26 Great Caregiver Blogs + Forums to Read Today


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Sometimes caregiving can be a lonely journey. When you are looking for more information or someone who just “gets it,” caregiver blogs and forums on caregiving can offer some insight and respite from your day-to-day struggles. They also invite you to be a part of a much larger community.

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Generally speaking, blogs and forums fall into two categories: professional and personal. Some blogs are written exclusively by professionals in the field associated with a website and organization. Other blogs and forums are written by other caregivers who share their opinions, give advice, and discuss their feelings. 

As with many things online, it can be a jungle out there. Discerning what information is valid can be a challenge. We recommend wading into blogs and forums with your eyes wide open. The blogs and forums we suggest are associated with national organizations or are accepted as legitimate sources of information.

If you need further corroboration, it is up to you to evaluate and confirm the information you receive.

Tip: If you were caring for a loved one who passed away and now have to plan a virtual service for them, some platforms like GatheringUs have specialists who can guide and support you through the planning process.

What are Blogs, Forums, and Support Groups for Caregivers?

Most Internet content can be simplified as information in some form for people. Blogs for caregivers can typically be seen as informational. They’d likely tackle a subject such as “caring for someone with dementia” or write their own thoughts and experiences regarding caregiving. 

Forums are essentially distilled as online discussions organized by subject matter and topic. You can usually find people who have experience or are willing to give information about a certain thing, such as the above-mentioned topic. Finally, a caregiver support group can be an online group of people who get together around similar issues or concerns and share personal stories, feelings, and coping strategies.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find many different opinions and expertise online for caregivers.

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Best Spouse Caregiver Blogs and Forums

It is estimated that 12 percent of caregivers are caring for a spouse, according to the AARP. Many of these caregivers care for an older spouse, but others are younger and might be caring for a spouse or partner who has become ill, had an accident, or has some other chronic medical condition.

Regardless of which kind of caregiver you are, the social, emotional, and psychological impacts of caring for a spouse can be significant. The issues you face are unique in that not only are you losing the spouse you once had but losing a partner in life. Unfortunately, the dynamics of your relationship may also change in unexpected ways.

1. Caregiving.com

Caregiving.com has a very large library of videos, articles, and blogs associated with all forms of caregiving, with a section devoted to spousal caregiving. Caregiving.com also has webinars and podcasts.

2. The Caregiver Space

The Caregiver Space is somewhat unique in that they approach caregiving in a very open and inclusive way. They welcome caregivers that are young, LGBT, elders, spousal caregivers, and parents providing care.

Their online communities are through Facebook and you can link to their group through their main site.

3. Well Spouse Association

The Well Spouse Association is focused on caregivers caring for a spouse, offering education and resources. Well Spouse allows you to find a local support group according to zip code or the state you live in.

They also invite members to start their own local support groups with a step by step guide. Their newsletter carries personal stories from spousal caregivers.

Best ALS Caregiver Blogs and Forums

ALS is a devastating disease that has no cure. Caregiving duties for someone with ALS can also be very challenging. People develop ALS on average between the ages of 40 and 70 so caregivers can be much younger or much older, given the range of the disease. 

4. The International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations

The International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations has a forum dedicated to the sharing of ideas and information related to ALS.

The foundation also lists grant and loan programs to provide financial assistance to people living with ALS. Their news and resources page has recent relevant posts and archived articles dating back to 2016.

5. ALS Forums

ALS Forums is an extensive forum with specific topics like:

  • Newly diagnosed experiences
  • Could this be ALS? A discussion of symptoms and diagnosis
  • Stories of hope
  • Tips, tricks, and gadgets in caring for someone with ALS
  • Research, drug trials, and treatment

Best Caregiver Blogs for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Due to a rapidly aging population, the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is increasing. Add to that the lack of a cure or viable treatment, and you have a significant uptick in caregiving for people with cognitive impairment.

6. AARP Caregiving Forums

AARP Caregiving forums are up to date and cover a wide range of caregiving topics and questions posed by readers.

