24 Cardinal Gifts to Remember Lost Loved Ones


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Cardinals make some of the most popular remembrance gifts for lost loved ones. People choose to give these gifts due to the similarities of what cardinals symbolize across the many global religions and cultures, including various states of mourning or shared beliefs.

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Cardinal Gifts to Remember a Parent Who Died

Cardinal Gifts to Remember a Grandparent Who Died

Cardinal Gifts to Remember a Sibling Who Died

Cardinal Gifts to Remember a Partner or Spouse Who Died

Cardinal Gifts to Remember a Friend Who Died

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Caring people who recognize the significance of cardinals primarily choose cardinal-themed items to honor those historical and symbolic references while supporting friends and family. Make sure to choose one suitable for the recipient and consider their needs or abilities. 

Cardinal Gifts to Remember a Parent Who Died

Purchase a cardinal gift for yourself or send one to a friend who wants something ornamental yet understated to remember a parent who died.

1. Memorial ornament with cardinal and personalization

Choose from custom hand-painted laser-cut wood or hand-painted glass memorial ornaments for the holiday tree. 

Hang one or choose multiples to scatter brilliant reds and whites no matter where the perspective points someone. 

2. Cardinal-themed memory frame and shadow box

LED fairy lights create a backlit memory frame and shadow box. At the front are hand-painted words, expressing sentiment for family, love, and laughter. 

Order one for yourself and each of your surviving siblings to keep the remaining branches of the family tree strong.

3. Custom lighted glass block with cardinal

A single strand of battery-operated LED lights is nestled inside your choice of a clear or frosted glass block. Displayed upfront is custom lettering and cardinals perched on a branch. 

Present the lighted block in pride of place on a mantle or bookshelf during the holidays or year-round.

4. Slate signage with cardinal and quote

In place of paper, this canvas is a flat slate sign with a hand-painted cardinal. Spray a sealant over the slate and use galvanized wiring to hang up your sign. Choose anywhere throughout your yard, on a fencepost, or near your home.

The materials used will hold up against weather from all four seasons for years to come.

5. Rustic pallet leaning wall sign

Measuring small enough to suit any room, a rustic pallet leaning wall sign can add memories anywhere you like. 

Lean it near the fireplace to catch light from a flame or atop a table. Use the sign as a conversation piece to reminisce, laugh, and remember a parent who died.

Cardinal Gifts to Remember a Grandparent Who Died

Select from these unique gifts to help someone remember any wonderful grandparent who may have died but is not forgotten. Choose to give them something today or later as a death anniversary gift.

6. Pocket token with cardinal image and saying

Engrave a wooden pocket token with the image of a cardinal and up to 25 letters. Choose names and dates or a short saying that’ll remind anyone of your grandparent’s longstanding presence in life.

Order enough for each of the funeral or memorial guests to remember their beloved family patriarch or matriarch. 

7. Cardinal on a garden stake

A bright, three-dimensional cardinal is hand-crafted by welding cut metal to create a happy little red bird and enlighten one’s home or garden.

Painted using vivid colors, you’re sure to notice this treasure from across the room or when coming up the driveway. 

8. Laser engraved keychain with cardinal silhouette

Carry a custom laser engraved keychain with you everywhere you go to keep the memory of your beloved grandparents within reach. Add details such as a favorite quote or keep it simple with a nickname and date.

Buy in bulk for better pricing or have a local engraver or artist make only one unique keepsake for yourself.

9. Candle holder with cardinals

UV printing on an unstained tea light holder will make the wording and graphics pop on your candle holder. 

Add some DIY personalization to the candle with both grandparent’s first names and year of passing to keep them forever entwined together in your memory.

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10. Cardinal-patterned infinity scarf

Choose from screen-printed or hand-painted infinity scarves made from silk or fleece. Color options include a basic white, red, and black theme, including more festive ones with green holly or abstract coloring.

Cardinal Gifts to Remember a Sibling Who Died

The gift recipient can place memorial cardinal feeders and suncatchers or one-of-a-kind hand-carved or mouth-blown cardinals throughout their home to remember a sibling who died.

11. Custom memorial bird feeder

Personalize a see-through window-mounted bird feeder in memory of your sibling. Choose a crisp white painted background with a detailed, shingle-like roof. Add a saying in memory of your friend’s childhood play partner and date to identify the year of their loss. 

12. Cardinal crystal suncatcher

Perched on a silver chain is a stately lampwork cardinal suncatcher. The added Swarovski crystal complements the opaque bird charm by scattering iridescent light in every direction. 

