wish for two people who are already parents.

68. Congratulations!  You are going to be the most amazing mom!!!
Español: ¡Felicidades!  ¡¡¡Vas a ser la mamá más increíble!!!

All new parents have reservations or fears about being the best parent possible. Here’s a simple way to reassure them that they’ll do just fine.

Kindness is Free

Being compassionate and insightful regarding someone else's journey is a sure-fire way of paying it forward. Plus, it's super easy to take a moment out of the day to send a quick note to someone who may need to hear those particular words of encouragement.

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