This site is a little more difficult to navigate, but with patience, you will find some relevant topics like driving with dementia and how music can help.

7. The Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association has a series of blog posts on everything from caregiving for a family member during the pandemic, to the power of music and Alzheimer’s.

The Alzheimer’s Association is considered the “go-to” site for information on diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

8. Dementia Care Central

Dementia Care Central has forums on how to pay for care, providing care, and learning about dementia. The forum is user friendly and you can create your own topics to add to ones already in progress.

Best Caregiver Blogs for Parkinson’s Disease

More people are affected by Parkinson’s disease than those affected by Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis combined.

About 60,000 people are diagnosed each year in the United States. Symptoms and the course of the disease can vary widely.

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9. Parkinson’s Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation has a blog with a wide range of subjects related to Parkinson’s disease treatment, with other dedicated pages on symptoms, coronavirus concerns, and legal planning. 

The Parkinson’s Foundation also has an extensive library of videos, fact sheets, books, and podcasts on almost any subject related to Parkinson’s disease. A page devoted to research has the latest information on efforts to improve treatment and find a cure.

Blogs About Caring for Aging Parents

Caring for aging parents can range from picking up prescriptions to providing complex hands-on care. Care for an aging parent sits on a spectrum, and many people can start off with minimal involvement as family members to an “all hands on deck” after a crisis. 

Regardless of where you are in the caregiving journey, there is much to learn from blogs about caring for aging parents. Here are some useful blogs.

10. Caring for Aging Parents

AARP’s Caring for Aging Parents has several articles by Amy Goyer, who cared for her aging father, a man who also suffered from dementia. Although there are just a few blog posts, there is a search engine bar to find more specific blog posts related to topics you are interested in.

11. Caregiver Warrior

Caregiver Warrior is an extensive website with blogs written by Susanne White. Susanne became a caregiver for her father, started on a self-discovery journey, and shares her experiences in her blog posts. She covers dementia care, healthcare management, relationships, and much more. 

12. Sallyabrahms.com

Sally Abrahms is an award-winning journalist who covers a wide range of subjects for people aged 50 and over. Her portfolio covers articles published in places such as AARP, the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger, and more. She covers topics as diverse as LGBTQ+ housing for older adults, retirement planning, and senior housing options. 

Blogs That Discuss Caregiver Burnout

Almost every blog we list in this article deals with some form of caregiver burnout, as the risk of caregiver burnout can be high. You may have to search for specific topic areas related to caregiver burnout on each website.

Caregiver burnout is a significant issue for many caregivers due to the lack of resources, in addition to the complex duties caregivers are expected to manage. Specific suggestions on preventing caregiver burnout and what to do about it if you already suffer from it may be helpful. Here are a few sites that specifically address caregiver burnout.

13. DailyCariing.com

Daily Caring is a website devoted to caregiving but has a robust blog with many articles on how to cope with caregiver stress. The array of articles covers many subjects related to communication, how to say no, relationships, stress management techniques, caregiver apps, and much more. 

14. Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is a caregiving expert, advocate, and speaker on issues related to caregiving. If you prefer podcasts, Pamela has podcasts on caregiving on her website in addition to traditional blog posts.

15. Healthline

Healthline is a comprehensive website dedicated to health and well-being with over 200 million visitors a month. We are listing Healthline’s 20 best stress relief blogs of 2020 because stress is universal. Their blog recommendations are worth considering and offer suggestions on mindfulness, coping with anxiety, and meditation.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Caregiver Blogs

Traumatic brain injury can be quite unique due to the variety of causes and severity. Brain injuries can happen to people of any age, and many disabilities associated with TBI are permanent. Brain injuries can occur due to falls, explosions (a common problem for veterans), sports injuries, motor vehicle crashes, etc.

Symptoms related to brain injury can include confusion, dizziness, loss of coordination, agitation, weakness, headaches, and behavioral and mood changes. For many caregivers, the severity of the injury determines how involved they are in the care of a loved one. 

