Camouflage Caskets: Costs & Where to Purchase


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When a loved one dies, we often tend not to worry about costs when it comes to organizing an end-of-life ceremony. A funeral or memorial service gives people the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones. Every detail of these services is typically detailed to honor the deceased.

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People might give readings from the deceased’s favorite book. If the deceased had a favorite flower, that might be incorporated into the decor. And people typically pick out different types of caskets for their late loved ones that honor their personality or taste. This might be as simple as selecting a casket in the deceased’s favorite color.

But you can also choose more custom caskets with special designs or patterns. One popular casket pattern is camouflage. Here we learn a little bit more about camouflage caskets. 

What’s a Camouflage Casket?

Camouflage caskets are just what they sound like. They are caskets that incorporate the camouflage pattern in some way. Camouflage clothing helps people blend into their surroundings. It is often worn by members of the military, or by hunters so that they conceal themselves.

The idea behind camouflage was inspired by animals whose coloring allows them to blend in to hide from predators or sneak up on prey. A leopard’s spotted coat is an example of camouflage, as is a chameleon’s ability to change colors.

Man-made camouflage borrows from that concept. Most people are familiar with the popular army-green camouflage style. But there are several variations in camo patterns, of which we’ll explore later.      

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How Much Does This Type of Casket Usually Cost?

Caskets and burial costs are often the most expensive part of funeral planning. The average casket can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000.

The cost can even climb up over $10,000, depending on the materials used and the design. A more specialized casket, like one with a camouflage design, may be more expensive than a more standard style.

There are ways to save money on a casket, such as ordering one online directly from the manufacturer. A camouflage casket that costs $2,900 through a funeral home might cost $2,400 online.

That difference may be negligible to you when you factor in the logistics of delivery. However, a higher-end camouflage casket could cost upwards of $6,500 at a funeral home. Meanwhile, you can get the same casket online for $3,500. Many people may not mind taking that extra step to save $3,000.

You might wonder why people would pay more for a casket when they can order the same one online. A lot of times, it just comes down to timing. Burials tend to take place within a few days of a person’s death. You might not be able to get a casket delivered on time.

However, there are some people who are detailed end-of-life planners and sometimes order caskets in advance. This way they get some control over their final resting place. Also, if you have a loved one who is terminally ill, you may consider ordering a casket in advance as a cost-saving measure.  

Different Types of Camouflage Caskets

Earlier, we mentioned that there are several different variations on camouflage patterns, which are listed below.

But the camouflage pattern is not just limited to the exterior. We’ll also talk about the different ways you can incorporate camouflage into a casket itself.

1. Casket with a camouflage exterior

Some people really want to make a statement when picking out a casket. If they’re getting an unusual or custom casket design, they want people to be able to really appreciate it.

Caskets can be designed with a variety of camouflage patterns, so there are many ways to customize the look.

2. Casket with camouflage lining

Sometimes people want to personalize a casket in a more subtle way. In this case, a casket can be lined with camouflage fabric. From the outside, it will look like a traditional casket design.

But when it’s open, you’ll see this special detail instead. This is a more unique way to break away from the more expected velvet or satin lining. The people who pay attention will appreciate this small detail. 

3. Army green camouflage casket

Army green camouflage is probably the most iconic and recognizable style of camouflage. It isn’t one distinct print. Instead, it’s a collection of prints with a similar color palette.

It features various shades of green, usually including the distinctive olive green. It might also include other colors like brown and/or black. This would be ideal for someone who served in the U.S. Army. It might also be a good choice for someone who supports the military or appreciates military history.  

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4. Desert camouflage casket

The army green camouflage pattern discussed earlier works in certain environments. But it would actually make soldiers stand out in desert terrain. People who served in places like Afghanistan would have been more likely to wear desert camouflage. 

Desert camouflage typically comes in various shades of brown and tan. If your loved one served in more arid conditions, you should explore desert camouflage casket options. It will be more personal to their experience.  

