10 Popular Places You Can Buy Caskets Online


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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t frequently shop for caskets. Casket shopping is a task that’s usually only undertaken as a way to plan for the future or make decisions after a loved one passes. 

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Because this is something that’s not done often in one’s life (if at all), it’s normal to be intimidated and confused by the process. Not only are there many types of caskets, but you’ll also need to choose something that’s within your budget. 

Luckily, now is the golden age of casket shopping. You’re no longer limited to local options like your funeral home or cemetery. Today, there are many places you can buy caskets online. You’ll find the best picks in this guide below. 

What You Should Consider Before You Buy a Casket Online

Buying a casket is a big decision. In fact, it might be one of the most important and expensive things you’ll ever purchase. This is someone’s final resting place, and that’s not a decision to be made lightly. 

While buying big-ticket items over the internet is getting easier every year, you’ll still want to keep a few things in mind. As with any online purchase, you’ll need to do your research. 

  • Budget: First, what’s your budget? Heavier materials like metal are generally more expensive than lighter, natural materials like wood or bamboo.
  • Extra fees: When shopping online, you always have to read the fine print. You might find a great discount on a casket only to discover hundreds of dollars added as shipping costs. Always pay close attention to the full price, not just the casket price.
  • Customer service: You always want to know that there’s a service representative available in case you have a problem with your order or need help. The right online casket provider has resources and help available.
  • Delivery times: Because your casket might ship from across the country (or globe), you’ll also need to account for shipping estimates. Also, some providers only deliver to specific areas.
  • Reviews: Last but not least, check any online reviews and testimonials to be sure you’re purchasing from a trustworthy source.

Buying online might not be for everyone, so make sure you’re comfortable before making your purchase. Finding an affordable casket has never been easier, but it still takes time and effort. 

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Visit an in-person showroom

Another important thing to keep in mind if you’re purchasing a casket online is that you might want to visit an in-person showroom. These are usually found at local providers like your funeral home or cemetery.

These showrooms are the best way to see different types of caskets in person. If you’ve never shopped for a casket before, it’s hard to understand the size, shape, and material without seeing it for yourself. Your funeral home might also have recommendations for where to shop online, and they can guide you to something within your budget. 

Where to Buy a Casket Online

A quick online search will show just how many places there are to shop online, but where do you begin? Below, you’ll find our picks for the most reliable, trustworthy places to find caskets online. 

1. Titan Caskets

Titan Caskets is one of the leading casket providers in the world. Supplying caskets to both individuals and funeral homes, they’re the most popular choice for a reason. They believe that the funeral industry is in need of a disruption to make pricing more transparent and accessible for everyone.

With all shapes and sizes imaginable, you can even custom-make a casket from the ground up. Titan caters to all budgets and ranges, so there’s something for everyone. It’s also important to recognize that Titan provides free, fast shipping, which gives you one less cost to worry about. 

2. Trusted Caskets

Trusted Caskets is another popular provider in the U.S. for high-quality caskets. They offer a quality guarantee on all caskets, and that includes free exchanges and refunds in the case of any damage or defects. 

Trusted Caskets has partnered with over 150 ground and air freight shipping companies to provide both free and next-day shipping. And with a 4.8-star rating from Trustpilot and a selection of both full-price and discounted caskets, this is a great choice. 

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3. Casket Site

Casket Site specializes in high-quality caskets at wholesale prices. They make it easy to sort by price, brand, and casket type so you get exactly what you’re looking for. With prices for metal caskets starting at $690, this is one of the most affordable providers.

To order, you’ll need to call their helpline. From there, you can choose from standard or next-day nationwide delivery at an added fee. Prices online include standard shipping. 

4. Amazon

Believe it or not, you can buy just about anything on Amazon—even caskets. Amazon offers a variety of caskets from other manufacturers, including Titan Caskets. 

Many feel more comfortable shopping on Amazon since it’s a platform they’re already familiar with, and Amazon does offer competitive pricing. 

5. Walmart

Like Amazon, Walmart is another big-name brand that sells caskets online. With prices starting at $999, there is a surprisingly large selection of caskets available to choose from. 

Walmart does not include the cost of shipping with purchase, and this can cost an extra $50 for freight delivery. You’ll also need to leave several days and weeks for your casket to arrive. However, they do offer interest-free financing through Affirm. 

6. Etsy

The handmaking marketplace Etsy has a selection of caskets online as well. Though you’ll mainly find urns and pet caskets, they do have natural caskets for humans available from some makers. 

This is a way to truly personalize the casket, and many artisans specialize in creative options. If you want something one-of-a-kind, look no further than Etsy. However, you might need to schedule enough time for the casket to be built. 

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7. Sky Caskets

Starting in 1996, Sky Caskets is one of the oldest online casket distributors. They help customers find the best casket at a price they can afford, and they boast lower prices than funeral homes for the same caskets. 

By having many distribution points across the country, Sky Caskets can deliver its caskets quickly. With 24-hour delivery available, this is a great choice for someone in need of a custom, traditional, or clearance-priced casket. 

8. Costco

Another big-name wholesaler of caskets is Costco. Like Walmart, these metal caskets start at $999, with a few options ranging upwards. 

With Costco, shipping and handling are included in the total price. However, it could take up to three business days for delivery in some regions. You’ll want to call to confirm your delivery time and date.

9. Overnight Caskets

As the name implies, Overnight Caskets offers fast, reliable shipping to all customers. For California customers, free overnight delivery is included. If you choose a location in your region of the country, you might also be eligible for free shipping. 

Overnight Caskets has a wide selection of wood caskets, metal caskets, and burial vaults. It also has a variety of headstones, grave markers, and more. This is an all-in-one solution with a trusted rating. 

10. Natural Burial Company

Last but not least, for those looking for a natural or green burial, look no further than the Natural Burial Company. Approved by Green America, this is the best place online to find natural caskets and burial shrouds. 

From seagrass coffins to willow caskets and fabric, there are so many options to choose from. Shipping takes two to three business days, and the final cost depends on the shipping speed you choose. To order, you’ll need to call a company representative or reach out via email. 

Start Shopping for a Casket Online

With so much to think about, from casket prices to material, it’s a good idea to go straight to a trusted source. While an in-person showroom is a great resource, it’s also nice to shop from the comfort of your own home. Since we’re officially in the golden age of online shopping, it’s never been easier to find the best caskets, at a fraction of the cost, online. 

When shopping online for a casket, take your time. This is a highly personal choice that requires a highly personal decision-making process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service for assistance. The casket companies above strive to make your decision easier every step of the way. In a few clicks, you could find the perfect final resting place for someone you love. 

Post-planning tip: If you are the executor for a deceased loved one, handling their unfinished business can be overwhelming without a way to organize your process. We have a post-loss checklist that will help you ensure that your loved one's family, estate, and other affairs are taken care of.


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