30 Wyoming Bucket List Ideas, Food & Outdoor Activities


To explore real nature and culture, you sometimes have to veer off the beaten path. Wyoming embodies all things open roads, natural spaces, and adventure. Though not the most glamorous destination, Wyoming has more than meets the eye. With impressive ski resorts, sky-high rock formations, and some of the most well-known national parks in the country, a Wyoming bucket list is a must. 

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Any bucket list across the US wouldn’t be complete without this unexplored frontier. You’ll see why so many Old West movies feature Wyoming, perfect for unlocking the inner cowboy or cowgirl in all of us. Still, you don't have to be a gun-slinging outlaw to add Wyoming to your travel bucket list. In this guide, we’ll share the top Wyoming bucket list ideas, including adventures, food, and outdoor activities. 

Unique Wyoming Bucket List Destinations

First, why not explore some of the lesser-known parts of Wyoming? These destinations below are unique to the Wyoming experience, guaranteeing a special kind of adventure. 

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1. See the famous Hole-in-the-Wall

One of the most famous sights in Wyoming is the infamous Hole-in-the-Wall. Located in Johnson County, this was once a famous hideout for outlaws. Hell-raisers like Jesse James and the Logan Brothers once hid in these hills, and you can still visit today. 

2. Travel back in time at Eden Valley

If you want to get lost in a historical town, head to Eden Valley. This area was populated by Native Americans and fur traders before the arrival of the first pioneers in the 1800s, and much of its early history is still alive today.

3. See the famous Smith Mansion

Within the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park, you’ll find a forgotten mansion. Known as Smith Mansion, this was constructed in the 1970s, though the owner was never quite satisfied. Today, you can take in the supposedly haunted views of this work-in-progress. 

4. Explore Buffalo Bill’s original settlement

For a uniquely Wyoming experience, visit Old Trail Town. Made up of historical buildings dating back to the 19th century, everything here lies within 150 miles of Buffalo Bill’s original settlement. 

5. Experience history at the Occidental Hotel

Founded in 1880, the historic Occidental Hotel brings you back to the days of the Old West. Located near the Bozeman Trail, it’s associated with famous figures like Theodore Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, and Buffalo Bill himself. 

Outdoor, Hikes, and Camping Bucket List Ideas in Wyoming

Next, it wouldn’t be a trip out west without the great outdoors. These outdoor hikes, camping trips, and excursions are a must-do in Wyoming no matter your experience level. 

6. Hike to Goodwin Lake Trail, Jackson, Wyoming

Located within the Gros Ventre Range in the Grand Teton National Park, this six-mile loop is perfect for anyone who wants to take in a stunning alpine lake. Not too challenging, this is a good hike for the whole family. 

7. Challenge yourself to Crazy Woman Canyon

If you’re up for something more challenging, take on the Crazy Woman Canyon. This trail is close to Buffalo, and it used to be part of the Bozeman Trail in the gold rush era. The chasm is full of fallen boulders, so this is a more complicated hike for experienced outdoorsmen. 

8. See Old Faithful

It wouldn’t be a trip to Wyoming without experiencing Yellowstone National Park. While there, make sure you catch sight of Old Faithful, a cone geyser that erupts every hour or so.

9. Go horseback riding

Another must-do outdoor activity in Wyoming is horseback riding. This is how the original explorers discovered the land, and it’s the best way to soak up the sights. One of the best spots to horseback ride is near Jackson at the A-OK Corral. 

10. Spot wildlife in Grand Teton National Park

If you want to see Wyoming’s abundant wildlife up close, visit Grand Teton National Park. With over 3,000 species of birds and 60 mammals, you’ll find a lot of unique creatures here. 

Spring and Summer Bucket List Ideas in Wyoming

One of the best times to visit Wyoming is during the spring and summer. As the weather gets warmer, everything seems to be in full bloom at these destinations below. 

11. Greybull’s Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting

Close to a former center for aerial firefighting, this is a place to see some of the coolest aircraft up close. Visitors learn about how aerial firefighting systems develop over time, from the smallest plans to the largest modern tankers. 

12. Cool off at the Star Plunge Water Park

For something fun for all ages, visit the Star Plunge Water Park. This year-round attraction has both indoor and outdoor pools. One of the highlights is the “vapor cave,” a natural mountain sauna. 

13. Day trip to Mormon Row Historic District

Located in the Grand Teton National Park, Mormon Row has six different homestead complexes. Established by early Mormon settlers, here you can see how farming worked in the early 20th century. 

