28 Best Bob Seger Songs for a Funeral


We’ve compiled a heady list of the best funeral songs from Bob Seger. Most of his songs could be used by just about anyone, but a few have more profound meaning that’s important to put into context. We’ve explained some of those little details here.

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Scroll down for songs spanning different tempos and genres. This list includes some of Seger’s most well-known works, including some surprising songs you probably haven’t heard yet. 

Sad or Sorrowful Bob Seger Songs for a Funeral

Seger’s sad songs incorporate themes of struggle, relationship troubles, old friendships, and finding unexpected love.

1. “Against the Wind” from Against the Wind

Bob Seger’s iconic song reminds us of the kinds of things that hold a person back, keep them down, and prevent them from succeeding. 

You might find it helpful if you’re planning a memorial service for anyone who managed to get up every time and dust themselves off time and again.

2. “Still the Same” from Stranger in Town

Of “Still the Same,” Bob Seger has said that the type of person he’s singing about is often attractive in that charismatic sense. Even so, people seem to be attracted to them despite their many and apparent faults.

3. “Somewhere Tonight” from Like a Rock

Perhaps the saddest song Bob Seger has ever written is “Somewhere Tonight,” a song about a relationship past repair. You can visualize any similar loss in the lyrics about winds slipping down from the north, summer birds leaving, and lakes soon to be freezing.

4. “Mainstreet” from Night Moves

From a working-class beginning comes Seger’s “Mainstreet.” It’s full of that coming-of-age idealism hidden inside a world of nostalgia. 

Play it for that friend who goes way back—the one who’s been at your side for as long as you can remember.

5. “We’ve Got Tonight” from Stranger in Town

“We’ve Got Tonight” will work for that relationship that came later in life—perhaps after a long road of looking, struggling, and scraping at the bits. 

It’ll make one of the best funeral songs if you both found that special someone who filled your heart and your nights.

6. “Gone” from Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man

“Gone” is from Seger’s back catalog of work. And if you don’t follow his old stuff, you might have easily missed this one. But beyond just being altogether gloomy, you’re going to get some visuals on this one, too, one flashback at a time. 

7. “Living Inside My Heart” from Like a Rock

From the film soundtrack About Last Night comes “Living Inside My Heart.” It’s a song about changing your ideas and mindset to welcome someone unexpected into your life. 

You’ll find out that love is one of those authentic acts of courage because we all lose somebody.

8. “Always in My Heart” from The Fire Inside

Take a listen, and you’ll quickly discover why this song works for a funeral slideshow. These few lines say it all: “When you’re standing at the window, with the moonlight in your hair, and you turn and smile my favorite smile, I just have to stop and stare.”

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Uplifting Bob Seger Songs for a Funeral

For uplifting songs, below you’ll find songs about old friendships, unexpected love, love of music, and more.  

9. “I Knew You When” from I Knew You When

Although it’s not a raucous song, “I Knew You When” is nonetheless uplifting. 

Play it for that friend you knew long before they were successful and before the wind caught their feet. Be grateful for a time and memory when life was young and fresh.

10. “The Real Love” from The Fire Inside

Seger’s song isn’t just about love. It’s about gratitude, hope, and the promise to prove oneself to another.

It’ll work for that relationship that may have come late in life—or unexpectedly. 

11. “Old Time Rock & Roll” from Stranger in Town

To call “Old Time Rock and Roll” uplifting is an understatement. It’ll work for that lost loved one who preferred vinyl records, disliked anything disco or tango, and lived contentedly inside anything old-time and rock and roll. 

12. “Night Moves” from Night Moves

Though “Night Moves” is a little racy, it remarks on those years when alleyway and backseat meet-ups were the teenage norm. 

Seger later said of the song that it was based on actual events—with some additional liberties taken to make it into the well-loved song it is to this day.

13. “American Storm” from Like a Rock

“American Storm” feels very much like a patriotic anthem, though its lyrics would suggest something else. 

However, the song is upbeat and drives a good feeling for anyone listening.

