How to Cancel a Weight Watchers Membership


Canceling memberships and account information for services like Weight Watchers is a normal task that most of us have had to tackle before. Normally, we do it for ourselves. But in some cases, you may have lost a loved one and now you have to complete this executor duty on their behalf. 

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Many people might be in a position currently where this is a checkmark on a list of other responsibilities, like canceling bills related to the deceased’s home or managing what will happen with their belongings. And these are just some of the things you might need to do when someone dies.

Although canceling accounts may not be the hardest task to complete on your to-do list, it’s important to get it done in a timely fashion. You can avoid overpaying unnecessarily by canceling before your next billing date. This can also prevent further notifications from arriving to the account. You or your loved one may have a Weight Watchers membership account that you’re looking to cancel; if so, keep reading to learn more.

How to Cancel Your Own Weight Watchers Membership

Maybe you’re looking to cut costs, trying out a different program, or you’re not seeing benefits from your membership. Along with the steps below, you can get additional help by contacting the Weight Watchers customer service line at 1 (800) 651-6000. There is also additional information available online to answer any other questions you may have after reading this article.

Weight Watchers is a program that offers support with healthy, mindful eating. They provide meals, meal plans, and options like mindful exercises. You can discover more about them by checking out their website. So, you’re ready to cancel your account? You can cancel your account in a few steps.

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Step 1: Head to their website 

You can end your Weight Watchers membership or trial by heading over to your account page. The Weight Watcher’s site allows members a variety of programs, and your account page is the place to begin your changes. Go online to and click the membership icon. 

Step 2: Login to your account

Once you’ve made it to the website, log in to your account with your username and password. 

Step 3: Navigate to your profile

After you log in to your account, click on the upper right-hand corner of the My Day Dashboard. Select “Settings,” and then click “Profile”. 

Your profile will include information like what membership and perks you currently have. You can double-check that you’re signed up and learn more about their packages. 

Step 4: End your membership

Next, click to cancel your membership. They’ll ask you to choose a reason for leaving before the change can process. Your reason may be that it costs too much or that you’re pausing your plan momentarily. Once you answer, confirm and press enter.

Step 5: Verify your request to cancel

Follow the steps that appear to finish canceling your membership. Once you confirm your decision to cancel, you’re all done!

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Alternate Option: Call and cancel

Another way is to contact Weight Watcher’s customer service line and have a representative assist you with your account at 1(800) 651-6000. Once you provide them with information including your account ID, username, and/or password. They will gladly help you work through your cancellation.

Once your membership is canceled, your account won’t be charged any further fees. You also might be able to cancel your account on the Weight Watchers mobile app. For additional help, you can also email their customer support at You will receive a confirmation email to the email you have on file once your account is fully deactivated. 

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Weight Watchers Membership

This section should be helpful if your loved one has a Weight Watchers membership that you have to cancel. Below are the steps necessary to delete your loved one’s account. Once you delete their account, it will no longer be active under Weight Watchers. This will stop any further charges or notifications from coming to your loved one. 

Step 1: Follow the previous steps  

Just like the above steps, you can go online to check out your loved one’s membership and see exactly what they have activated at the moment. Maybe it’s just a short-term trial, or it may be a longer commitment. You can access more information on what your loved one is signed up for by going to the Weight Watchers website or calling their customer service line. 

Step 2: Contact Weight Watcher’s customer service 

You can complete the steps above and complete this change online. However, if you need additional assistance to delete your loved one’s membership, you can contact their customer service support team. You’ll need to provide your loved one’s details so that the customer service representative can help you out.

If you don’t have their password, see if they have a password manager somewhere. Your loved one may have a password manager on their phone or in their office. 

You can reach Weight Watchers by calling their line of business (see above) or emailing customer support at

On the call, they will ask you to provide the deceased’s user information like their email address and other account details. You won’t need to provide them with anything too serious, like a death certificate (which is a legal document that pronounces the death). 

However, you may need a certificate of death for other tasks. It’s simple to learn more about getting a death certificate for your loved one or yourself. It may also provide you with some relief to have a copy of your loved one’s death certificate safely stored with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Canceling a Weight Watchers Account

Our accounts and memberships add to our schedules, routines, and lifestyles. There are many account memberships available to help us in different aspects of life. However, you may need to cancel those accounts eventually. Below are a few frequently asked questions about canceling a Weight Watchers account.

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Is a cancellation fee charged when you cancel your membership?

If you committed to a long-term contract, there may be an early termination fee charged, which the cancellation policy and refunds section notes. You can learn more on their website about any cancellation charges. Make sure to call or visit online for any further questions about cancellation charges.

Can you pause a Weight Watchers account?

You cannot pause an account. However, you can always go back to access your account. If you want to renew in the future, that option is always available to you. 

How soon will my Weight Watchers Membership stop?

After canceling your Weight Watchers membership, the change will process immediately. You’ll stop receiving any benefits, merchandise, and communications once you cancel. 

Deleting A Weight Watchers Account Indefinitely 

A loved one passing away may bring forth important tasks to take care of in a timely fashion. This includes lots of things we often do for ourselves, like canceling memberships and monthly bills. Once it’s decided that an account is no longer needed or useful, it’s important to manage it as soon as possible. Acting immediately when handling this can pause any charges, fraud, or alerts from occurring. 

A useful tip is writing down everything you need to get done, from most important to least, or making note of your next billing date. Remember to visit all the resources on the program’s website for additional information.

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