14. Dig for bones at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center

One of the only dinosaur centers in the country located within an excavation site, at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, you can see more than 30 mountain dinosaur skeletons up close. While there, make sure you say hello to “Jimbo,” the resident supersaurus. 

15. Picnic at Fossil Butte National Monument

Speaking of fossils, another great way to spend a summer day is with a picnic at Fossil Butte National Monument. This 8,000-acre land was created to preserve the paleontological history of this region. 

Fall and Winter Bucket List Ideas in Wyoming

When the weather gets chilly, Wyoming continues to come alive. In fact, some of the best parts of Wyoming are experiences you should have in the fall or winter!

16. Warm up at Aladdin General Store

Selling just about anything you might expect to find at a general store, Aladdin General Store has been operated for over a hundred years. Throughout that time, it hasn’t changed much, so soak up the history. 

17. Ski at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Named one of the best ski destinations in the country, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is the place to be when the weather gets cold. With the best views of the Teton Range, this is perfect for skiers of all levels. 

18. Learn at the National Museum of Wildlife Art

Located within the National Elk Refuge, here you can discover over 5,000 pieces of art depicting wild animals from across the globe. Take the outside loop for even more to discover. 

19. Explore the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Comprising five different museum buildings and a research library, this is the best way to spend a chilly day indoors. Learn more about the Plains Indian people, American firearms, and natural history. 

20. Soak in the hot springs

Did you know Wyoming is home to natural hot springs? It’s true, and you can experience the world’s largest single mineral hot spring at Hot Springs State Park. 

Popular Bucket List Foods and Restaurants in Wyoming

It wouldn’t be a trip to Wyoming without amazing food. Here are your must-try food bucket list picks for Wyoming. 

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21. Enjoy a western cookout

With chuck wagon-style dinners all over Wyoming, you have to enjoy a traditional western cookout. Embrace the best of cowboy culture by visiting the world-famous Pitchfork Fondue Western Cookout. 

22. Feast on prime rib

Home to endless ranches, it’s no surprise that you’ll find endless prime rib in Wyoming. The best way to enjoy this is through a buffet, like the one at the historic Buffalo Bill’s Irma House. 

23. Soak up soda bread

For a traditional Native American favorite, Soda Bread is adapted from Native American recipes. Created by mixing flour and soda, this is a quick-rising bread you won’t get enough of. 

24. Try small-batch truffles

It was Tim Kellogg who put his small-batch truffles on the map in Wyoming. Today, these truffles are still made by hand and are oh-so-delicious. 

25. Visit a Soda Saloon

Lastly, it’s not a trip to Wyoming without an old-timey soda saloon. These classic experiences offer sodas made with pure cane sugar and topped with ice cream—yum!

Cheyenne Bucket List Ideas

Lastly, explore Wyoming’s capital city of Cheyenne. Perfect for finding the balance between city life and nature, there are a lot of things to discover here. 

26. Visit the Frontier Days Old West Museum

Created to honor the heritage of the American West, this is a must-visit museum in Cheyenne. If you’re interested in viewing over 60,000 artifacts, experience what it was like to live in this frontier in the 1800s. 

27. Walk through the Botanic Gardens

Another Cheyenne must-do is to visit the beautiful Botanic Gardens. With nine acres of land and 27 different types of landscapes, this is a stunning place to spend a day. 

28. Spot a herd of bison

If you’ve ever wanted to see bison in person, now’s your chance. At Terry Bison Ranch, you can experience an old-fashion bison herd (and even feed them by hand!).

29. Experience real ranch life

For traditional ranch life near Cheyenne, head to Wyoming Hereford Ranch. This is the oldest continuously-operated livestock operation in the US with over 60,000 acres. Dating back over 100 years, this is quite the place to see.  

30. Take in the comfort of the Governor’s Mansion

Lastly, take in the charm and comfort of the Historic Governor’s Mansion. Built in the famous Colonial Revival style, this is now a historic museum in the heart of Cheyenne. 

Find Your Inner Cowboy in Wyoming

Now that you know how to make a travel bucket list, you’re ready to plan your trip to Wyoming. Whether you’re a local or visiting this great frontier for the first time, you’re in for an adventure. Bucket lists inspire us to travel far and wide, taking in the world beyond our own backyards. What will you discover next?

In Wyoming, it’s all about finding the magic in nature and the small things. From beautiful landscapes to fascinating local history, there’s something in this state for everyone. 


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