20 Popular Bucket List Apps (Free or Low-Cost)


What do you want to accomplish before you die? A bucket list is a must-do list of things you want to do before your time is up. There are endless bucket list ideas to choose from, and it can be hard to get started. Luckily, it’s never been easier to take your bucket list on the go with popular bucket list apps. 

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Whether you’re creating a list of things you’re hoping to accomplish this year or within a lifetime, a bucket list is an inspiring way to push yourself. While these used to be handwritten in a journal, on a bulletin board, or in a notebook, the digital age means things are changing. Today, you can find a number of bucket list apps to help with living life to the fullest

What are the best bucket list apps to create your own list? These are free or low-cost options to start even the most basic bucket list. If you’re looking to take your to-do list on the go, add as you go, and let inspiration strike at any moment, you need one of these bucket list apps. 

Features to Look for in a Bucket List App

First, before you download your bucket list app, there are specific features you’ll want to look for. With so many apps to choose from, it’s important to know what’s valuable to you. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to apps and digital tools. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks, so look for these features below to find what’s right for your device:

  • Security: The most important feature for any app you download to a smart device is security. Unfortunately, cybersecurity is a very real concern. You want to make sure your app protects your data as part of your digital legacy
  • Social: Some bucket list apps have social features, like the ability to add contacts, friends, and more. If you want a collaborative list, this is a great idea. 
  • Sharing: Similarly, you might wish to share your checklist on social media, with loved ones, or via text. Consider whether your app has sharing capabilities. 
  • Geography: If you’re creating a travel bucket list, you might wish for the app to include some kind of geography capability, like an interactive map. 
  • Timelines: Though optional, it’s sometimes important to set deadlines for your bucket list items. Does your app choice have the ability to include timelines?
  • Inspiration: Many apps also have inspiration and tools to build your bucket list for specific seasons, goals, and so on. 
  • Reviews: Lastly, make sure your bucket list app has existing reviews. You only want to download trusted apps, especially since you’ll be sharing personal information. 

These features above are far from comprehensive, but they make all the difference. Because your device has access to your personal information and network, you want to make sure you’re using something trustworthy and valuable. 

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Popular Free Bucket List Apps

If you’re wondering how to make a bucket list, you’re in the right place. These popular free bucket list apps below don’t cost a thing. Better yet, they walk you through creating a bucket list at your own pace. 

1. Daylio Tracker and Goals

To begin, Daylio is a free app that’s been trusted by over 10 million users. Daylio helps you create daily mood and activity goals, turning them into stunning charts, stats, and analytics. Easily set goals, check off your accomplishments as you go, and check in daily to keep your app updated. While there is a premium version, Daylio is free to download and use. 

2. Bucket

Next, Bucket is a bucket list app created by real people who value real experiences. This describes itself as the first social media app designed to connect users through experiences. You can find new ideas, share your bucket list stories, and add friends. It’s all about creating goals and accomplishing them together. 

3. Bear Bucket List

A stunning designed app is Bear Bucket List. Known for its attention to detail, this app inspires users to dream bigger. Create your own categories, write them down, and watch them come true. With beautiful, cartoonish designs, you’ll wonder if the sky is your only limit. 

4. Goal Setting Tracking Planner

Next, Goal Setting Tracking Planner is a free app that has top ratings. Set your most significant goals, create a daily plan, and track things regularly. As you see your progress, you’ll be inspired to push even further. Perfect for personal and professional goals, you can use this app on your phone, iPad, or another smart device. 

5. Visited: Map Where I’ve Been

The world is yours to discover. On the Visited app, you’re encouraged to map everywhere you’ve been. Perfect for compiling your own travel stats, create your own travel bucket list here. Not only can you watch your map grow, but you can also explore unseen destinations. 

6. Accomplish

What if everything you wanted to accomplish was all in one place? Accomplish is the app for all of your “want-to-do” things in life. Build your unique bucket list, add your “why’s,” and view motivational pep talks along the way. Though there is a premium version, you can build your unique bucket list for free. 

7. EnVision

Next, a vision board is a visual version of a bucket list. Though you can create one as a craft, you can also make a digital board with the EnVision app. Try the app for free, creating a vision board designed to suit the life you desire most. Also known as a dream board, why not strive for more?

