30+ Best Bluegrass Songs for a Funeral


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Bluegrass is known for its infusion of gospel and country sounds. It's a genre of music that touches the hearts of many. It can also bring people together in a way that is both uplifting and spiritual. If you're searching for the perfect bluegrass song to add to your in-person or virtual funeral playlist, then we have a few choices for you. 

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Here, we've compiled some of the best bluegrass songs ranging in tempo and message. If you're struggling to find the right words to say, simply let the music do the talking. Loss and mourning are certainly challenging for many people, and music can bring about comfort and peace in a unique and inspiring way. 

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Bluegrass Funeral Songs for Mom or Dad

Creating a funeral playlist for your mom or dad is a personal experience that requires much care and thought. Here are a few bluegrass songs that may perfectly depict the emotions you are experiencing and the words you want to say about your beloved parents. 

1. "A Mother's Prayer" by Ralph Stanley 

This is one of Ralph Stanley's final songs he ever recorded. It is a beloved bluegrass song that will touch the heart of anybody who has lost their mother. 

2. "What a Day That Will Be" by The Gospel Plowboys

This bluegrass song merges with gospel to express that death is only a reunion with Jesus. It's a beautiful song that is an excellent addition to a funeral song playlist. 

3. "I Heard My Mother Call My Name in Prayer" by New-Grace Bluegrass Gospel 

Prayer can be one of the most powerful things a mother does for their child. This song exemplifies the love and care that a mother shows for her children, all the days of her life. 

4. "Memories of Mother and Dad" by Reno and Sheila McCormick 

True to Bluegrass, this song has plenty of stringed instruments. Coupled with lyrics full of family memories, this song will speak to those mourning the loss of a parent. 

5. "Mother's Not Dead She's Only Sleeping" by Ricky Skaggs

This beautiful and touching song will resonate with those coping with the loss of their mother. It’s a precious way to view death and dying that may help you ease into the reality of losing your mom. 

6. "I Have No Mother Now" by Coon Creek Girls 

This song is about loss, yearning, and acceptance. It's a moving song that discusses how one day you will meet again in heaven. It’s a bit of a sad song, but it may be just what you need to hear as you lay their mother to rest. 

7. "Hallelujah, I’m Ready" by Wanda Vick

Wanda Vick is bluegrass through and through. This is one of the best uplifting funeral songs to add to your playlist and does not include any words, only music. 

8. "Looking for the Stone" by Ralph Stanley 

Said to be the best voice in bluegrass, Ralph Stanley delivers on "Looking for the Stone." If you love the sound of the banjo, then you'll want to add this to a playlist. 

9. "You're Drifting Away" by The Rice Brothers

This duet is powerful, moving, and a little more muted in comparison to other bluegrass songs. The song focuses on letting go of someone when it's their time. 

10. "Where the Soul Never Dies" by Craig Duncan 

Some people take comfort in knowing that when a person dies, they aren't really gone because the soul lives forever. This song is the perfect reminder of that. 

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Old and Traditional Bluegrass Funeral Songs 

There's nothing quite like the sound of traditional bluegrass. If you prefer the older songs, then you'll appreciate the collection of timeless tunes we've gathered here. They each hold a piece of history and offer their own unique level of comfort to those who listen. 

11. "Down to the River to Pray" by Alison Krauss 

"Down to the River to Pray" is one of the oldest bluegrass songs. While there are many renditions of this song, Alison's voice delivers one of the most beautiful. 

12. "Some Old Day" by Flatt and Scruggs 

This is a song about remembrance that can translate well as a bluegrass funeral song. It’s a nice message that may be the ideal addition to your funeral playlist. 

13. "High on a Mountain" by The Dixie Pals 

"High on a Mountain" is a timeless song that is loved by many. It is not uncommon for this song to be played at funerals as a way to say goodbye to a person that you dearly love. 

14. "Going Across the Sea" by Bill Monroe 

Many people view death as only taking a trip somewhere else. Bill Monroe delivers this powerful message in this moving bluegrass classic. 

15. "I Saw the Light" by Bill Monroe 

Hope, faith, and love often help people through the mourning process. This song is about all of those things and is a wonderful addition to a memorial service

16. "I'll Fly Away" by Albert E. Brumley 

Brumley wrote this song as he picked cotton in a field. It is commonly played in church services and is about moving on to the great beyond. 

17. "Sleep On" by Alison Krauss 

Many people rationalize that death is but only sleeping. This song is about letting go and saying goodbye to a dear loved one. 

18. "Your Love is Like a Flower" by Flatt and Scruggs 

Written in 1957, this song is a beautiful reminder of what a person can mean to us throughout our lifetime. It makes an excellent funeral song because it is a way to pay tribute to how a person impacted your life. 

19. "Sweet By and By" by Big Cypress 

This age-old song has been redone time and time again. Its message is clear: what awaits us when we pass on is much more amazing than what we have on earth. 

20. "Sweet Hour of Prayer" by Bluegrass Cardinals

This religion-infused bluegrass song is a popular favorite of many. It allows you to take a moment to reflect and remember a loved one who is no longer here. 

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Modern Bluegrass Funeral Songs

Bluegrass is a longstanding genre, but today’s bluegrass hits just as strong. If you prefer this sound, then there are several songs to choose from. While the original meaning of the song may not be about death or losing a loved one, in the right context, they can speak to the heart of a mourner. 

21. "Can't You Hear Me Callin'" by Del McCoury 

Del McCoury delivers a wonderful tune that is about remembrance of someone near and dear to you. 

22. "Gotta Travel On" by The Greenbriar Boys 

Sometimes, death is viewed as a journey to another life. This song serves as a reminder that death can be peaceful. 

24. "Moon Man" by The Infamous Stringdusters 

Considered one of the best modern bluegrass songs, "Moon Man" is a terrific addition to a funeral playlist. 

25. "I'd Rather Die Young" by Doyle Lawson 

This song may be appropriate for some funerals where a younger person passes away. Of course, you'll want to consider the overall tone of the message. 

26. "I'll Stay Around" by Ricky Skaggs 

When the people we love pass away, it's nice to remember they are always here in spirit. This song is a beautiful reminder of just that. 

27. "Ramblin' on My Mind" by Front Range 

For the free spirit in your life, this may be the perfect funeral song when they pass away. It's about living life to the fullest and never staying anywhere for too long. 

28. "Lay Me to Rest" by Kenny Smith

This is a beautifully written song that takes a peaceful and accepting approach to death and dying. 

29. "When You Go Out Walking" by Lonesome River Band

There are moments when memories will creep into your thoughts. This song is a great way to remember to cherish your memories of loved ones who have passed on. 

30. "Turn the Page Again" by Tim O'Brien 

This song is about moving forward and doing what comes next in your life. This may be a great message to include in a funeral to help those left behind know that it's okay to continue on while remembering a loved one lost. 

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Songs Say What Words Can't 

The playlist at a funeral can transform the atmosphere and help people cope with the loss of a loved one. Whether you are searching for an uplifting funeral song, something that memorializes the passing of someone close to you, or something completely different—there is likely a perfect song to convey those feelings. 

Choosing a song that means something to you and the person who has passed can be an immense help in the grieving process. If you're looking for more recommendations, check out our guides to the best country songs for a funeral, the best country songs about death, and the best country songs about missing someone.

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