25+ Best Friend Care Package Ideas to Make Them Smile


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A care package is an amazing way to support your best friend and make them smile. Whether your best friend is sick going through a rough break-up, or just celebrating a birthday, a care package might just make their day.

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DIY Care Package Ideas for a Best Friend

Breakup Care Package Ideas for a Best Friend

‘Get Well Soon’ Care Package Ideas for a Best Friend

Birthday Care Package Ideas for a Best Friend

Care Package Ideas for a Long-Distance Best Friend

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And a care package for your best friend doesn’t have to be costly, complicated, or hard to put together. There are plenty of simple care package ideas that you can incorporate into a creative box for your BF. 

DIY Care Package Ideas for a Best Friend

Sometimes the best gifts are those that you make yourself. Creating a DIY care package also gives you the opportunity to perfectly customize the box to suit your best friend. Here are some ideas for your DIY care package. 

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1. Baked treats care package

If your best friend has a sweet tooth, and you have a knack for baking, it’s a match made in care package heaven!  Bake up some cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, or other sweet treats that’ll last until they arrive safely in your best friend’s hands. 

2. Green thumb care package

A best friend who loves plants is sure to enjoy a DIY “green thumb” care package. You can include some sturdy plants, like succulents, or just provide seeds and everything they need to plant the seeds (a pot, some soil, etc.)

3. Inspiration care package

Put together a creative inspiration care package complete with notebooks or sketchbooks, some unique pens or pencils, and other crafting supplies. You can DIY this care package by including some of your own crafted items. 

4. “Open when” letters care package

An “Open When” letter care package is a gift that keeps on giving. Write whatever  “Open When” letters you’d like, and place them in a nicely decorated box.

You can place an “Open When You Receive These Letters” letter on the top of the stack to explain what your BFF is supposed to do. 

5. Thank you care package

Sometimes, you just want to say “Thank you for being a friend." You can create a “thank you” care package by writing a thank-letter to your best friend, from the heart. Then, you can include a few items that say “thank you,” like a gift card for a day of chores or some other favor. 

Break-Up Care Package Ideas for a Best Friend

A care package can help brighten your best friend’s day if they’re going through a difficult breakup. And there are plenty of care package options that are perfect for a breakup

6. Sweet treats care package

A strenuous breakup gives many people a sweet tooth. You can help your best friend cope by putting together a care package full of their favorite sweet treats. 

7. Wine care package

In addition to sweets, wine (in moderation, of course) can help your BFF cope with the stress of a rough breakup.

In a wine-themed care package, you can include wineglasses (consider custom-engraved glasses) and a bottle of their favorite or something you think they’d enjoy. You can also include a unique wine screw and other accessories. 

8. Encouragement care package

Put together a care package box full of items that offer inspiration. It could be a coffee mug that boasts an inspirational quote or even a wall decal or poster.

Most importantly, make sure to include your own encouraging note to help your friend feel supported. 

9. Night-in care package

Your best friend might not feel like going out on the town for a while after their breakup. You can help make their nights in more fun with a “night-in care package." Include items like cozy socks or a luxury robe, as well as a favorite movie. 

10. Soothing scents care package

Candles and essential oils help many people deal with taxing situations. You can put together a care package for your best friend that includes soothing scents in the form of candles, oils, and bath products

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‘Get Well Soon’ Care Package Ideas for a Best Friend

One of the best ways you can support a friend who’s going through an illness, whether short-term or long-term, is with a care package.

With a care package, you can give your friend multiple gifts to help them feel better, physically and mentally. Here are some ideas for a “get well soon” care package for your best friend. 

