How to Permanently Cancel an IPSY Account


IPSY is a popular subscription box that provides customers with various cosmetics products samples every month. With an IPSY subscription, you can try out different cosmetics products to get a better sense of which you would like to purchase in larger quantities (and, presumably, on an ongoing basis) in the future.

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However, maybe you have decided that the benefits of an IPSY subscription don’t outweigh the cost. Or perhaps a close loved one with an IPSY subscription has recently passed away. If you’re the executor of their estate, managing their digital accounts and subscriptions may be one of your executor duties.

In either case, you’re probably reading this because you want more information about how to cancel an IPSY account, whether for yourself or a deceased loved one. This guide will answer your questions. If it doesn’t, reach out to the company directly for more guidance.

How to Cancel Your Own IPSY Account

IPSY accounts automatically renew. Thus, you can’t just wait for the subscription to expire if you no longer want to use the service.

According to IPSY’s guide, canceling an account should be a simple process that generally involves these simple steps. However, according to reports from customers on such forums as Reddit, Quora, and others, IPSY isn’t always quickly responsive to cancelation requests.

You may need to be persistent to get the company to approve of a cancelation. The following section will provide contact information for IPSY in case you follow these steps and your subscription remains active.

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Step 1: Access your account

Start by signing in to your IPSY account. Keep in mind that the exact process for doing so can vary somewhat depending on what type of device you’re using, but if you’ve been using the service, odds are you already know how to access your account.

That said, you may have forgotten your IPSY password. You can address this issue by requesting that IPSY send a new password to your email inbox. 

(If forgetting your login information for accounts and subscriptions tends to be a common problem for you, we recommend using a password manager tool in the future. It will make keeping track of your passwords much less stressful and demanding going forward.)

Step 2: Access the “management membership” option

When you’ve signed in to your account, you’ll see a “view membership” link. Click on it to see the “manage membership” option. Select it by clicking or tapping on the link. This link will take you directly to the page you’re looking for.

Step 3: Access the “stop my membership” option

After completing the above step, find the “manage my membership” option, click on it, then select the “help me stop my membership” option.

Step 4: Select “continue cancelation”

As with most companies, IPSY wants to keep you as a customer. Thus, when you finish the steps above, before canceling your IPSY account, the site will display a pop-up asking if you would prefer to skip a month instead.

This is, of course, an option to consider if you genuinely want to keep your subscription but save a little money by skipping one month. However, if you know you want to cancel IPSY entirely, click the “continue cancelation” link in the pop-up.

Step 5: Choose a reason for canceling your subscription

If you confirm that you want to cancel IPSY entirely, the site will display a list of reasons you may have for doing so. Choose two reasons by clicking on them or tapping them.

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Step 6: Check your email and cancel your subscription

IPSY will email you after you’ve provided two reasons for canceling your subscription. You’ll need to click on the email link to proceed. Once you’ve clicked, the cancelation process will be complete. But be aware: you have to be logged in to your IPSY account. Otherwise, IPSY won’t be able to process your cancelation request.

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s IPSY Account

In the digital age, knowing what to do when someone dies if you are the executor of the estate is arguably more challenging than ever before. If the notion of sorting through a loved one’s numerous accounts and canceling all of them overwhelms you, you’re not alone.

If you prepare accordingly, you may not face much difficulty canceling IPSY for someone who has recently passed away. However, many people have found that IPSY requires some persistence to cancel your account, let alone someone else’s account.

The process involves the following:

Step 1: Consider whether you already have access to the account

There’s a possibility that you already have access to your deceased loved one’s IPSY account. You may also have access to their email account. This might be the case if they tended to share their passwords with you or if they never logged out of their account before their death and you currently have access to their smartphone or computer.

If you have access to their account, you can simply follow the steps in the above section of this guide to cancel their IPSY subscription. Move on to the following steps if you don’t have access to their account.

Step 2: Prepare important documentation and information

If you don’t have access to a deceased loved one’s account and therefore can’t easily close it, you will have to contact IPSY’s customer service team to end a subscription.

The team will want you to prove that your loved one is deceased to ensure you’re not an impostor canceling an account of a customer who is alive. Our guide on how to get a death certificate can help you better understand how you may gather the necessary documentation. Although some companies accept an obituary as proof of death, most customer support teams consider a death certificate more convincing and authentic.

You may also need to show some official documentation indicating you are the executor of your loved one’s estate. A will is an obvious example of such documentation, but if your loved one didn’t make a will before they died, or if their will did not specify that you were responsible for canceling their accounts and subscriptions, your attorney can potentially help you with this step of the process.

Step 3: Contact IPSY

IPSY relies primarily on a chatbot to provide customers with answers to their questions. However, after various experiments, we’ve found that IPSY’s chatbot is not very helpful with this specific issue, as it does not interpret questions about canceling an account after a death.

You can ask the chatbot (which you can chat with by clicking on the question mark icon in the lower right corner of this general IPSY support page) to direct you to a customer service representative for further help. But you may find it’s easier to email to initiate the process.

Those who have succeeded in getting a response from IPSY often state they have had to reach out many times to get responses from the company. Be prepared to do the same yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Canceling an IPSY Account

If you have any additional questions about canceling an IPSY account, this information may help:

Can you get a refund after canceling an IPSY subscription?

IPSY’s guide claims you can get a refund if you return your last subscription bag with the contents intact and unused and if you cancel before noon (PST) before the last day of the month. Still, based on customer reports, you might have to demand a refund fairly aggressively to receive one. On some forums and platforms, IPSY customers even suggest getting a lawyer involved to remedy the problem.

Can you cancel an IPSY subscription at any time?

In theory, yes. But many customers have found that IPSY won’t send the email allowing you to cancel your subscription unless you complete the cancelation process multiple times.

Canceling IPSY: It Can Be a Challenge

Yet again, according to the company itself, canceling IPSY for yourself or a deceased loved one should be easy. That said, because customers routinely claim that canceling IPSY is much more frustrating than the company’s guide states, the unfortunate truth is that you may want to anticipate a struggle.

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