18 Cute Things to Put in a Care Package for a Boyfriend


When your boyfriend feels under the weather, your first instinct may be to rush to his side and nurse him back to health.

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However, if you have a long-distance relationship and can’t see each other face to face, you may not be able to visit right now. Sending a care package for your sick boyfriend is the next best thing if he can’t see your smiling face in person.

Items to Put in a DIY Care Package for a Sick Boyfriend

Want to add an extra special personal touch? You can DIY the entire package with items you know he’ll love. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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1. Box of notes

If your boyfriend is feeling under the weather, there’s nothing like a box of notes from his favorite girl to cheer him up.

Choose several pieces of nice cardstock, cut them down to small note sizes, then write on each one. Fold them in half and place them in a little decorated box or a jar. He can pull them all out at once or read your get well wishes once a day for an added boost of encouragement.

2. Blanket

Microfiber blankets come in all sorts of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. Give your boyfriend a blanket with a sweet saying written on it or customize it with a favorite picture of you both.

You can also pick a funny blanket print instead, with pizzas or tortillas. No matter what, this is a get well gift your boyfriend is sure to love.

3. Activity box

Is your boyfriend sick in bed and bored out of his mind? Put together an activity box. Include an adult mini Lego set, a ready-made escape room in a box, or a Star Wars model for him to build.

4. Favorite foods

Help your significant other get his hunger back by sending a care package of his favorite foods.

Include items like beef jerky, cheese, crackers, and a bar of his favorite chocolate. Want to get him laughing? Include a cheesy note to create a funny get well soon message to put a smile on his face.

5. Digital movie 

Wish you could snuggle up with your boyfriend and watch a show together? Now you can. Give him a digital code for a movie rental.

Choose what you want to watch together and hop on your favorite platform to stream live videos of each other and your movie at the same time. You can still be together even if you’re apart.

6. Cards from friends

Is your boyfriend feeling lonely during his time away from the friends he enjoys? Have each of his friends write him a get well card (silly or serious) and bundle them all together.

Send the cards in a care package with one of your own on top. He’s sure to feel loved as he reads greetings from everyone who misses him.

7. Teddy bear

Think guys don’t like teddy bears? Think again. They may try to appear tough on the outside, but on the inside, they’re soft and cuddly, just like a teddy bear.

Get a teddy bear with a cute shirt that says, “I love you,” “Get well soon,” or “I miss you beary much.” He’ll love it because it’ll make him think of you.

8. Slippers

Slippers are the universal love language for sick people. Your boyfriend’s head might be congested and he might feel completely drained — but with slippers, at least his feet will be warm and comfortable.

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9. Pajamas

Want to give your man a hug but can’t see him? Give him the next best thing — a warm, comfy pair of pajamas.

Loungewear is perfect for when he’s confined to the couch or his bed. It may not be your arms around him, but he’ll think of you when he wears them and that’s almost just as good.

10. Socks

Everyone loves a cushy, comfortable pair of socks. Get him socks with grips so he feels like he’s walking on clouds. Do your best to make his feet comfy and he’ll be sure to thank you.

11. Essential oils

Is your guy into natural healing methods? Does he already have an essential oil diffuser? If so, craft some made-by-you essential oil blends to help him get better fast.

Choose oils like eucalyptus and peppermint if he’s congested, lavender and clove if he’s having trouble sleeping. Choose orange and lemon for a refreshing scent. Label the bottles with the blend ingredients and include a get-well note.

12. Instant soups

If your boyfriend lives alone, he probably wishes someone would cook for him. Do the next best thing and send a care package of instant soups, crackers, powdered cheese, and a soup bowl and spoon.

Include other food items like instant mac and cheese or Rice a Roni. You never know — your care package might just be how he makes it through!

13. Sweatshirt or t-shirt

Help the love of your life stay comfy while he’s under the weather with an article of clothing you know he'll love. Buy a shirt with a funny quote, an inspirational saying, or a theme from his favorite movie or video game. It’s sure to be a hit.

14. Gaming gift certificate

When your boyfriend’s tired of movie marathons, give him something else to do. Buy a gaming certificate from his favorite game host. He may just want to game the day away.

15. Sweatpants

Sweatpants are the ultimate comfy wear for your sick significant other. Go for the softest, comfiest, warmest sweatpants you can find.

Fleece and microfiber are excellent options if you’re looking for a super plush option. Send a few pairs so your boyfriend can enjoy lasting comfort without worrying about having to do laundry.

16. Tea and cider

Add instant cider and bags of tea to your care package. Choose several of your boyfriend’s favorite black, green, white, and herbal teas. Include several packets of instant cider mix, a mug, and a spoon. He may not want to eat, but he has to stay hydrated.

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17. Neck warmer

If your favorite person feels stiff and achy, include a neck warmer in the care package you send. Choose a neck warmer infused with essential oils so he’ll have the added benefit of aromatherapy after he sticks it in the microwave. 

18. Pictures of you

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say when someone is sick. If you want to show your support instead of writing a letter, take pictures of yourself holding up signs that say, “I love you” and “Get well soon!” and print them out. Put them in a box, in a frame, or in a card for him to enjoy.

Where Can You Ship a Premade Care Package for Your Sick Boyfriend?

Don’t have time to DIY an entire care package for your boyfriend? Hop online and you can order one ready-made. Check out a few places that have an excellent selection of fun and thoughtful care packages ready to ship out.


If you want to send a personalized care package or one that looks like you DIYed it, go to Etsy.

This site sells items from thousands of crafty shop owners from around the world. Whether you want a gamer-themed care package, a package of get-well essentials, or another themed option, you’ll probably find it at an Etsy shop. Sellers occasionally offer discounts on some of their best sellers or free shipping as well.


eBay is another excellent option when it comes to premade care packages. Since there are so many sellers on eBay, finding what you want isn’t difficult. Keep an eye out for individual seller discounts on items and shipping.

With a little searching, you can find a reputable seller with an excellent product for your sick boyfriend.


Amazon is slightly more limited but still offers a solid list of options. You can find numerous ready-made care packages that are sure to brighten your boyfriend’s day.

Want to send the care package in a hurry? if you have Prime, you’ll get free 2-day shipping on most care packages.

Send Some Love

No one likes being sick and it’s even worse when the one you love can’t be by your side to help you through it. If you can’t be there for your boyfriend, send some love instead. He’ll appreciate the encouragement and look forward to the day when he can see you again.

If you're looking for more care package ideas, read our guides on care packages for someone with a cold and hospital care package ideas.

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