12 Simple Care Package Ideas for a Sick Girlfriend or Wife


Now and then life tests us in different ways. Sometimes we face failure at work, other times we have to deal with an unexpected disappointment, and sometimes a test comes in the shape of an illness that hospitalizes our significant other. 

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Even if we regularly show how much we love and appreciate our wife or girlfriend, it’s times like these that we appreciate even more how much they mean to us. It’s also our time to shine and make sure that they feel supported and loved when they need it most. It’s not always straightforward or easy to know what to bring someone in the hospital.

But with a little planning and preparation, you can assemble a care package that brings a smile and comfort to the one you love.

Care Packages for a Girlfriend or Wife WIth a Serious Illness

A diagnosis for serious illness is something we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies, let alone the people we love the most. News like this can be a life-changing event for everyone.

After the initial shock subsides, the question for those supporting our loved ones becomes how to care for them in a way that will encourage them and keep their spirits uplifted through their health journey.

Whether you choose a get well gift or send get well wishes from all their friends and family, putting a care package together could be just the thing to put a smile on their face. 

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1. Video compilation of family and friends

These days, one of the best tools we have is the internet and connectivity with friends and family around the world. Sometimes, the best gift isn’t wrapped in a box but is instead delivered in digital form. If your wife or girlfriend needs extra encouragement to face her illness, ask her friends and family to send you short video messages sharing their love, words of encouragement, and a get well soon message. 

Take all the messages you receive and compile them into one big video message to surprise your wife or girlfriend. When ready to show her the video, be sure to take a box of tissues in case the messages bring forth tears of joy.

This is a beautiful way to surprise your loved one and let her how just how very much she is loved and cared for by the people in her life.

2. A set of jewelry she’s always wanted

Nobody knows a girlfriend or wife like their partner. You know their likes, their dislikes, their quirks, and their longings. You know what makes them happy and what annoys them. In their time of illness, you have one of the best opportunities to make use of that knowledge and be creative to show them that you care. 

If your wife or girlfriend has had her eyes on something sparkly, making her wish a reality might help her feel beautiful during a time when she’s likely discouraged and disheartened. If you can pull it off, send in your order and surprise your significant other with that special set of jewelry you know she’ll love. Include a box of chocolates and a pair of fuzzy slippers for a complete feel-good care package.

3. A get-away package

Depending on the type of illness your significant other is dealing with, consider a get-away care package complete with a trip for two. This can be as simple as tickets to take your girl for a daytime outing to a special location the two of you have always wanted to visit. For those with less health or financial constraints, consider taking her away for a week to a cabin or special location where the two of you can spend some quality time together.

Take her to a place filled with natural beauty, a calm serene environment, and a relaxing atmosphere. Plan a time where the two of you can get away, reduce stress, and create memories that have nothing to do with illnesses, medications, doctor appointments, or health-related decisions.

Present your gift in a package with tickets, a journal, a nice pen, a gift card for her favorite coffee shop, comfortable slippers, and an eye mask.

4. Date in a box

It’s very common for couples, especially with kids, to get bogged down with day to day life and have little time left for each other. It can take years before a husband and wife can have a good old fashioned date together like before they were married. The diagnosis of an illness, however, might be an opportunity to rekindle that old-timey love and carve out time in your busy schedules for the sake of building your relationship again. 

Put together a package with wine, roses, chocolate, movie tickets, and dinner reservations. Surprise them with a wrapped package with each item inside so they can be completely surprised by your thoughtful, caring gift. 

Can't be there in person? Plan a virtual date night instead. 

Care Packages for a Sick Girlfriend or Wife Who’s Stressed

Life is stressful enough without adding illness on top of it. Our wives often hold the family together, schedule play dates for kids, go to work, cook, do the laundry, and make sure the world keeps spinning.

When their world stops because of sickness, give them a much-needed boost with a thoughtful care package.

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5. You’re a star

Everyone has favorite movie stars, singers, and celebrities. Put together a fun light-hearted package with everything needed for an in-home concert or movie marathon with their favorite celebrity.

