10 Blue Cremation Urn Types for a Loved One’s Ashes


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Choosing an urn involves asking yourself a range of practical questions, such as “How much does an urn cost?” or “Which family members should keep the urn?”

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That said, you’ll also want to make some basic personal decisions during this process. For instance, you might wonder what color is right for an urn that will hold the cremains of a lost loved one or pet.

If they had a favorite color, that’s likely the ideal choice. If not, you may want to consider their interests and overall lifestyle. Maybe they were drawn to experiences and settings we naturally associate with the color blue, such as oceans or the sky.

Consider a blue cremation urn if that’s the case. Of course, once you’ve chosen a color, you still need to choose a specific style of urn. The following are some options to consider.

Blue Cremation Urn Types for Human Ashes

Trying to choose an urn for a loved one can be intimidating simply because there are so many different types of urns from which to choose. That said, when you’ve at least decided on a color, it becomes easier to decide on a style that complements your color choice. For instance, if you’re thinking about getting a blue urn, you may want to select one of these options:

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1. Stained glass urns

Anyone who has ever seen a stained glass window featuring large blue areas knows blue stained glass seems to have both a simultaneously soothing and awe-inspiring effect.

Luckily, if you believe such an effect properly respects the memory of a lost loved one, you can purchase a blue stained glass urn in nearly any common (and sometimes uncommon) design style you might imagine.

2. Blue marble urns

Designers use many different types of materials when creating blue cremation urns. That said, marble is often among the most popular. The appearance of blue marble strikes an ideal balance between looking attractive enough to draw the eye and looking traditional enough that a blue marble urn can naturally fit in with most surroundings.

That may be precisely the type of urn you’re looking for if you plan to display it in your home. Additionally, you can find blue marble urns in plenty of shapes, from traditional jar shapes to more unique, creative urn styles.

3. Hand-blown glass urns

Hand-blown glass urns tend to be remarkably beautiful. The technique artists use to create them results in urns of various unique shapes, many of which feature combinations of striking colors.

A hand-blown urn can feature virtually any color you might imagine. However, this option is particularly appealing if you’re in the market for blue cremation urns. That’s because artists often use a variety of similar colors when making these urns, creating visuals that resemble natural scenes.

Often, these natural scenes may be the types that feature gorgeous combinations of blue shades, such as ocean scenes or starlit nights. This makes blue hand-blown urns ideal for the cremains of someone who admired such scenes in life.

4. Cremation jewelry

It’s worth noting that an urn doesn’t need to be a relatively large object that you keep in one place most of the time. Some people want to know they can take a little piece of a lost loved one with them wherever they go.

If you can relate, you may want to consider blue cremation jewelry, a form of cremation art that has consistently risen in popularity in recent years. With a little bit of research, you’ll find there are many options available to you.

Some are essentially small urns in various shapes that you can wear as necklace pendants. Because popular shapes for these urns include everything from striking teardrops to minimalist small cylinders, blue is often an ideal color for them.

Another blue option is a blue memorial diamond. Eterneva can create blue diamonds from a loved one's ashes or hair, and these one-of-a-kind creations are a gorgeous tribute to life. 

5. Navy blue urns

An urn can serve many purposes. Honoring the legacy of someone who passed on is one of the more significant. It’s not uncommon for people to choose urns that they believe symbolize the virtues the deceased embodied in life.

For example, when choosing an urn for someone who proudly served in the Navy, sometimes families naturally choose a Navy blue urn. These urns commonly feature engravings of Navy emblems as well. Like many of the other items on this list, they’re available in various shapes, sizes, and materials.

6. Biodegradable urns

Many types of biodegradable urns break down in water. Such urns can feature many different colors, but blue is a fairly popular option because disposing of a blue biodegradable urn in a source of water can feel like a symbolic act.

The way the blue color of the urn blends with the blue of ocean water, for instance, can make it seem as though a person who’s passed on is now rejoining the ocean in some way, becoming part of something bigger instead of completely ceasing to exist. 

Are you looking for a blue cremation urn for someone who cared about the environment and absolutely loved spending time in the ocean? Consider disposing of their ashes in this manner if so. 

Blue Cremation Urn Types for Pet Ashes

If you’re not sure what to do with pet ashes, don’t worry. Pets play very important roles in our lives. Thus, it makes sense that you’d want to be certain you chose to store a lost pet’s ashes in a properly respectful manner. These urn ideas may help you achieve that very goal:

7. Traditional urn (with paw prints)

Some popular blue cremation urns for pets come in the traditional shape of a jar. Whether the material is brass ceramic, marble, or any other common urn material, when it’s blue, such an urn often looks quite regal and dignified. You might want to show that degree of respect to a lost pet.

However, while you may want to respect your pet’s dignified nature, you might also want to acknowledge their cute personality with some playful touches. One way to do so is to store their cremains in a traditional blue urn with one distinctly non-traditional feature: a design of paw print shapes “walking” across the urn. This ensures anyone who sees the urn will immediately know it’s for a pet.

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8. Bird urns

Not all pet urns need to be for dogs and cats! Birds are also popular pets, and many times, they sport impressive blue feathers. If you’ve lost such a pet recently, you may want to store their cremains in a blue urn designed to resemble a bird. These come in glass, metal, and various other common materials.

Some can even serve as urn ornaments! You could hang such an urn from the branch of a tree, giving off the impression that your beloved pet’s soul has taken flight.

9. Garden urns

Garden urns can also come in many different shapes. Regardless of which shape appeals to you, whether it’s a basic stone, a statue/sculpture, or anything else appealing, you might consider choosing this type of cremation urn for your pet if they loved spending time relaxing out on the lawn for hours on end.

Additionally, blue is a strong color choice for such an urn, as it will stand out among the greenery just enough to ensure it doesn’t blend in so completely as to be unnoticeable.

If you want to create a unique garden tribute for a loved one or pet, you could create cremation stones with Parting Stone. These solidified-ash pieces are typically white to grey in color, but you could paint them with designs if you want to incorporate the color blue. 

10. Birdbath urns

Blue is a popular color choice for birdbaths in general because we naturally associate the color blue with water. Thus, if you’re looking for another type of urn for the ashes of a pet bird, consider a blue birdbath urn.

This is a way of symbolically accepting the natural cycle of life. Your bird may no longer be alive, but its urn can provide some comfort for those birds that are alive now. Like many other types of unique urns, this urn serves both an emotional and practical purpose, as it will transform a lost pet into a beautiful lawn fixture, which might just be perfect for a bird who once added beauty to your home in another way.

Blue Cremation Urns: Many Options for Many Needs

If you believe a blue cremation urn would be right for the ashes of your loved one or pet, hopefully this guide helped you better understand your options. Blue is a gorgeous choice for an urn, and as these examples prove, it’s versatile enough to perfectly mesh with numerous design styles.

Whether you choose a custom, unique urn from Foreverence that reflects your loved one's favorite color or you go with something ready-made, this is a touching tribute. 

If you're looking for more urn buying options, read our guides on buying urns for ashes and stuffed animal urns.


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