Butterfly Cremation Jewelry: Types, Cost & Where to Buy


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We've discovered the many options you have for butterfly cremation jewelry, including rings, bracelets, and necklaces. We've also found out how much you can expect to pay and even where you'll find these precious memorial pieces. 

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If you're not sure what to do with cremation ashes from a loved one, keep scrolling and find out the many ways you can honor them with beautifully crafted butterfly jewelry.  

What Is Butterfly-Themed Cremation Jewelry?

Butterfly-themed cremation jewelry comes in multiple designs, including pendants, stamped silhouettes on crosses, and even as a kind of lacework—embellishing vials of glass.

Across many cultures and religions, butterflies are symbols of hope, endurance, change, and enduring life. In some instances, such as the Christian religion, butterflies also indicate the resurrection and afterlife.

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How Much Does Butterfly-Themed Cremation Jewelry Typically Cost?

Standard butterfly-themed cremation jewelry ranges from $25 to $200. In addition to this cost, you'll need to consider the price of any item, optional engraving, and additional fill kits required. In some cases, companies will only send one fill kit per order—not per purchase.

An additional consideration is when you work directly with an international shipper rather than going through a middle person. Although rare, there are cases when your bank or credit card will charge a currency conversion fee on top of any tracking services chosen. 

Although nominal, this conversion fee will increase the overall cost of your jewelry.

Pro-tip: Don't forget to consider the cost of a sealant or epoxy to ensure the safekeeping of your loved one's ashes, as some companies do not include this item with the fill kit.

Different Types of Butterfly Cremation Jewelry

Below, you'll discover different types of cremation jewelry ranging from resin and glass to gold plating and platinum. Some include crystals and even crushed precious stones. 

Gold and white butterfly wing

Personalize a single gold butterfly wing. Artist uses the ashes of your loved one to create coloration changes that will absorb and scatter light just like the real thing. 

Butterfly wing colors will vary according to the ashes sent but range from grey or white to brown. Color variations are unaltered and natural, showing up when processing the ashes into art.

Blue millefiori butterfly

Brass with rhodium plating, blue butterfly pendant made with Italian Millefiori art. Fill the inside cavity with a pinch of ashes, a tiny locket of hair, or sacred ground.

Butterfly comes with a matching chain, gift box, filling kit, and instructions.

Resin with paper butterfly

Clear teardrop glass pendant necklace with a tiny, colorful paper butterfly inside. Fill the inside vial with a small amount of ashes or sand from your loved one's celebration of life ceremony.

Options include varying chain lengths and butterfly colors.

Pewter butterfly with cobalt blue vial

Interlocking hearts and a petite butterfly surround the uppermost portion of a 1 ½ inch tall glass cobalt blue vial. Fill with ashes, lockets of hair, crushed flowers, or any combination therein.

The necklace is suitable for pup parents, too.

Stainless steel multicolor pendant

Stainless steel, hypoallergenic, and tarnish-free multicolor pendant with colored crystals for wings. The pendant will hold just a few crystals of cremated remains, added with the support of a toothpick.

Opt for an additional velvet box if giving as a gift.

Silver filigree butterfly

Select a silver filigree butterfly pendant to honor a grandmother, mother, or daughter.

Arrives with a fill kit, instructions, and an 18-inch stainless steel chain, matching the color of the butterfly.

Opal and butterfly cremation ring

In addition to necklaces and other pendant options, you also can choose from various memorial rings. In this case, the rhodium-plated butterfly ring has a center stone made from cremation ash that has been enhanced with crushed opals. 

That sparkly oval stone is then flanked by two butterflies—each decorated with white crystals.

Sterling silver heart with butterfly

Professionally designed cremation pendant made from Sterling silver. Options include a name engraving on the pendant's back, a colorful Swarovski charm to match any significant day, a themed gift box, and chain length and size.

Two-tone vermeil butterfly urn

Two-tone gold vermeil coated sterling silver necklace comes with an inner, sealable vial for a pinch of cremated remains or other keepsake material such as crushed memorial flowers, soil, or sand.

Mother of pearl and gold vermeil

Gold vermeil surrounds the butterfly's mother of pearl wings and body. Centered is a tiny vial with a screw cap that you can seal once it's filled.

Personalize with an engraving or wear the pendant and matching 18-inch rope chain as-is.

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Butterfly cameo

Precious metals surround a sky blue cameo and white butterfly, reminiscent of vintage Victorian jewelry. Choose from silver, shades of gold, or platinum and engrave a loved one's name or date on the back. 

Use an industrial sealant to secure the ashes inside.

Raised butterfly in a heart

Look for a little and straightforward gold heart adorned with a butterfly on the front and your loved one's name on the back. Accompanying chains can be specially ordered to suit your needs.

Suitable for a pet or human memorial.

Caged locket with butterflies

This openwork gold necklace has tiny decorative butterflies and crystals concealing a cremation vial within. This is a discreet but larger-than-normal vial that can hold more than a pinch of ashes.

A filling kit and directions are provided but don't include the epoxy needed to seal the tiny urn.