14. “New Coat of Paint” from The Fire Inside

For something on the bluesy side, check out “New Coat of Paint.” While it may have more hip swing than most funeral songs, it’s also got a storyline that’ll remind you of your loved one’s playful side.

15. “The Fire Inside” from The Fire Inside

Some people keep moving, looking, and searching for that person that’ll make their life complete. 

As far as rock funeral songs go, others will take with them the idea that no matter how many times they get knocked back or turned around, quitting isn’t an option.

16. “Detroit Made” from Ride Out

This is Seger’s ode to the Buick Electra 225, the longest four-door hardtop that General Motors ever built. It was large, plush, and chromed out with a die-cast front grille. Anyone who loves the ever-dominating Detroit-made steel will appreciate this song.

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Bob Seger Songs for a Parent’s Funeral

When choosing a Bob Seger song for your parents, topics range from strength and selflessness to passion and honesty.

17. “Like a Rock” from Greatest Hits

“Like a Rock” works for that parent who was more than confident in their ways. They were unbreakable. 

It’s indispensable for a child to have a parent like that because you know they can handle it and get you through to the other side no matter what happens.

18. “Turn the Page” from Back in ‘72

Parents do any number of things for their children and families that are difficult. Maybe your parent was a long hauler, someone who drove ceaselessly, racking up the long miles before making it home to your football game or for Christmas. If so, this song is for them.

19. “Fortunate Son” from Like a Rock

Bob Seger sings the Creedence Clearwater Revival original, paying homage to its original posture but adding some Detroit-born artistry in a live performance.

Play it for that parent who was passionate, strong, and maybe a little defiant.

20. “Rock and Roll Never Forgets” from Night Moves

Seger wrote this song in gratitude for all those who followed him up the ladder of success. He understood that, like him, they were no longer sixteen but still had a love and passion for his style of music. 

So, it’ll work for that parent who stayed true to all things rock and roll.

21. “The Highway” from I Knew You When

“The Highway” feels like the end was coming a long time ago—due to the person’s life being filled with rough and tumble days. 

And yet, there’s also a strength to knowing when it’s your turn to take control by leaving.

22. “Busload of Faith” from I Knew You When

If you’re looking for the song that sums up a parent's reliability with a ripe amount of sarcasm, then “Busload of Faith” fits the bill.

Play it for that mom or dad who could not help their sarcasm or its truth.

23. “Shame on the Moon” from The Distance

According to the “Shame on the Moon” writer, there’s a lot that a man won’t say or share. Men are often silent about the things that bother them, but they’ll confide in their partner.

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Bob Seger Songs for a Child or Adult Child’s Funeral

Bob Seger’s songs are primarily suitable for adult children, with just one exception.

24. “The Little Drummer Boy” from A Very Special Christmas

“The Little Drummer Boy,” a Christmas song, tells the tale of a young, poor drummer boy summoned to play at the birth of Christ. 

This version isn’t much of a stretch to play at a funeral, given that your little one has been called home during the holidays.

25. “In Your Time” from Greatest Hits

If you’re searching for an inspiring song to play at our son or nephew’s funeral, consider “In Your Time.” It defines how young people feel about life, how carefree they run through youth.

26. “Fire Lake” from Against the Wind

“Fire Lake” is many things, but it’s also about that one person who practically tripped to say yes to all adventures. 

Play it for that wild child. The one who maxed out limits, taking challenges as readily as they came.

27. “Comin’ Home” from The Distance

“Comin’ Home” tells the story of someone who ventures off on their own to try life outside of their hometown. 

They find there’s a lot of heartbreak and failures, but instead of admitting they lost their way, they just say they’re coming home.

It’ll work as a funeral song for your son or nephew.

28. “I’ll Remember You” from I Knew You When

Seger’s “I’ll Remember You” works as a funeral song for an adult child even with its use of the word “babe.” It’s just too heartfelt to think of it any other way.

Funeral Songs Inspired by Bob Seger

For most of us, when we imagine the typical Bob Seger song, it’s something with a strong enough beat to bring the house down. But surprisingly, his catalog of work offers some surprising pieces that will bring some inspiration and hope when needed most.

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