11. Flu care package

Having the flu is never fun, and it can get lonely if you’re stuck at home alone. You can cheer up a friend who’s recovering from a case of the flu with a special care package. Consider adding items like soothing tea, sports drinks, and hot-and-sour or chicken soup

12. Surgery care package

Your best friend could use some extra support if they just went through surgery. You can add in some helpful items like gift cards for delivery meals, a cozy robe or socks, and some laid-back activities like crosswords

13. Injury care package

For a best friend who has an injury, you can help support their healing process at home. Items to put in an injury care package include ice packs and wraps, Epsom salt soak, and soothing lotions or moisturizers. 

14. Mental health care package

Not all medical problems are physical. If your best friend is going through a rough patch with their mental health, you can send them a “get well soon” care package in that scenario, too. Consider items that promote relaxation and self-care, including scented candles, bath bombs, and even gift cards for massage or a calming facial. 

15. Chronic health care package 

Your best friend might experience frequent health crises, and you might not know how to support them.

If you have a best friend with a chronic health condition, a care package can help them get through an especially tough time. Consider items like comfortable PJs, a good book, and any self-care products you love. 

16. Chemo care package

You can give your best friend a care package any time during their chemo treatment, or you can create a special package for their first or last chemo treatment

17. Pharmacy care package

For any “get well soon” care package, you can theme the box based on your favorite drugstore items. That can include everything from any aisle, from makeup to bath bombs to cough drops and ice packs. 

Birthday Care Package Ideas for a Best Friend

Care packages aren’t limited to supporting your best friend through difficult times. You can also give your best friend a creative care package to celebrate their birthday. If you want to give your friend a birthday care package, consider the ideas below. 

18. Birthday cake package

Give your care package for your best friend a “birthday cake” theme by adding in different boxed cakes, sprinkles, and shelf-stable frosting. 

19. Pop-up ribbon box

Create a more interactive care package by packing your gifts inside a pop-up ribbon box. You can make the ribbons pop up out of the box using some crafty springs, or you can string them across the opening of the box so they form a colorful decoration when your BFF opens the box. 

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20. Party box care package

You can give your best friend everything they need for an amazing birthday party in a birthday care package. Throw in some streamers, confetti, and even a thumb drive playlist, as well as a boxed cake and sprinkles.

21. Movie night care package

Not every birthday party is a raucous night out. If your best friend is more of a homebody, you can give them the supplies for a deluxe movie night.

Add some microwave popcorn with a dedicated popcorn bowl or dish, a cozy blanket, and of course, some of your favorite flicks on DVD. 

22. Champagne party package

On the other side of the spectrum, your BFF might want to go all out with a glamorous birthday bash. You can include a bottle of champagne, some unique champagne flutes, and some golden confetti for good measure. 

Care Package Ideas for a Long-Distance Best Friend

If your best friend lives far away, you can strengthen your bond and remind them how much you care with a care package.

Your best friend will love receiving a thoughtful care package full of items that remind them of you and your friendship. Here are some ideas to get you started if you’re putting together a care package for your long-distance best friend. 

23. Local care package

Remind your best friend of their home down with some of their local favorites. You can put in local products (think local honey or craft beer) as well as more touristy items, like a postcard or magnet. 

24. Photo care package

Speaking of memories, you can create a photo-themed care package. You can add in items like photos (of course), photo string, and fairy lights. 

25. “I miss you a latte” care package

Let your best friend know you miss them and give them a boost of energy at the same time with an “I miss you a latte” care package. Put in things like a unique mug, some deluxe instant latte, and a gift card to your best friend’s favorite coffee shop. 

26. College care package

If your best friend just went off to college, it’s the perfect time to send them a college-themed care package. You can include things that are great for college living, like tasty snacks for late-night study sessions and flip-flops for those shared showers. 

27. Good reads care package

If your best friend is an avid reader, you can theme your care package around that interest. Consider adding in a couple of good books, some herbal tea, and well as a gift card for an e-book or audiobook subscription service. 

More Best Friend Care Packages

Above are some of the best times to send a care package to your best friend. But you can give your BFF a care package in many other situations. And of course, you can always give your best friend a care package just because. 

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