How to Cancel a PayPal Credit Card: Step-by-Step


PayPal is one of the most popular digital payment platforms available, enabling consumers to pay for goods and services across the internet. By linking a bank account or credit card to the PayPal account, people are provided with a simple one-click process for purchases.

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To increase offerings, PayPal came out with its own credit card. Though they haven’t rolled out a rewards program, one of the perks many take advantage of is the ability to pay off large ticket items over several months interest-free. In terms of credit cards, however, PayPal is far from the best option.

If you’re ready to move on from PayPal credit to take advantage of a better credit card or you need to cancel a card on behalf of your deceased loved one, keep reading for everything you need to know.

How to Cancel Your Own PayPal Credit Card

Canceling your own PayPal credit card is a simple process and should only take a few minutes of your time. Preview the steps below so you know what to expect.

Note: PayPal credit cards are only in digital form. There is no physical card since their credit card is meant for online purchases only and only when logged into PayPal. Canceling your card is an absolute must if you’re not using it. Unused accounts are prime targets for hackers and identity thieves. Never leave a digital account like a PayPal credit card sitting unused and active.

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Step 1: Check balance and pay the remainder

Before you can cancel your PayPal credit card, you have to pay off any remaining balance. To do this, log on to your PayPal credit account, navigate to PayPal Credit, and click “Make a Payment.” You can pay from any linked bank account or by using your PayPal balance.

The statement will reflect the amount you paid the same day you pay it, but it could still take up to 48 hours for the total balance to update. Once the statement and balance are both updated to reflect no remaining balance, you can continue with the next steps.

Note: All pending transactions must be processed before you can cancel the account. If refunds, returns, or payments are processing, you’ll need to wait until these finish to continue with the following steps.

Refunds to your account and positive balances on your credit card statement can be mailed to you in the form of a check or posted to your PayPal account balance when you close your credit card.

Step 2: Log on and gather account info

Since you’ll have to contact customer service to cancel your credit card, you’ll want to have your account information on hand. This includes information like:

  • Your credit card number
  • The billing address on file
  • The email address on file
  • Your username
  • Answers to security questions

By having all of this on-hand for your call, you’ll help the call to proceed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Step 3: Contact customer service

The only way to begin the cancellation process is by calling PayPal credit customer service. The customer service number to call is 866-528-3733. The department can be reached from 7 am to 1 am eastern time Monday through Friday and from 9 am to 11 pm Saturday and Sunday. 

Once you are directed to the cancellation department, you’ll need to provide the customer service representative with account information so they can pull up your credit card account. They’ll also ask identifying questions to confirm your identity and verify that you are the account holder.

Once they’ve pulled up your account, they’ll confirm that the balance is zero. If there is a refund amount, they’ll request an address to send a check or whether you’d prefer to have the amount redirected to your regular PayPal account.

They’ll also ask why you want to close your account. There is no specific answer they’re looking for and any reason you provide is good enough. This question is asked for informational purposes only and will not impact your account closure in any way.

Once they’ve proceeded through the above formalities, they’ll close your account and provide you with a confirmation number. 

Step 4: Check for a confirmation email

You’ll receive a confirmation email that your credit card has been canceled within 48 hours of account closure. Keep this in your records in case a dispute arises later due to fraudulent activity. 

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Step 5: Update records

This is where we’d usually tell you to shred your old cards. However, since PayPal doesn’t issue a physical card, all you need to do is make sure any record of your old credit card number is erased from your account and any personal records you’ve kept such as account lists in a password manager.

Step 6: Keep an eye on your PayPal account

Closing your PayPal credit card doesn’t cancel your PayPal account. You’ll still receive statements of all other activity and transactions you complete through your PayPal account and linked bank accounts or credit cards. 

Keep an eye on your statements and make sure there are no unauthorized payments that use your old credit card. If there are, contact customer service immediately to resolve it.

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s PayPal Credit Card

If you’re reading this, you’re either preparing for or facing the task of dealing with a loved one’s estate and accounts. First of all, please know how sorry we are for your loss. Secondly, also know that we are here to help you navigate the ins and outs of account closures, work with financial institutions, and ensure your loved one’s digital and physical accounts get closed as simply as possible.

Thankfully, PayPal’s credit card account closure is a simple process, requiring just a half-hour of your time.

Step 1: Collect account info and necessary documents

In order for the PayPal customer service representative to locate your loved one’s account, they’ll need identifying account information. This includes items like:

  • Their credit card number
  • Their PayPal username
  • A billing address on file
  • A phone number on file
  • An email address on file

In addition to this information, you’ll also need documentation regarding your loved one’s death and your legal right to request an account closure. As you’re undoubtedly finding out, there are many things to do when someone dies. This includes contacting financial institutions, canceling credit cards, and settling the affairs of your loved one’s estate.

For any dealings with financial institutions, credit card companies included, you’ll need to get a death certificate. Most companies request a copy that is emailed, faxed, or physically mailed in to provide proof of the person’s death. If you’re carrying out these tasks as part of your executor duties, it’s a good idea to obtain several copies at the same time so you’ll be ready to mail them out when required.

For PayPal’s process, you’ll need to email a copy of the death certificate to the email provided when talking with a customer service representative. You should also have a copy of the will or other records providing proof that you are legally allowed to request account closure as the executor of your loved one’s estate. If you’re the person’s spouse, you can also request account closure as long as you have proof of your relationship.

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Step 2: Call PayPal customer service

To close your loved one’s credit card account with PayPal, you need to call their customer service number at 866-528-3733 from 7 am to 1 am eastern time Monday through Friday and from 9 am to 11 pm Saturday and Sunday. After explaining that you need to close a loved one’s account, you’ll be directed to the correct department.

Provide them with your loved one’s account information and verification documents. Once this is done, the representative will determine whether your loved one’s account has any balance that needs to be paid. All bills should be paid directly from your loved one’s estate, not from your personal accounts.

If their account has no balance, the representative can close the account while you’re on the phone.

Step 3: Request confirmation of account closure

Before hanging up, be sure to request an email confirming account closure. Keep this in your loved one’s files in case proof of account closure is needed at a later date.

Step 4: Update records

Finally, mark this item as completed on your to-do list, and update any records to reflect the account as having been closed.

Maintaining and Closing Financial Accounts

The best way to prevent the unauthorized use of your credit cards or your loved one’s cards is to close them when they’re no longer in use. Though you do need to gather some information beforehand, the process itself shouldn’t take more than a few minutes out of your day.

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