How to Cancel Directv for You or a Deceased Loved One


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Just because life comes to an end, it doesn’t mean the world stops turning. After someone dies, that person’s presence lingers on in the world, and not just in the poetic way where people survive as long as we remember them. 

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When people die, their commitments and responsibilities often keep going. One example of this is subscriptions and bills. If no one lets businesses know that one of their customers died, they may go on sending bills indefinitely.

If your loved one appointed someone to have executor duties to handle his or her affairs, the executor will generally cancel any outstanding services like cable bills. If they didn’t, and you’re the next of kin, it might fall on you. Here, we’ll break down the steps that go into canceling DirecTV either for yourself or on behalf of a deceased loved one. 

How to Cancel Your Directv Service Online

There is no way to cancel your Directv service online. You need to call Directv directly to make a plan to cancel or relocate your service. If you wanted to cancel your own personal DirecTV service, this is what the process might look like.

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Step one: Gather the necessary information

If you’re canceling your own service, you’ll need to gather any information that might help with the cancellation process. This could include the account number and any PIN you may have set up and attached to your account.

If you don’t have that information, you may be asked to confirm personal and billing information to verify that you are the account holder.

Step two: Clear some time to call them

DirecTV has a toll-free customer service number you can call in order to make changes to your account, including cancellation. Once you have gathered any information you need, give the company a call.

While they do try to keep calls short, there might be a long wait time if you call during busier periods. Make sure to clear your schedule to give you sufficient time to wait before going through the cancellation process. DirecTV’s hours are from 8 a.m. through 12 a.m. EST, which would give you ample opportunity to reach someone.  

Step three: Be prepared to pay a cancellation fee

If you have a contract with Directv, it may not be as simple as making a phone call to get yourself off the hook. There may be fees associated if you want to leave your contract early. This might include cases like moving to an area where DirecTV isn’t available.

While you can certainly ask for the fees to be waived if there are certain extenuating circumstances, you may need to be prepared to pay the piper. There is usually a one-time cancellation fee, but you may also need to pay a prorated monthly fee, depending on the structure of your contract.  

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How to Cancel Directv for a Deceased Loved One Online

As we discussed above, it is not possible to cancel your Directv account online. The same principle applies when canceling Directv on behalf of a deceased loved one. In this section, we’ll break down the proper way to cancel DirecTV as a representative for a deceased family member or loved one.  

Step one: Gather the necessary information 

In order to cancel a Directv account for a deceased loved one, you’ll need the following information:

  • The last four digits of the deceased’s Social Security Number
  • The account number of the Directv account (the exact amount of the most recent bill can also work) 
  • A copy of the deceased’s death certificate

Step two: Call and cancel the account

Call the Directv customer service number and explain that you’re canceling the account for a customer who died.

Customer service will likely need you to fax them a copy of the death certificate, so get all the necessary information on where to send it. 

Step three: Follow up if necessary

Bureaucracy can run slowly, even when dealing with sensitive topics like death. You can’t always assume that an account will be correctly closed the first time.

Hold onto all the information you’ve gathered and keep an eye on the account to ensure there are no more bills. 

This is also an important reminder to check-in with your loved one's other accounts. From service providers to insurance and banks, it's essential to cancel and close their accounts securely. Not only does this give the surviving beneficiaries access to benefits and funds. These can be used to pay for final expenses, secure the estate, etc. Whether you choose to hold a virtual funeral with GatheringUs or honor your loved one in another way, this is an essential step. 

Deleting Your Directv Account: FAQs

Now that we’ve talked about how to cancel Directv, there are a few other questions you might have. Here are some answers to some commonly asked cancellation questions. 

What do you do with your Directv equipment when you cancel?

When you sign up for Directv and get equipment from the company, you don’t own it. You’re actually just leasing it from them. When your contract ends, it is your responsibility to return the equipment.

You will receive instructions from your representative on the phone. They will usually email you return instructions, too. You can drop off the equipment in person or can be sent in via the United States Postal Service or a courier company like UPS or FedEx.

Again, you’ll get more specific instructions when you call to cancel, but there are generally multiple options.   

Can you cancel your Directv, but keep your internet service?

A growing number of people are making the choice to cut the cord and stop subscribing to cable. But they still might want to have access to the internet at home. Directv provides both cable and internet services, and it is possible to just cancel the cable component of your package.

However, you usually get a decent rate when you bundle more than one service together, so cutting one might not give you a huge price break.   

Can you cancel your service at the AT&T store?

AT&T is the owner of Directv. But just because two companies share ownership, it doesn’t mean that their services are fully commingled. Calling or visiting an AT&T store will not get your DirecTV canceled. You must call Directv directly to initiate a cancelation.    

Canceling Directv Requires a Phone Call 

When it’s time to start end-of-life planning, there are so many things to keep in mind. You need to make arrangements for burial or cremation, according to your preferences. You should select an executor. 

Don’t forget to create a list of places where you have accounts that will need canceling. Be sure to set up a password manager so your executor or next-of-kin can access anything they might need. Canceling an account for a service like Directv can be stressful in the best of times. When you’re in mourning, it can be even more challenging. This guide should hopefully help make this difficult task a little easier.

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