How to Permanently Cancel a Fabletics Account: Step-By-Step


Fabletics is an active-lifestyle brand that has embraced a trend that's become increasingly popular in the age of e-commerce. Just as Amazon shoppers can sign up for Amazon Prime memberships to unlock various perks, Fabletics customers can also become members. A Fabletics membership allows you to take advantage of discounts not available to other customers.

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However, you might have decided that a Fabletics membership isn't worth keeping after being a member for some time. Thus, you may be trying to figure out how to cancel a Fabletics account. 

Or, perhaps a loved one recently passed away. Canceling the deceased's Fabletics account (and various other digital accounts and subscriptions) may be among your executor duties.

Not sure what the process involves? No worries. This guide will teach you how to cancel a Fabletics account for yourself, and a deceased loved one.

How to Cancel Your Own Fabletics Account

There are a few ways you can go about canceling your Fabletics account. These steps will help you cancel your account regardless of the method you choose.

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Step 1: Gather basic information

Depending on the method you choose to cancel your Fabletics account, you may need to provide a customer service representative with specific information about the account. This will usually be basic information, such as your name and the account number.

Step 2: Review your options

You have three choices when deciding how to cancel a Fabletics account. You can:

  • Call the company at 1-844-322-5384
  • Chat with a representative via Fabletics’ website
  • Cancel online via your own account

Consider your options and decide which is best for you. Just keep in mind that the method you choose when canceling a Fabletics account may influence how smoothly the process goes. 

For example, perhaps you decide to call the company directly or chat with an online representative to cancel your account. Strongly consider drafting a written explanation covering your reason for canceling your account if so.

There’s a good chance the representative you contact will try to convince you to stay. That’s simply part of their job. Thus, you should be ready to explain in clear and firm words why you want to cancel your Fabletics membership and why they will not be able to change your mind.

Step 3: Cancel your Fabletics account

Once you’ve decided on how you want to close your account, all you have to do is either contact the company via phone or live chat or sign in to your account and navigate to the cancellation page. Because the way you may find this page can vary to some degree depending on what type of device you are using when accessing your account, you may need to chat with a customer service representative anyway to ask how you can find the relevant link.

Of course, you’ll need to know your Fabletics password to cancel your account online. If you’re like many in the digital age, you might often forget your various passwords for the numerous services and companies with whom you have accounts.

This forgetfulness doesn’t need to continue being a problem. A password manager tool can make keeping track of your passwords much easier. 

Important information about canceling a Fabletics account

There is no fee to cancel a Fabletics account. If you choose to cancel your VIP membership, you won’t lose any Member Credits you purchased. Member Credits for a Fabletics VIP membership expire a year after purchasing them. You may still use these until they expire.

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Fabletics Account

Determining what to do when someone dies is particularly difficult when you are responsible for everything from making funeral arrangements to managing their digital presence. Luckily, canceling the Fabletics account of a deceased loved one can be easier than you may expect if you follow these basic steps:

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Step 1: Try to access their account

Several factors will influence how easy it may be to cancel a deceased loved one’s Fabletics account. For example, it’s possible your loved one shared their passwords with you when they signed up for various services. If you know your loved one’s Fabletics password, you can sign in to their account and cancel it online.

Even if you don’t know their password, they may have never fully signed out of their account before they passed, or they may have used the familiar “Remember Me” sign-in option so that they wouldn’t have to enter their password every time they wanted to access their account.

Thus, if you’re not sure what their password is, as long as you have access to their device, you can still head to the login page to at least confirm they have not remained signed in or they have not saved their password for easier access.

Step 2: Gather documentation

You will have to call Fabletics or chat with an online representative if you cannot access your loved one’s Fabletics account. When explaining the situation to a representative, they will need you to provide specific documentation indicating your loved one is deceased and you are responsible for closing their digital accounts. The representative will typically provide you with an email address to send PDF copies of such documentation.

Prepare ahead of time by gathering the documentation you will need. Although you might assume an obituary is enough to convince Fabletics that your loved one has passed away, it’s better to provide a copy of their death certificate if you can. Check our guide on how to get a death certificate for more information on this subject.

You might also need to provide a copy of a will or other official document naming you the executor of your loved one’s estate. Consult with your attorney if you need help determining what documentation is best for this purpose.

Step 3: Contact Fabletics

Again, this step won’t be necessary if you have access to your loved one’s account. If you don’t, you can call 1-844-322-5384 or chat with a representative online to begin the process. They will guide you through the steps. Once the company has reviewed the documentation you provide, Fabletics will either request additional documentation if what you’ve provided isn’t sufficient, or the company will approve the cancellation of the account.

Frequently Asked Questions: Canceling a Fabletics Account

Do you still have questions about how to cancel a Fabletics account? The following information may help.

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Is it easy to cancel a Fabletics account?

According to Fabletics’ website, yes, the process is easy. However, most companies will claim canceling an account is easy. That doesn’t mean this claim is always an honest one. 

Remember, the degree to which you prepare and the method you choose when canceling a Fabletics account will affect how painless the experience could be. If you contact the company directly, a customer service representative may push back a little bit at first. Or, the process could take longer than necessary if you don’t gather proper documentation first. Properly preparing can help you avoid unnecessary frustrations.

Can you cancel a Fabletics account at any time?

Yes. At any point in your membership, you may cancel your Fabletics account. 

You may also cancel your account at any time of day. Naturally, you can cancel your account whenever you like if you choose to do so by signing in and following the steps via your account. However, Fabletics’ customer service representatives are also available 24/7, although you might have to wait for a representative to be available if you choose to call the company or chat online.

How to Cancel a Fabletics Account: Several Options

While no one can promise that canceling a Fabletics account will always be a process that only takes a few minutes, it is worth remembering that you have several options when choosing how to do so. Having variety is very convenient compared to the hoops other companies force you to jump through when canceling a service.

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