How to Permanently Cancel a Home Depot Credit Card: Step-by-Step


Home Depot is the place where “doers get it done.” When DIYers go to Home Depot, they can find virtually everything they need for small backyard projects to building a house from the ground up. Thanks to the Home Depot credit card, large purchases can be made and paid off over time, so projects can get started now rather than later.

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If you’ve decided your DIY days are most likely over, or you’re moving on to a competitor instead, you’ll likely want to close down your Home Depot credit card. Thankfully, Home Depot has made the process fairly simple, whether you’re closing your own account or the account of a deceased loved one.

How to Cancel Your Own Home Depot Credit Card

Canceling your own Home Depot credit card is simple and fast, requiring only a few minutes of your time. If you no longer need this card or you’re preparing your own end-of-life affairs, completing this process will be easy for you and will remove the burden of one more to-do item from your executor’s list.

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Step 1. Check for any remaining balance

Before you can cancel your credit card, you’ll need to check for any balance owed to Home Depot. Canceling your card isn’t possible until your statement shows a zero balance.

To check your balance, you can call the number on the back of your card, log on to your account online, or check your app. 

If you need to pay off a balance, keep in mind that it can take anywhere from one to five business days for your payment to process. Pay off any remaining balance including late fees and interest using your regular method, and wait for the payment to process before proceeding with the following steps.

Step 2. Gather your account information

When you talk with a Home Depot customer service representative, they’ll ask you for your account information. The information you’ll need to have on hand includes:

  • Account number
  • Billing address on the account
  • Email address on the account
  • Phone number on the account
  • Security question answers

You’ll need to provide the above information to a representative so they can positively confirm your identification and look up your account.

Step 3. Contact customer service

There are two ways you can contact customer service for your Home Depot credit card. You can call their support center at 1-800-677-0232 or you can start a conversation over email. If you choose to email them, you can do so after logging onto your Home Depot credit card account hosted by CitiBank.

Canceling over the phone

Canceling over the phone is the fastest way to cross this item off your to-do list. When you call the support center, you’ll speak with a representative. They’ll first ask you to verify your identity. They might ask you to provide the account number, card number, billing address, or other information related to the account, such as answers to your security questions.

After you’ve verified your identity, they’ll confirm that you have a zero balance on the account. If you have a remaining balance, they’ll tell you what amount remains to be paid off. You can take care of this final payment if needed, while you’re on the phone.

Once the account is ready for cancellation, the representative will cancel it before you hang up.

Canceling over email

If you’d rather avoid a phone call and potential hold times, you can email the customer service department instead.

To do this, you’ll need to log onto your credit card account. Send a message by opening up the message center and choosing “cancellation” as the reason for your message. Include your account number and billing address in the body of your message and request cancelation.

You’ll receive a response from the help department within 48 to 72 hours confirming cancellation or requesting further information. 

Step 4. Confirm cancellation

Whether you cancel your card over the phone or through the message center, you’ll receive a confirmation of cancelation letter sent to your email address on file or physical address on file, depending on your preferences.

Keep an eye out within a week of account cancelation for this confirmation letter. Keep this letter with your records for future reference.

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How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Home Depot Credit Card

Canceling a deceased loved one’s Home Depot credit card is just about as simple as canceling your own. There will be a few extra steps, but as long as you gather all the required information, this to-do can be crossed off your list in just a half-hour.

Step 1. Gather account information

Whether you’re canceling a loved one’s account as part of your executor duties or because you’re an authorized user on the account with full account privileges, you’ll need to gather account information.

The account information you should have includes the account number and billing address. You won’t be asked to provide answers to security questions, so you don’t have to worry about finding those.

Pro-tip: If you can’t find their account information, look through their mail for a billing statement or in their password manager if they used one. 

Step 2. Gather documentation

In addition to the account number and billing address, you’ll need a copy of their death certificate. A death certificate copy is always required when closing financial accounts such as credit cards.

Getting copies of a death certificate is a simple process and can be completed online. They typically cost anywhere from $5 to $20 per copy. Be sure to get several at once since you’ll need multiple copies if you’re responsible for taking care of financial affairs when someone dies.

Step 3. Contact customer service

Call the number on the back of the credit card, or 1-800-677-0232. Once you speak with a representative, they’ll direct you to the cancellations department.

You’ll then be asked to provide your loved one’s name, billing address, and account number. If there is a zero balance, they’ll proceed with the cancellation. If there is an amount due, the estate may be required to pay it off. 

When acting as an executor, you can pay the bill and have the estate reimburse you. Alternatively, you can have the estate pay the bill directly. Late fees and interest that accumulated after the death of your loved one should be forgiven.

After the account has a zero balance, you’ll need to upload and email a copy of your loved one’s death certificate to the support center at the email address provided by the representative. Once the certificate copy is received and approved, the service representative will cancel the account.

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Step 4. Check for confirmation 

Once the card is canceled, a confirmation letter will be emailed or sent via the regular post, depending on your loved one’s communication preferences. Keep an eye out within a day or two for an emailed letter and within a week for a mailed letter.

Step 5. Update records

After receipt of the confirmation letter, print out a copy or upload it to the location where you’re keeping digital copies of records for your loved one’s estate. This should be kept in a secure location for future reference should you need it to provide account closure.

Closing Unused Accounts

Closing unused credit cards is an important step to take for yourself or a deceased loved one. Canceling unused cards will protect you from fraud and hacking, and protect your loved one’s estate from the same. While you don’t need to worry about this right away, it’s still a good idea to put it on your list of to-dos, whether you’re the executor or an authorized user on the account, such as a spouse. It won’t take very long to complete, and you’ll be glad you did.

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