16. Brainline

Brainline is a website and blog for and about caregivers, professionals, veterans, and children.  The blog also hosts personal stories from people from all walks of life who are coping with TBI. In addition, Brainline also provides educational topics on the causes and symptoms of brain injury. 

17. David’s Traumatic Brain Injury Blog

The writer behind David’s traumatic brain injury blog is a man who struck by a car while bicycling in 2012. He writes about his journey of recovery with an emphasis on building a meaningful life after the diagnosis of a TBI. 

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18. Trymunity

Trymunity is a nonprofit website and organization that increases awareness and provides support to survivors of TBI and their families. Trymunity also has a blog on various subjects related to coping with and recovering from TBI. 

19. Elizabeth Sandel, M.D.

Dr. Sandel is an author, speaker, and researcher on TBI. Her site, Elizabeth Sandel.com comes from the perspective of a physician who works closely with individuals through rehabilitation and research. Her blog covers specifics related to recovery, coping with cognitive deficits, PTSD, and veterans. 

Other Great Caregiver Blogs and Forums

As a caregiver, it may seem at times that you are focused solely on your caregiving duties. Aging is inevitable. Whether you are a younger or older caregiver, how you approach your aging process can make a significant difference in how you age. Feeling in command of your health and coping with stress will help you be a better caregiver.

The positive and instructive information coming out daily about aging may inspire you to take more control of your health and well-being. These blogs may give you reliable information you can use to make changes in your life.

20. Cake's Caregiving Discussion Board

Next, we wanted to highlight Cake's very own caregiving discussion board. We understand the particular challenges of caregiving, whether professionally or for a loved one, place a heavy load on your shoulders. Our discussion space is an open community for caregivers, health professionals, and other Cake users to talk about these very real experiences and concerns.

From connecting with others to getting hands-on advice from industry leaders and Cake's own team of experts, Cake's caregiving discussion board is a rapidly growing community. Start a new topic or join an existing conversation today. 

21. Next Avenue

Next Avenue is public media’s first and only national journalism service for America’s aging population.

They offer investigative stories that address topics like money, health, work and purpose, work, technology, and caregiving. According to their site, over 40 million people visit and provide expert written pieces from those in the field.

22. The New Old Age Blog

The New Old Age Blog is a feature of the New York Times by esteemed journalist, Paula Span.

Perhaps try taking a tour of the articles she has written to get the most current information available related to aging.

23. National Council on Aging

The National Council on Aging has an amazing section on healthy aging that includes chronic disease management, healthy living, fall prevention, aging mastery, and nutrition.

Their blog covers hundreds of subjects including lots of information on the health and financial effects of the pandemic on seniors.

24. MedlinePlus Healthy Aging

MedlinePlus dedicates a large section of their site titled Healthy Aging where you can explore topics like mental health, physical activity, staying at a healthy weight, and keeping your mind active.

25. AARP

AARP’s Healthy Living section is loaded with information on how to improve your health. They cover everything from healthy eating, exercise, meditation, and chronic disease management.

How-to videos provide instruction on subjects such as balance and chair exercises. AARP’s website is huge with an abundance of other information that you might find helpful.

26. Better Health While Aging

Dr. Leslie Kernisan is a geriatric physician who started and manages Better Health While Aging. Her site has a blog and she also offers podcasts with experts in the field of geriatrics.

Listeners can leave comments on her podcasts on the site. She also updates her website regularly, with pieces and expertise related to COVID-19 concerns as well as a wide range of subjects related to aging.

Some of her most popular blogs talk about dementia, organizing medications as a caregiver, the Mediterranean diet, and what to have a doctor check following a fall. 

Caregiver Blogs and Forums Are a Place for You

Take the plunge with the added suggestion to use caution and discretion in your search.

As you explore the wide world of caregiver blogs and forums, you will likely land in the places that resonate with you. The sense of comfort in knowing there are thousands of caregivers just like you can be inspiring and hopeful.

If you're looking to read more on caregiving, read our guides on caregiver resources and caregiver support groups.


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