It works for anyone’s office, home, or from the rearview mirror in their car. Anywhere they place this suncatcher charm is sure to help them remember that special sibling throughout the day.

13. Blown glass cardinal

A beautiful, three-dimensional mouth-blown glass figurine is suitable for year-round display, not just the holidays. 

The glass can perch on a window to catch and reflect light around any room or sit nestled inside any indoor potted plant.

14. Hand-carved cardinal

Choose a hand-carved, crafted, and painted cardinal made from sustainably sourced wood to help anyone remember that unique do-it-yourself grandparent. Then, with each memory day or death anniversary, you can surround them with a flock of birds hung on trees, window frames, and anywhere else that’s suitable.

Choose wood and materials under fair trade principles to ensure that communities globally benefit from the purchase.

Cardinal Gifts to Remember a Partner or Spouse Who Died

Cardinal gifts that one can wear or display work for any loved one who has lost a partner or spouse. Check out these options, which include jewelry, wind chimes, and stained glass.

15. Memorial wind chime with cardinal

In the soft breeze of a morning or the steady blowing of an autumnal night, you’ll hear your loved one’s wind chime dancing in the breeze to remind you of their lasting presence and love.

Most will have metal chime tubes, but you can choose between a wooden or metal sail on which you can place engraved thoughts, names, and dates. 

16. Grieving cuff with tiny cardinal

A jewelry cuff is a lovely gift to buy any dear friend who’s grieving the loss of their partner or spouse. 

Include their name or nickname on one charm and choose from the options of your loved one's birthstone.

17. Stained glass cardinal

Hand-crafted stained glass will add beauty to any home window. Opt for a large and ornate design from any number of artists available in online marketplaces, or choose something simple from several well-known retailers. 

Designs vary to include hearts, flowers, cardinal pairs, and greenery. 

Pro-tip: Contact the artist for a custom piece if possible.

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18. Memorial charm bracelet

Beads, charms, hearts, and miniature cardinals gather to adorn the modern memorial charm bracelet. Each memorial charm bracelet comes in both chain and bangle style, meeting any particular need or ability.

Pro-tip: If buying this bracelet for a friend, make sure to choose a metal that considers potential skin allergies.

19. Cardinal pendant

Cardinal pendants come in various options to include multiple materials, shapes, sizes, and colorations. Some offer placements for small photos, while others include etchings or engravings.

Pro-tip: When choosing a necklace, consider the charm’s weight and the chain’s length to accommodate any restrictions or abilities. 

Cardinal Gifts to Remember a Friend Who Died

When customizing memorial gifts, consider where the gift will be displayed in a home or garden. Then choose from personalization such as quotes, names, or dates to best honor the dear friend.

20. Cardinal stamped garden stone

Garden stones made from beach rock or molded concrete are suitable for just about any garden. Note the additional options for quotes, names, and dates as the stone increases in size. 

Pro-tip: Choose a garden stone suitable to your friend’s garden size to remain considerate of the space available.

21. Sympathy frame with cardinal

Sympathy frames offer room for a quote or name, the image of a cardinal, and a photo of the deceased. Choose from any number of wood colors and paints, personalize with a name and date or favorite quote, then add a lovely picture to finish the gift.

22. Keepsake memorial cardinal lantern

Remembrance or memorial lanterns make great gifts to give a friend who’s recently lost a friend or loved one. Options include those that are painted black or white as well as ones that are stained natural wood color. 

Add personalization where possible and include a battery-operated candle for immediate use.

23. Cardinal snow globe

Red cardinal snow globes may or may not come with a wind-up musical option. If so, many are Christmas-themed, so read the description carefully when making your purchase. 

Many arrive with a painted black base to highlight the bright red cardinal and fake snow inside. However, a few artists customize options should the color black not be the first choice.

24. Commissioned hand-painted cardinal art

When choosing a commissioned piece of art to buy for a friend, your options will include any number of mediums such as canvas, glass, metal, and more. To decide which is the best vehicle for this gift, you may first want to consider where it will hang or rest in their home. 

From there, you can contact the artist directly to work with any concerns or customization needed.

Cardinals Hold Great Spiritual and Cultural Significance

Accompany the cardinal-themed gift with one or two poems about cardinals. Write one inside the sympathy card or type one out for an online post. Doing so will add dimension to your gift, further showing that you appreciate your friend or loved one’s spiritual and cultural beliefs in that brilliant red bird. 


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