How to Cancel Boost Mobile Service for You or a Loved One


We know that some of you would rather have a root canal than contact your cell phone provider’s customer service department. We get it. 

While we mean no offense to people working in that industry, the process of opening, changing, or closing a cell phone account is long and tedious. The customer service department has to be knowledgeable about the technical side of cell phone service as well as the financial and legal aspects of opening and closing an account.  

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Boost Mobile is owned by Dish Network and runs on the same network as T-Mobile. The company originated in Australia in 2000. 

If you wish to cancel a Boost Mobile account for yourself or your loved one, we would like to assist you with the process. Our goal is to save you time on closing your account. We hope this helps. 

How to Cancel Your Own Boost Mobile Service

Are you ready to sever ties with Boost Mobile? Since Boost doesn’t make customers sign annual service contracts, it should be no problem to switch companies. Here are some things to consider as you begin the process.

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Step 1: Research providers in your area 

Most of us wouldn’t quit our jobs without having first acquired a new one. The same thing goes for firing your cell phone service provider. 

If you want to keep your current cell phone number, you shouldn’t cancel your service with Boost Mobile before opening an account with another company. This is because your new cell phone provider may be able to port your old number over to their system. However, if you want a fresh start and a new number, you don’t have to worry about the order you complete the process.

Additionally, you might consider doing a quick reality check to determine if Boost Mobile’s competitors are better for your situation. Boost Mobile requires no service contracts. You might find a cheaper company, but you may not have as good of coverage as you had with Boost. 

If you wish to keep your current cell phone number, and you are sure you are ready to cancel your Boost Mobile service, go on to step two.

Step 2: Back up the data on your current phone

Whether or not you plan to use your current phone with your new service, it’s a good idea to back up the data. You don’t want to lose your photos and contacts during the transfer process. 

Step 3: Go to the storefront or kiosk of your new cell phone service provider.

If you plan to transfer your phone number from your Boost Mobile device to a new provider, take an unlocked phone to the new company. Alternatively, you can purchase a new phone with the new cell phone provider, often at a discount for signing up as a new customer. 

The new company’s customer service representatives will work with Boost to make the transfer happen. 

Step 4: Call Boost Mobile

Do you want to make sure your account is officially closed? Or perhaps you would like to see if Boost can lower your monthly bill, which would keep you from closing your account. Call the company’s customer service team at 1-866-402-7366.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for all charges incurred prior to deactivating your service. It doesn’t matter if your service is terminated before the end of your invoicing cycle. You won’t receive a refund for any unused services. You might consider canceling service at the end of your billing cycle.

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How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Boost Mobile Service

If you recently lost a loved one, we are sorry for your loss. We know that canceling your loved one’s cell phone service may not be at the top of the list of things to do when someone dies. However, your loved one’s credit or debit card may be automatically charged at the beginning of the next billing cycle if you don’t contact the company.

The process of canceling your loved one’s Boost Mobile services should be pretty painless since there are no contracts. The only complication that may arise is if your loved one was enrolled in a payment plan for their device.

Here are the steps of canceling your deceased loved one’s Boost Mobile service.

Step 1: Contact Boost Mobile’s customer service department

Boost Mobile’s customer service phone number is 866-402-7366. The line will be answered Monday through Friday from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. PST and on Saturday and Sunday from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST.

Explain that your loved one is no longer living. Since there are no contracts with Boost Mobile, you will not be required to provide a death certificate to the company.

Boost Mobile has an online chat feature available on the website, but you aren’t able to utilize this service unless you log into your loved one’s account. If you’re able to access their account, you can cancel their service using this approach. 

You can also visit a Boost Mobile storefront or kiosk to cancel your loved one’s account.

Step 2: Cease payment

Another simple way to cancel your loved one’s Boost Mobile account is to cease payments. Since Boost Mobile is a prepaid service, the service will end when the company doesn’t receive money.

Frequently Asked Questions: Canceling Boost Mobile Service

Terminating the Boost Mobile service of your deceased loved one should be relatively straightforward, especially since you aren’t required to obtain a death certificate or other documents to complete the process. Still, here are some questions you might have about the process. 

Does Boost Mobile require a termination fee to cancel your service?

Since Boost Mobile doesn’t have contracts, they do not require a termination fee to cancel your service. 

As you consider what company to give your business to, you might do a bit of research on cell phone contracts and death

What do you need in order to cancel a Boost Mobile service for a deceased loved one?

Call Boost Mobile’s Customer Service team for assistance in canceling your deceased loved one’s services. You will need to know your loved one’s phone number or account number. 

The phone number is 866-402-7366. Expect long wait times, so make the call when you have some time to spare. 

Can you cancel your Boost Mobile service online?

Yes. Log into your account with Boost Mobile to make any changes to your plan. Boost Mobile’s website, however, encourages you to cancel your account by calling their customer service line, instead. If you go this route, you will probably hear a sales pitch on why you should keep your service with the company.

Calling a company and threatening to cancel may be helpful if you wish to lower your monthly bills. A savvy customer service operator will find a new plan that will allow you to save a few bucks per month. It’s a worthwhile tactic to keep a customer. 

Other Executor Duties to Consider

Canceling a deceased person’s cell phone account doesn’t have to be completed by the executor of the estate, but the task often falls to that person. One of the responsibilities of the executor is to pay the debts of the estate. However, since Boost Mobile is a prepaid service, it’s one account that should be free and clear.

If you need assistance with your duties, consider contacting an estate attorney to help you with the process. The attorney fees will be paid by the estate, and the headache of paying off accounts will be removed from your plate. 

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