8 Popular Types of Brass Urns Explained


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When a family member or other loved one dies, there are a lot of practical matters their next of kin must deal with. Do they have any end-of-life plans in place? Are they being buried or cremated? If they are being cremated, what kinds of urns for ashes are available? What materials are best when you’re shopping for urns? And for that matter, how much does an urn cost

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Here, we’ll help demystify that process a little bit as we talk about brass urns. We’ll talk about why people are drawn to them and what they can cost. We’ll also talk about the different styles of brass urns you can get for people and pets alike. 

What is a Brass Urn for Ashes?

Brass is a lightweight metal alloy made of a combination of copper and zinc. When polished, it has a burnished gold color. Urns can be made of all kinds of metal, but brass is probably the most popular choice.

Brass is soft enough that it can be easily worked with and customized. Artisans can etch beautiful, intricate designs into it. Because it’s so easy to work with it, it’s readily available and can be surprisingly inexpensive. Prices tend to range from $60 to $300 depending on different customization options. 

Brass is long-lasting and durable so brass urns can serve as a beautiful memorial that lasts over the years. And because it is so beautiful, many people gravitate towards it for aesthetic purposes as well. Brass is also a popular choice because of its versatility. It can also be further strengthened by adding metals like pewter or bronze. It can also be coated in paint or enamel for more customization opportunities.  

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Different Types of Brass Urns for Human Ashes

When people we love die, we want to honor them in the best way we can. Part of the reason the funeral industry is so big is that we want to send our loved ones off the best way we can. A big aspect of that is selecting the vessel that will serve as their final resting place.

Brass urns have a stately elegance to them that makes them a popular choice for people looking to store ashes. 

1. Sleek and simple traditional brass urn

Many people gravitate towards metal urns because of their sleek and simple lines. If your decor taste trends towards modern, a shiny and smooth brass urn will fit your decor.

It can be equally at home with someone who has a more formal or traditional style. It’s elegant, but also subtle. 

2. Teardrop-shaped brass urn

If you want something a little different than a traditional vase-shaped urn, you can opt to get creative when it comes to shaping. Because brass is fairly malleable, you can find brass urns in different shapes.

One popular silhouette is a teardrop shape. It pays homage to the somber nature of the vessel in a fairly subtle way. They come in all kinds of colors and include engravings. This means they’re highly customizable, too.

3. Engraved decorative brass urn

Because brass is so durable, it’s not difficult to find vintage brass urns from bygone eras. Many of these urns feature intricate and elegant engravings.

Art deco urns from the 1920s, for example, might feature complex and gorgeous engravings. It’s best to buy new urns so you can be sure they will seal adequately. But you can buy urns that are distressed and engraved to look deliberately vintage.   

4. Long stem rose brass urn

All of the urns we’ve talked about so far are full-sized. But there is a need for smaller urns, too.

For instance, if the deceased had several family members, they may all want a portion of their loved one’s ashes. Some people might want to keep them in cremation jewelry or have them transformed into a cremation diamond. Others might want the ashes incorporated into a glass sculpture. And others would like to keep the ashes in a smaller version of an urn.

One style of urn for a small amount of ashes is one shaped like a long-stemmed rose. It’s made out of brass, with lovely engravings on the stem and petals. The petals can come in different colors which lends itself to customization, and messages can be engraved on the urn. It makes for a sweet and lovely brass keepsake urn.

Types of Brass Urns for Pet Ashes

Pets are more than just companion animals. They can become members of our own family. When they die, we want to honor them the same way we would any other family member. So we often will pick out special or custom cremation urns for their ashes. Brass is a popular choice for pet cremation urns.

They can be customized with information about your pet. And they are relatively inexpensive despite their high-end look. Here are some urns made from brass to help you honor a beloved family pet. 

5. Pawprint pet urn

One of the best ways to differentiate a pet urn from a person urn is by incorporating some kind of pet iconography. You can get a traditional brass urn with pet prints engraved in the side.

Many people will opt to do two-toned metals in this style. So the urn itself might have a silvery cast to it, but the footprints themselves would be more of a gold color. The style of these cremation urns is often quite sleek and understated. The paw prints add just a touch of whimsy to the design. 

6. Cremation urn statue with brass base

Many people gravitate towards creative urns to honor their pets. One way to do this is to commission a statue made in your pet’s likeness. This can be incorporated into an urn.

The way this usually works is that there is a box at the base where the ashes go. This can be made out of many materials, including wood or brass. Even if you opt for wood, you can still affix brass plaques to it with the name of your pet inscribed on it.

They can also feature a memorial quote and the dates your pet was alive. The statue can then be affixed to the top of the pedestal base where the ashes lie. Many artists on sites like Etsy will sculpt a statue based on photos of your pet. These can be hand sculpted from clay. They are often also made from resin poured into a mold. While this part of the urn isn’t made of brass, it can be painted and finished to have that brass look to it.  

Foreverence also specializes in cremation urns that suit your pet or loved one's particular personality and interests. By creating a personalized cremation urn, you have something to hold onto for generations to come. 

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7. Brass urn with matching cremation jewelry

For some pet owners, their pet was like an extension of themselves. Their pet may have constantly been by their side or on their lap. Being physically apart from them can be quite emotionally challenging. In this case, cremation jewelry can come in handy. It allows you to keep a small portion of your pet’s ashes literally close to your heart.

One of the most popular types of cremation jewelry is known as a memorial diamond. This is when you transform ashes or hair into a stunning, personalized diamond in honor of your loved one. Eterneva specializes in making one-of-a-kind, gorgeous memorial diamonds in all shapes, colors, and sizes. 

You can commission a brass cremation urn to come with a matching necklace. The necklace can have a small cylindrical vial to keep a small portion of ashes in. This vial can be made out of brass with the same finish of the urn. When you’re home, you’ll be able to look at the urn and remember your pet. And when you’re out and about, you can carry a little piece of them with you. 

8. Engraved pet wall plaque urn

Sometimes people are wary of buying urns for cremation ashes. They worry that they could get knocked over and spill. This can be solved by getting a high quality sealed urn. But a wall urn is also a way around it. Wall urns can be disguised to look like art. Or they can feature a brass memorial plaque on the front so it’s clear the urn is a tribute.

Because brass is such a soft alloy, it’s easy to get it engraved. You can get a portrait of your pet etched onto it. Or it can feature your pet’s name and a memorial quote. You can get a wooden wall plaque urn with brass mounted to the face. But if you want a sleek and modern look, get the whole urn in brass. 

Different Kinds of Brass Urns for Cremation Ashes

Caskets and cremation urns can often be pretty pricey. People are willing to spend a little extra money to ensure their loved one’s final resting place is worthy of them. Brass urns for ashes often have a high end and expensive look to them. They are endlessly customizable.

But despite their elegance and versatility, they are still reasonably affordable. If you want something elevated in taste but you’re on a budget, brass urns are an excellent option to explore.

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