Gold plated butterfly with onyx

Onyx wings and butterfly bodies are surrounded by a 14k gold plating and arrive with an 18-inch gold chain.

The pendant is engravable and will hold a small amount of cremated remains.

Black onyx cremation bracelet

Similar to the necklace is the black onyx cremation bracelet. However, instead of an 18" chain, this cremation jewelry comes with a cuff, suitable for most wrist sizes. 

In addition, this .925 Sterling silver creation is engravable for one line and up to five characters.

Modern black butterfly pendant

Modern design meets a rose gold butterfly. This pendant is decorated with teardrops, a black silhouetted accent, and can accommodate two lines of engraving—six letters on each line.

A 20" matching chain, gift box, fill kit, and instructions come with each pendant.

Cross with butterflies

A Christian cross pendant with surrounding butterflies works for those of a particular faith. Fill the vial inside with just a pinch of ashes and seal with epoxy or glue for safekeeping.

Butterfly with daisy

A silver daisy with a rose gold butterfly rests atop a silver heart with a matching chain. 

Pendant is approximately the size of a US quarter but is not customizable or engravable.

Sterling silver butterfly with blue crystals

Each butterfly necklace comes with variations of blue crystals for added sparkle, depth, and character. In addition, rhodium-plated Sterling silver offers durability to ensure your pendant will last. 

In addition, you'll receive a matching 20" inch chain, fill kit, directions, and gift box. 

Green glass locket

This butterfly is made from bright green glass—the same color green as on a new Spring Day. Inside is a fairly good-sized urn you can fill with a pinch of ashes. 

You'll also receive a 20" matching chain, gift box, fill kit and instructions.

Pro-tip: If you are uncomfortable filling the urn yourself, ask your funeral director to manage this for you. You are likely to incur a nominal fee in doing so, but it relieves you from having to do it yourself.

Black heart with butterfly and crystals

This necklace features black rhodium plated over a silver butterfly adorned with white crystals sits flush inside a black heart. 

A matching black rhodium-plated 20" snake chain accompanies each order, as well as a gift box, fill kit, and instructions.

Pro-tip: Kit does not include epoxy or sealant.

Where Can You Buy Butterfly Cremation Jewelry?

Let's discover some popular cremation jewelry companies, vendors, and artists that carry butterfly-themed cremation jewelry suitable for your needs.

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Etsy is a growing marketplace that began selling products for individual artisans and vintage shops. Today, they also sell for larger businesses and companies. So if you're looking for something one-off, make sure to read up on the seller and contact the shop with any questions.

Perfect Memorials

Serving both the United States and Canada, Perfect Memorials has offered unique and customizable cremation jewelry options for the past two decades.

Look for price-match guarantees, accessible return services, and perks like free delivery.

Urn Garden

If you're looking to support a growing family-run business, check out Urn Garden. Jewelry from this company runs an average of $35 to $200.

A portion of proceeds from every sale they make goes to support nonprofit foundations aimed at helping children, veterans, and research toward finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease. 

Mainely Urns and Memorials

Mainely Urns and Memorials services a wide range of needs, from urns, memorials, and gifts to caskets and vaults. 

However, for butterfly memorial jewelry, you can expect to pay on the higher end for gold-plated items or on the lower end for stainless steel items. 


Bonanza is an online marketplace that promotes sellers, enabling them to develop virtual relationships with their customers, not unlike traditional sellers at a mall kiosk or other storefront. 

In addition to cremation jewelry, you can find other goods for your home.

Sarah and Essie

Sarah and Essie specialize in 316 L stainless steel jewelry that is quality-made, hypoallergenic, and durable. You can expect this jewelry option to last a long time.

Choose from pet or human cremation jewelry and personalize it to suit your needs and vision.

Afterlife Essentials

Specializing in cremation memorial gifts is Afterlife Essentials. Here, you can find a range of gifts for both humans and pets.

Most of their butterfly options have higher-end pricing as they’re made from sterling silver or gold plating. Many options also include matching chains. 

Some items offer personalization or engraving, but most do not.

Everlasting Memories

Since 2003, Everlasting Memories has provided excellent service for survivors and loved ones.

From the original pet urn, they've expanded to sell memorial jewelry for both pets and humans, urns, and gifts while offering customer service with real-life support.

Your funeral home

When you order cremation jewelry from the funeral home that performs the cremation, the professional staff will fill and seal the butterfly urns for you. 

Typically, satisfaction is guaranteed, and should there be an issue or complication with the product or products you ordered, you won't have to manage it.

Online box store

Many box stores are starting to carry cremation jewelry. Look online to see if your go-to store provides this opportunity for you to buy from them with the same in-store policies. 

Pro-tip: Always test out the jewelry before filling it to ensure product sturdiness and safekeeping of your loved one's ashes.

Choosing Your Next Piece of Jewelry

Buying any memorial jewelry takes time and consideration. After all, you want this remarkable piece of jewelry to reflect on your loved one's life in the most meaningful way possible. But that's why butterflies make the perfect choice for that person or pet who effortlessly filled your life with joy and beauty.

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