16 Types of Buddha Urns for Cremated Remains


Buddha manifests enlightenment and nirvana, making an effigy a suitable urn for those who follow the path. Whether male or female, each is capable of presenting themselves in the Bodhisattva form. 

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Apart from parents, partners, and children, many people (me included) adore their pets as much as they do their human family members. That’s why we’ve included them in here, too. 

Different Types of Buddha Urns for Human Ashes

There are at least six different locations for finding a suitable Buddha urn for your loved one, but we’ll get to that in a few sections. Right now, let’s take a look at some of the available options you have for human ashes.

1. Hand painted urn with Buddha likeness

Artists paint each metal urn individually, which means that no two are alike. On this urn, Buddha is seated in a lotus meditation pose with his eyes closed. A blue marble-like background highlights the figure. 

Ask the artist to personalize the urn with the name of your loved one, including important dates.

2. Keepsake golden Buddha

On this ornate urn, an image of Buddha has been laminated, then sealed with epoxy. This helps maintain the same resolution for years to come. Engraved leaves adorn the shiny gold lid, which is threaded for security. Felt has been applied to the bottom to protect any of your surfaces from would-be scratches.  

3. Tibetan keepsake brass urn with Bodhisattvas

Only a tiny portion of ashes will fit inside this urn as it’s no greater than the palm of your hand. The brass keepsake has been delicately crafted with Bodhisattva figures and ornamented with two small faux gems. It ships from China, so plan on a two-week wait. 

4. Clay Buddha with a tealight candle

Buddha has been hand-crafted from clay and finished with a bronze coating. He’s seated in a common meditation pose, with his right palm holding a cup for a tealight candle. It comes in a medium 1.5 L size, which is equivalent to 6.25 dry cups.

5. Stainless steel keepsake pendant

Small wearable keepsakes work for just a pinch of ashes. Choose from a prayer wheel or miniature effigy representing Buddha or Buddhism. Many pendants and chains offer gold or silver choices, so you can choose what best suits your needs.

6. Creative urn options

If you like unique wood grains or ornate epoxy inlays, look for an urn from an online marketplace where various artists showcase their abilities. But before you purchase, seek out a painter, woodcarver, or wood burner who can add a Buddha to the urn. If your loved one was creative, get them a creative urn to match.

Pro-tip: if the artist can’t work over lacquer or stain, request that the urn-maker refrain from the final step.

7. Elephant in Amitabha Buddha pose

A small elephant-shaped keepsake seated in the lotus meditation pose will work for a young child or infant. While it’s not precisely a Buddha figure, the posture is synonymous with most sitting or meditating Buddhas.

8. Polished Buddha

With a high polish glaze, its mirror-like appearance will remind you of chrome or molten metal. No matter what place of honor it holds in your home, you can rest assured that your loved one will shine brightly—fitting for the person whose personality was larger than life.

9. Head of Buddha 

Because the urn is only a bust or likeness of Buddha’s head, it’ll look more like an art piece than a vessel for cremation ashes. You’ll discover a few different options or versions of Buddha commonly depicted for the branch of Buddhism you follow.

Different Types of Buddha Urns for Pet Ashes

Suppose you currently live in the city, a condo, or rent. In that case, you may only want a temporary solution for your pet’s ashes. Because the following urn choices are durable and long-lasting, you can feel secure knowing they’ll be fine until you get where you’re going.

10. Green lulu onyx urn

Equally as bright as the polished Buddha urn (see above) is one made from green lulu onyx, adorned with gold lettering and depictions of Buddha, lotus flowers, and other plants. Most likely, you will need to ship this from overseas, so plan on at least a one-month waiting time.

11. Modern walnut and metal pet urn

This modern powder-coated off-white rectangular cuboid is eye-catching. The top, bottom, and silhouette of Buddha are each made from walnut, directly reflecting mid-century modern design. 

12. Stoneware Buddha urn

Here’s an artist that produces artfully hand-thrown and hand-sculpted urns for ashes made from stoneware. She fires each piece at 2400 degrees so that the urn is durable and long-lasting. 

Using her own formulated glaze, she’ll impress you with this Tibetan temple bell-shaped piece of art.

13. Stone Buddha

A stone urn for your little one’s ashes is a material suitable for year-round outdoor settings. Buddha’s likeness would fit well in any garden location as he sits in a full lotus meditation pose. If your favorite spot in the yard is under a tree, look for a small concrete block to give it a perch. 

Pro-tip: cremation ashes last for a very long time. So, if you’d prefer your pet’s ashes to co-mingle with the earth at some point, choose a more biodegradable option for outdoors.  

14. Wooden urn with Buddha on the lid

For a more subtle reference to Buddha, look for hand-turned wooden urns. If you find one in an online marketplace for artists, you may be able to request or alter the shape pictured. It’s a simple Zen-style with a small metal Buddha figure adhered to the lid. 

15. Wooden cuboid-shaped urn

Whether with wood carving or wood-burning techniques, an artist can apply Buddha’s likeness onto an urn. Either way, this small urn is suitable for your little one’s ashes. You can also easily adhere a small brass plaque on the back with their name or nickname.

16. Cat or dog Buddha

Some artists choose to depict dogs sitting in the same lotus meditation position as Buddha. If it’s not offensive to your beliefs, then these will work well for your cat or dog who just passed away. 

Pro-tip: if you find a statue made out of solid wood, search for a woodworker to hollow it out from the bottom. While cork is more eco-friendly, a glued rubber plug will last longer.

Where Can You Buy Buddha Urns for Ashes?

Below are six places where you can look for a Buddha urn for your loved one’s ashes. Whether you’re looking for personalized attention, something in the budget, or a piece of art to honor your loved one, there’s an option listed here to fit your needs.

Online at handcrafted and artisan marketplaces

One of the best sources for finding one-of-a-kind pieces is from the artists themselves. Plus, you’ll receive personal attention, delivery or satisfaction guarantees, and opportunities to personalize the urn that you may not find elsewhere.

Big box or warehouse stores

Box stores are great for one thing: discounts! When they buy anything in bulk from a manufacturer, that means you’re going to pay a lot less for something than if you were to buy a single item directly from that same supplier.

Funeral homes

You’ll find similar customer-centric service at funeral homes as you would at an online marketplace for artists. There, your funeral director can help with finding the right size or material you’ll need for any funeral or transportation plans you may have.

Dotcom locations

Many manufacturers list their products on the company website. This route will provide more versatile selections but may lead to a purchase that’s out of your budget. To avoid this mistake, add price range filters to any of your searches.

Pro-tip: if the location of your search brings you to an import site, make sure to check the shipping times, reviews, and guarantee options to avoid disappointments.

Artist’s website

Not many artists have urn websites, but they’re out there. If you’re looking, you can find some fantastic quality items from well-seasoned artists who can provide you with the perfect memorial urn for your loved one. 

Online auction houses

Rather than purchase something new, you might want to choose to repurpose an antique for use as a loved one’s urn. If you have limited options for driving or flying to specific destinations, then online auction houses can help. 

Pro-tip: wonder how to find them? Apply a few keyword searches in your browser with quotes around the important must-have words, then click enter. 

The Continuous Journey of Buddha

If you’re thinking about your end-of-life planning, choose one that helps you envision the presence of Buddha inside yourself. Not sure where to get started? Log onto Cake today, where we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. 


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