If you go the movie route, include popcorn, theater candy, and a few DVDs of their favorite celeb’s staring roles. For the in-home concert, include live concert DVDs, something fun to eat, and concert swag if you can get ahold of it.

Finally, to cap it all off, find out if their favorite famous person will record a digital greeting to your girl. Many celebs will record personalized thirty-second greetings at a reasonable cost. Include that in your package and you’re sure to win the partner of the year award.

6. It’s a puppy!

It’s long been known that pets reduce stress, increase happiness, and help us maintain a calm environment. If your wife or girlfriend can have a pet and you know they’ve wanted a certain animal, now might just be the time to pull the trigger.

Put together a box with items belonging to their pet of choice. For example, for a dog you’d want to include a dog leash, a collar, the nameplate, a few chew toys, and a bag of treats.

When your girl looks at you quizzically, you can reveal the puppy! This can be customized to any type of pet. Just be sure that you know your wife or girlfriend can have a pet and that it would be something enjoyable for her, not something to add further stress.

7. All the tunes

Everyone knows the power of a good song. Imagine what an entire mix-tape can do for your girl. Combine all her favorite feel-good songs in one place and get her favorite drink and meal to go with it.

Share a meal with her from her favorite place or cook for her instead. However you decide to plan it, make sure she gets to sit back and relax and listen to her favorite tunes while you dote on her for a while. That combination is sure to lift her mood. 

8. A day at the spa

All ladies love looking good and being taken care of during a luxurious day at the spa or even an in-home spa day. Choose something you know will relax your wife or girlfriend.

Get creative and put together a care package with bath salts, calming music, lotion, roses, and a mani/pedi reservation. You’re sure to see her smiling when the stress melts away after her day at the spa. 

Last-Minute Care Packages for a Sick Girlfriend or Wife 

Sometimes when your wife or girlfriend is sick and you want to make her feel better, you need a quick gift that doesn’t take a lot of time to put together. In times like these, turn to your feelings about your significant other and use one of the following ideas to let her know you care.  

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9. Love notes

If you wake up one morning to find out your wife is not feeling well but you can’t take your day off to be with her and take care of her, you can still let her know you care.

While she rests, write several love notes. Place each note in a different envelope and label them with different times of the day. Instruct her to open each note at the time you wrote on the outside of the envelope. This way, she’ll get all of your “thinking of you messages” spread throughout the entire day.

It may not be big and expensive, but more often than not, something small and inexpensive like a heartfelt note will mean more to your wife than all the fancy gifts in the world.

10. Favorite foods

Just like music, food has an amazing ability to elevate someone’s mood. If you know your significant other is sick and you don’t have time to go looking for something that takes a lot of time, go with tried and true favorites.

Pick up the groceries on the way home from work, or stop by her favorite local restaurant and order takeout for her to enjoy. Let her know you’ve got dinner covered and by the time you get home, you’re sure to have a wife or girlfriend who knows she is loved. 

11. Gift card bouquet

Gift cards, if done wrong, can be seen as a lame excuse for a gift. However, if you do it right, your girl will know she is loved. Get several gift cards for her favorite stores or eateries.

Place just enough money on each to give her a drink at a coffee shop, the ability to buy a book, and the opportunity to browse for a new top. Each of these gives her something to look forward to when she feels better. Put them all in a card with some confetti so she is showered with your love when she opens it up. 

12. Pamper kit

If you want to pamper your girl but don’t have time to individually purchase each item, pick up a makeup or spa kit at a local clothing store.

Make sure the package includes her favorite scents or colors. She’s sure to enjoy the items inside and love the fact that you decided to go out of your way to get her something special.

Show You Care

When it comes to putting together care packages for your sick wife or girlfriend, it’s not what you buy them that matters as much as the fact that you did something special.

When you go the extra mile to show that you care, you communicate your love and show them that they matter. And that’s what care packages are all about.

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