5. Blue camouflage casket

Between 2008 and 2019, members of the United States Navy wore blue camouflage uniforms. These blue camouflage uniforms were often referred to as “blueberries.” During the time of their use, they were worn by enlisted soldiers and officers alike. The intention behind this was to promote a unified sense of appearance, regardless of a person’s rank.

Many Navy members liked the blue camouflage uniforms. They felt it helped them stand apart from other branches of the military. Other people were less attached to the style. A blue camouflage casket might be selected in honor of a deceased member of the U.S. Navy. It would be especially appropriate if they were a supporter of the blue camouflage uniform.

6. Snow camouflage casket

As we’ve discussed, different camouflage patterns work better in different environments.

Snow camo (or winter camo) obviously works best in snowy regions. Soldiers might wear snow camouflage if they have reason to be in that terrain. It is also sometimes worn by hunters during the winter months. 

7. Woodland camouflage casket

The aforementioned army green camouflage pattern works well in wooded environments. But there are also woodland camouflage patterns designed for hunters. Instead of the more abstract pattern of army camo, this iteration incorporates branches into the design. It helps hunters blend even more seamlessly into the trees. 

This would be an excellent option for a dedicated hunter. Some woodland caskets will also include depictions of animals, like ducks or deer. If the deceased had a particular animal they preferred to hunt, this adds an additional custom element. 

8. Orange camouflage casket

When hunters wear the woodland camouflage discussed above, they often wear bright orange vests with it. Deer cannot see orange, so this doesn’t make hunters more visible.

But it does help other hunters spot them. Some hunters take this a step further by wearing an orange camouflage print. To deer, it’s essentially the same. But other hunters will definitely notice you. An orange camo casket is a great option for someone who was serious about hunter safety.   

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9. Fashion camouflage casket

All of the camouflage patterns we have discussed have had a distinct purpose. But sometimes people like camouflage just for the statement it makes.

You may even see fashion camouflage prints in unusual colors like pink or neon. If the deceased simply liked making a fashion statement with camo, this is a great option. 

10. Camouflage casket for children

Camouflage caskets aren’t just for hunters or military members. There are even camouflage caskets designed for infants and children. Due to the size difference, these are much less expensive than a full-sized casket.

They can be as little as $150. If a child had a fondness for camo print, this can make their final resting place feel a little more special. A pattern like this should be considered if you’re looking for baby memorial ideas.

Are There Any Cheaper Alternatives to a Camo Casket?

Caskets and burials often come with a hefty price tag. Not everyone can afford a more customized casket and everything that goes along with burial. More and more people are opting to be cremated after death. Not only is this more cost-effective, but it’s also an eco-friendly burial alternative.

If you opt for cremation, you can still get a camouflage vessel to hold the cremated ashes of your loved ones. Hunting or fishing urns (like this one), as well as military-themed urns (like this one), can feature that camouflage pattern.

The cost of a camouflage urn can range from under $50 to upwards of $350. That means there’s a lot of variety in choices at a wide range of price points. But whatever urn you choose could save you thousands of dollars compared to a camouflage casket. 

If you want something unique, like an urn in the shape of a deer, fish, or even a camouflage hat or jacket, Foreverence can 3D print the design you choose. 

Another way to save money on a camouflage casket is to look into getting a casket wrapped. Some companies, like Casket Wraps, offer vinyl "wraps" that can be applied to a casket.

The vinyl wrap will still cost about $700. But it can be applied to a simple pine casket. These unfinished pine caskets can be acquired for as low as $500. This workaround can get you a custom camo casket for around $1,200.

Finally, if you’re on a tight budget, you can look at renting a coffin. Some companies will allow you to rent a coffin for a visitation or memorial service. The deceased is then later interred in a more inexpensive casket.      

Seeing All the Details About Camouflage Caskets

When our loved ones die, it’s important to honor them. Planning a funeral or memorial service can be incredibly emotionally challenging, but also rewarding in many ways. You can know that you’re giving the deceased a personal send-off. 

If camouflage held a special place in the deceased’s life, incorporate it into the funeral plan for a unique element. Camo caskets tend to be popular amongst people who love hunting and fishing, as well as members of the military. Camouflage caskets aren’t for everyone, but they can be the perfect touch for the right person. 

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