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8. Visuapp Vision Board

Similarly, the Visuapp Vision Board app combines a dream board with a gratitude journal. Practicing gratitude and mindfulness is the perfect way to focus on your dreams. You can set up reminders for meditations, goals, and journaling. Free for both iPhones and iPads, this is a great bucket list app. 

Popular Low-Cost Bucket List Apps

While there are great free apps, some require paid upgrades. Luckily, these popular bucket list apps are affordable no matter your budget. Take your bucket lists to the next level. 

9. Life Listr

First, Life Listr is a paid app that walks you through your most important lists. Define your goals, adding action steps along the way. Next, Life Listr encourages you to take real action with regular reminders. Set your “focus” goals to keep things on track. Instead of letting life pass you by, design your perfect list. 

10. Strides: Goal and Habit Tracker

Recommended by the New York Times, Strides is one of the most well-known and trusted habit-building bucket list apps. If you’ve struggled to accomplish your goals, this app is for you. Though there is a free version available, the premium subscription is well worth it. Set smart goals, track your progress, and analyze your data.

11. Productive 

This daily habit tracker app is a way to build a personal plan for your own life. Productive is free to use, though there are paid upgrades to make the experience more worthwhile. With over nine million users, it’s easy to see how this habit manager app can truly be life-changing.  

12. Tally

Designed to help with your financial bucket list goals, Tally encourages you to start saving no matter where you are today. Whether you’re planning for a trip or trying to live debt-free, Tally+ is a low-cost subscription designed to help you work smarter not harder. Get started in minutes and get rewarded for staying on top of your goals. 

13. Tangerine

Tangerine is your digital guide to self care and ongoing help. Taking care of yourself isn’t always easy, especially if you’re trying to accomplish your goals. It starts with putting yourself first. By tracking your habits through Tangerine, you can set real goals, make progress, and grow as a person. 

14. Remente

Similarly, Remente is the mental wellbeing platform for both businesses and individuals. Voted the best app of 2020, Remente guides you through your bucket list every step of the way. Set productivity and mental wellness goals, increasing your motivation with psychologically proactive tools. 

15. Flora

Lastly, known as the best way to stay off your phone, Flora is all about focus and mindfulness. When you set habits and work towards your goals (offline), your digital forest grows. Over time, you create a gorgeous garden full of your accomplishments. 

Popular Bucket List Apps for Your PC or Mac

Finally, there are also bucket list apps you can use on your PC or Mac. This is useful if you need more comprehensive tools, or if you want to do planning on a larger screen. Many of these also have smartphone apps for additional tools. 

16. Notion

Notion is a free online tool that helps you set goals, create trackers, and journal on the go. This can be used for both personal and professional goals, and it’s free to get started. There’s a computer app, mobile app, and tablet app, giving you the freedom to take your plans everywhere. 

17. Todoist App

Another well-known toll is Todoist. This is available for both mobile and desktop, helping you free up your mental space no matter where you go. If you’re struggling with mindfulness, worry, and anxiety, Todoist gets all of that chaos out of your brain so you can stay focused. With a premium membership, learn from your daily goals, creating real progress. 

18. Friday

Friday is a popular tool amongst businesses, but anyone can use it. Designed to help you set actionable goals, you can easily assign specific people to get things done. Check things off as you go, making sure everyone knows about your progress in real-time. This is your virtual headquarters that always comes with you.

19. Plan

For those who like to have an organized approach to planning and making bucket lists, Plan is for you. Save all of your tasks, work, and goals in a single place. Easily integrate your calendar, email, and more to keep all of your things together and organized without the hassle. This time-saving app is something you’ll wish you had sooner. 

20. Buckil

Lastly, Buckil is a digital tool that helps you live your best life no matter your goals. Easily create free bucket lists online, plan your goals, and share with loved ones. This is an easy digital app to highlight your important goals in a single place. 

Create Your Digital Bucket LIst

As you can see, there has never been a better time to make your bucket list digital. Whether you’re planning your next travel destinations or working on professional goals, there’s a tool for you. While a paper planner is valuable, it’s not for everyone. These apps above are flexible, inspiring, and designed to help you achieve more. 

If you’re ready to create your own bucket list, take the first step today. Writing things down might seem small, but it helps keep you accountable for your goals. What are you waiting for?


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