How to Cancel an Audible Trial or Membership: Step-By-Step


Listening to your favorite book while you drive to work—or catching up on your favorite romance series on a flight with your eyes closed can sound like a dream come true. Before Audible, you used to have to purchase multiple CDs or cassette tapes just to listen to your favorite novel or listen to something new.

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Audible is a helpful service for those who want to stay away from screens, and Amazon makes it easy by offering a 30-day trial. But no matter how much you might enjoy Audible’s services, sometimes you need to cancel. Your free trial ends and you loved it, but not enough to keep paying for it.

Or, you’re in charge of a loved one’s digital assets after death, and you need to cancel a membership. Here’s how to say goodbye to Audible.

How to Cancel an Audible Trial

If you’re looking to try out Audible, Amazon allows you one 30-day trial. When that time is up, they’ll charge your account a monthly fee of $14.95.

In the event that you want to cancel that trial before billing hits, you can easily close your subscription.

Log in to your account

We’ve all experienced a “gotcha” moment with free trials. You think you canceled it, but never actually pressed that final button. Perhaps you forgot to cancel until it hit your bank account. Thankfully, Amazon’s cancellation system is made to be user-friendly. 

When you want to cancel, it’s important that you log into your Audible account, not your Amazon one. But you can use the same sign-in details as your Amazon account. Once you’re in, click Account Details, then Account Settings. 

Finish canceling

When it comes to canceling, Amazon isn’t above a common marketing plot. When you go to Account Settings, click Cancel my Membership. When you do, Amazon will offer a lower monthly rate. If you stay with them, they’ll reduce your costs.

A typical offer is getting the next three months at 30 percent. If that doesn’t entice you, click Finish Canceling. 

You’ll also need to pick a reason why you’re canceling. Once you do, click Finish Canceling again. If it was successful, you’ll be presented with a screen that says “We’re sorry to see you go. Your membership has been canceled.”  

Why can’t I cancel? 

Before you cancel, Amazon wants you to get the most out of your free trial. That means using up all the remaining credits on your account. Amazon suggests that you use them before canceling. But if you don’t want to, those credits are canceled along with your membership.

What if you actually purchased an audiobook? Anything you bought is still accessible in your Audible library, even if you don’t have a membership. 

How to Permanently Cancel an Audible Membership

If you love listening on your phone, you might have the Audible app. When canceling your Audible membership permanently, you will not be able to use the app. You have to log in from a computer in order to finalize it.

Log in to your account

As mentioned before, you can sign into Audible with your Amazon details. In the upper right-hand corner of the Amazon website, hover over the drop-down menu that says “Hi, [Name]!” In the second half of this menu, click on Account Details.

Then, navigate to Account Settings. 

Follow the prompts

Can you afford Audible? Financial reasons are why many people cancel a service. If that’s the case, try going partway through the cancellation process. Once you click Account Settings, click Cancel My Membership. 

Of course, Audible doesn’t want you to cancel. That means they might offer a lower monthly rate. If that’s all you wanted, you can accept their offer. If not, or if you still can’t afford it, click Finish Canceling. 

Once you’ve done that, choose a reason why you want to cancel. Common options are “I don’t use it” or “It’s too expensive.” Once that’s done, you’ll have to click Finish Canceling again. If it was successful, you’ll see two things.

One is a screen that says “We’re sorry to see you go. Your membership has been canceled.” The second item is an email confirming your cancellation. 

How to Cancel an Audible Trial or Subscription for Someone Else

Gathering the information to cancel accounts takes a long time. With Audible, all you need is information you probably already know.

Gather your information

Many companies require a certificate of death, your ID, a copy of their will, and more. That’s what you need to cancel their accounts. It’s an important customer safety measure to prevent hacking or inadvertently deleting an account. 

With some accounts, you may end up rummaging through password managers and spending your days on the phone. When canceling an account for someone else via Amazon, neither of those things are an issue.

All you need is your loved one’s name, email, and the billing address on their Audible account. Most people will have their billing address listed as their place of residence, which makes it easy.

Contact their team

You’ll want to reach out to Audible’s customer service team. If you prefer emailing or calling them, you can do that. They also provide a quick chat service which may be easiest to use.

Provide them with the above information and request cancellation. You will not have to go through a series of steps online, as Audible will delete the information and account on their end.

When speaking with Audible however, it’s always good to have those extra documents on hand. For instance, your loved one might have had two addresses—one in California and one in New York.

Which did they use as a billing address? If you guess the wrong one, Audible will deny your claim. Having extra documents like your ID and certificate of death on hand will make things smoother.

Canceling Digital Accounts is Easier When You Plan

As people age, their thoughts often turn to starting end-of-life-planning. For other people, it’s a topic they prefer to avoid as long as possible. But if you want your affairs and all loose ends tied up, creating a plan is a great idea.

Audible bills automatically, which means their bank account will get hit each month. If you’re using the account, that might be fine. But if not, creating a plan will make sure your Audible account and banking information aren’t floating around the Internet.


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