16 Care Package Ideas For Families With COVID-19


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If there’s one thing that’s true about COVID-19, it’s that it can be a time-consuming health journey for some people. It’s common for some people to experience mental and physical exhaustion and quarantining the sick from those who are healthy is essential. 

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If you know someone who has one or more family members dealing with COVID, prepare a care package. 

Though it can be hard to know what to say when someone tests positive for coronavirus, the important thing is that you reach out and show you care. Let these ideas for thoughtful care packages inspire you.

Care Package Ideas for Families with Young Children

Care packages can make life a bit more bearable. A care package for a family with COVID-19 and young children should include some basic supplies as well as entertaining items for the little ones.

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1. Personal hygiene products 

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Families with young children will need toiletries on hand so they don’t have to run out to the store to resupply. 

Young children are energetic, enthusiastic, full of life, and can make quite a mess. If mom or dad has COVID-19 and can’t abandon quarantine, it can be difficult to resupply basic hygiene and clean-up products. 

If you want to make sure your care package keeps them going long enough, consider preparing a care package for a two- to three-week period. The standard quarantine period is 14 days and some people extend their quarantine beyond that. A care package that has at least two weeks of supplies should be a big help.

2. Coloring books and colored pencils

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Entertaining children can be a difficult task for parents dealing COVID-19 stress. Create a kid’s care package by adding small things to amuse children like coloring books, colored pencils, crayons, and markers. These can help provide hours of entertainment for young children. 

Besides being entertaining, coloring books also help stimulate a child’s creativity and develop their hand strength and muscles. Improving their hand-eye coordination will further help to prepare for going back to school.

Find fun age-appropriate coloring books full of entertaining stories and cartoons that will keep them engaged. Having calm, healthy children at home will be a huge stress reliever for families battling COVID-19. 

3. Healthy snacks

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With extra time to spend on their own, children might watch more TV or YouTube or play more video games than normal. They’ll also want a few snacks to keep them going, even with mom or dad quarantining in a back room.

Include healthy snacks for children in your care package. This will help mom or dad keep their kids fed without adding stress about the nutritional value of the items they’re eating. 

4. Get well card

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Handwritten get well cards provide a meaningful way to send sincere get well wishes. Your friends may feel so encouraged by your get well card that they put it in a spot where they’ll see it often. 

Try reaching out to as many acquaintances and friends as possible. Have them all write their own card and include each one in your care package. 

5. Masks

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It’s important to keep the members who have tested negative safe when not all family members in a household become infected. This is even more important for families who live with their grandparents. 

Older people have a higher risk of health complications, so if someone you know is vulnerable and potentially exposed, send them some handmade colorful masks. While COVID-19 patients recover, the rest of the family can reduce their risk of infection by using masks around the house and while they’re out and about. 

Care Package Ideas for Families with Teens or Adult Children

The pandemic has been hard for teenagers. Families with teens need to find a way to help their children adjust to the current circumstances while encouraging them to resume normal activities as much as possible. They can still stay connected with friends even with limited social engagement. 

Keep these things in mind when curating a care package and add gifts that will help teens and young adults stay entertained and encouraged. 

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6. Engaging books

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A literature-focused care package is ideal for teens who love to read. Find books from their favorite genre, an author they rave about, or a new find you think they’d find interesting.

Perhaps they’ll love your package so much they’ll start a Skype book club with you! 

7. UberEats or delivery gift card

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It’s hard to access all the ingredients necessary to cook someone’s favorite meal during quarantine. Considering including an UberEats gift card in your care package for a family with COVID-19.

An UberEats gift card can be a lifesaver when someone has little to no energy to cook. In addition, families with teen children can spoil them a little with their favorite meals from local places, even if they can’t go out in public.

8. Subscription exercise plans

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Young adults may want to keep on top of their appearance and health. Give them a care package with some workout gear and a subscription to an online exercise plan.

This is sure to help make their time in quarantine more productive and improve their self-esteem at the same time.

9. Subscription to media streaming services

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There’s no question that teens and young adults connect with technology more thoroughly than other generations. This is due to spending hours on end on their computers or looking at their phones. 

To combat boredom during quarantine, including a digital subscription to a movie streaming service. Do some research to determine which subscription would be the most beneficial for a teen or young adult children.

10. Online course

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Some young adults may decide to invest their quarantine time learning new skills.

You can find online courses available for as little as $10 and provide an engaging environment where people get to meet others with similar interests and gather online to learn new skills. 

Care Package Ideas for Families Without Children

Families without children who live alone may lack assistance running errands during their quarantine. Consider their unique needs when compiling a care package for them and their spouses.

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11. Groceries

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COVID-19-positive couples without at-home assistance might need help getting groceries. Give your friends a care package with some basics to help make sure they don’t run out of food.

Add healthy options such as oatmeal, avocados, rice, noodles, fruits, and veggies. If you live far away, compile this grocery package through a delivery app such as Instacart. Helping COVID-19 patients with their grocery shopping is one way you can care for someone when far away.

12. Medicine

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Some people who get infected with coronavirus present symptoms, while others don’t. 

Some symptoms can be painful and hard to bear without medication. Ask infected friends or family if their doctor recommended any medicine. If they have a list, you can put some of those items in a care package. 

13. Cleaning or household supplies

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Living in a clean environment is crucial for overall well-being. A messy home on top of the tension and worry of being sick won’t contribute to a relaxed mind.

Add some cleaning supplies such as disinfectants, essential oils, scrub pads, or detergent to make sure that your friend has the necessary supplies to keep the house clean and feeling good. 

14. Workout clothes

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If your friends are feeling better and have come out of the woods with the virus, they might begin to seek some sort of physical activity to improve their mood while they quarantine. 

Comfortable workout clothes will motivate them to exercise and be active and make for excellent get well gifts for coronavirus.

15. Board games

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A couple without children might have even more downtime and may have time to try new activities such as board games.

Give them traditional board games such as Monopoly or a brand new one you think they’ll enjoy.

16. Crafting tools

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Some people love to paint, knit, crochet, or wood burn. If your friend has a hobby, fill a box with fun crafting items he may not have and send it his way. It’s a great time to learn and perfect a skillset. 

Show You Care

A health crisis requires everyone’s cooperation. Let your family and friends know you care about them with a thoughtful care package. Your support is sure to bring a smile to their faces, encouragement to their hearts, and help them to know that you’re in it together with them—from a distance.

If you're looking for more ways to show you care, read our guides on care packages for loved ones in assisted living, how to deal with grief during the pandemic, and how to organize a window visit.

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