How to Permanently Delete a Pandora Account: 6 Steps


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Streaming services are a large and infinitely growing part of the digital landscape. From Spotify to Disney+, everything is on-demand nowadays. And whether you love curling up with a movie, or listening to your favorite tunes, you’re covered. One of the most popular streaming services is Pandora. And if you have a Pandora account or a premium membership, you know how much fun their service can be. 

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Pandora often makes playlists out of recommended songs that sound similar. Once you get a particularly great playlist, it’s hard to leave Pandora. It also gives you a greater chance of discovering new favorites. But if you’re ready to say goodbye to Pandora, you’ll need to shut down your account. Here’s how to do it.

How to Completely Close Your Pandora Account and Premium Subscription

Like most services, having an account and a premium subscription are two different things. Most subscriptions often come with perks, like ad-free music.

So if you want to keep a free account, here’s how to cancel your subscription.

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1. Go to subscriptions

You won’t be able to switch your subscription off from the app. Also, deleting the app won’t change anything about your subscription or billing information.

You’ll need to log into your account from a computer. Since you’ll be entering an account that contains billing information, it’s best to do so from a personal computer. Log in, then go to the Subscriptions page. 

2. Confirm cancellation

Navigate from Subscriptions to Switch Plans. You’ll be ‘switching’ your plan to cancel. Click Cancel Subscription, then enter your password.

This is an important step, so Pandora knows this was initiated by you. All the benefits associated with your subscriptions stay active until the next billing date. After that date, your subscription plan is officially expired.

3. Delete your account

Deleting your account takes a different set of steps. And for a lot of sites, deactivation is an option. That’s not true for Pandora. You cannot deactivate your account. And if you have a premium account, you can’t delete that either. You must cancel your premium subscription and wait until the next billing date, then move forward. 

Once your account has been downgraded to the free version, you can delete it. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of your screen. If you don’t have an avatar, this icon could be composed of your initials. Click Settings, and then navigate to Account. Scroll down to the bottom right corner of your screen, and click Delete Pandora Account. 

You’ll need to enter your password again. This confirms your identity and that you aren’t deleting your account by accident. This is especially important to Pandora—because when you delete your account, you lose all the playlists and personal information stored there. 

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How to Delete a Deceased Person’s Pandora Account and Premium Subscription

You might be the one responsible for organizing a loved one’s digital afterlife. If that’s the case, you’ll need to delete their accounts. It might not seem like a priority now—but it definitely will if they had a premium subscription. Getting billed each month for a service that isn’t being used can be like throwing money into a black hole. Here’s how to delete their accounts for them. 

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1. Bundle it together

As mentioned above, subscriptions and accounts are separate. You can’t cancel an account without canceling a premium subscription first. If you try to do it backward, you won’t be allowed to delete your account. And once you do cancel that premium subscription, you have to wait till the next billing cycle. 

When it comes to canceling an account and premium subscription for a deceased person, bundle it together. If you need to contact Pandora’s support team, remember that you need to cancel both. Be sure to mention this when you provide them with the necessary information. 

2. Log in

Of course, the goal is that you’ll never need to contact customer support. If you’re in charge of a loved one’s digital assets after death, you might have everything at your fingertips. Try looking through their files and password manager.

If you’re the executor of their estate and have permission to do so, conduct a thorough search. Some people use the same password across multiple accounts. Others tend to write each password down on paper and keep it in a fireproof box. If you can access that box, you might have the ticket to their Pandora account. 

You might not be able to find their password, which can make managing someone else’s digital legacy challenging. If you can’t find it, that means you can contact customer support. And if you have basic information on hand, it might be easier than rummaging for a password!

3. Contact customer support

Pandora’s customer support bundles subscription and account cancellation. That’s only the case for a deceased loved one’s account, however. Your own account is a different story. 

To cancel it, you’ll need to contact their customer support. Pandora doesn’t offer phone or chat options. They do offer email support, which is perfect for the information they require. 

If you knew someone well, you will be able to provide this information offhand. If not, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a close relative, or the executor of their estate.

If the executor is unable to set aside time to close out this account, make sure to get all relevant information such as the email address associated with the account. You’ll also need your loved one’s birth year. And you should have their zip code on hand, too. 

Once you provide Pandora with this information, they can move forward with canceling the subscription and account. 

Subscriptions and Accounts Can Pile Up

Canceling a music subscription service might be the last thing on your list, but if planned properly, it might be a bit easier to do.

Making a post-funeral plan of attack might feel overwhelming. But if your loved one started end-of-life planning, the worst part of your job might be done. They might have provided specific instructions, passwords, and account lists.

Even if that’s not the case, you can still move forward. What matters is being able to close down these accounts to provide peace of mind for the executor of the estate and you.

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