11 Popular Casket Colors You Can Choose From


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One of the selections you may have to make when you’re planning your loved one’s funeral is the color and type of casket. While some may make a split-second decision on the casket style based on whatever is cheapest, others will consider how the casket will look next to the flowers and the deceased’s clothing. 

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Let us help you choose a casket color. We will discuss popular choices from the online marketplace and give you ideas about what color of casket to buy for specific situations. You’ll also learn a bit about the different types of coffins available, including popular colors and styles. 

Popular Luxury Casket Colors

Your funeral home director may ask you a series of questions to determine the type of casket that would be best for your situation. There’s actually quite a bit to consider. 

The budget for the funeral is one of the first items that you need to discuss. Casket prices can vary widely. 

You may also need to think about the use of the casket. Some people choose to have an open-casket visitation followed by cremation. Others will select a coffin that is eventually placed in a mausoleum or buried in a cemetery vault for eternity. The choice of the casket may determine its final resting place. 

Finally, you also need to consider the type of material used in making the casket. This may determine what colors are available for purchase. 

Here are some popular casket colors to consider for your loved one’s funeral. 

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1. Cherry wood 

Caskets made or stained to look like cherry wood are very popular high-end caskets. Cherry is a popular choice for wood furniture, and it is known for its reddish-purplish brown color. 

Many times cherry wood caskets come with white or ivory interiors. Any color of hardware looks good next to the reddish-brown wood, but you can also consider using a non-metal option for the handles. Almost any flower color looks good next to cherry wood, but you may think twice before pairing red roses next to a particularly red cherry wood casket. 

It may be challenging to order a cherry wood casket online. You may be shocked to discover how red a cherry wood casket appears in person. If this concerns you, don’t purchase the casket based on a photo on a website. 

2. Mahogany 

The difference between a cherry wood casket and a mahogany casket may be negligible. Mahogany tends to have a more orange tint rather than a cherry wood’s reddish hue. 

A mahogany-stained casket has a warm wood color. It looks good with a white or ivory interior and almost any flower color. 

3. White

Most white caskets are made of metal—specifically, 18 or 20-gauge steel. Steel caskets tend to be less expensive than solid wood, but there are always exceptions to this rule. 

White caskets can be paired with a white interior or pale pink, lilac, or blue interior. 

One benefit of choosing a white casket is that any flower color pops against it. Even white roses would look beautiful as long as they are surrounded by greenery. 

4. Silver

Silver caskets are also typically made of steel, and they may only look right with matching silver-colored hardware. Like white caskets, silver caskets are often paired with white or pale liners. 

Silver caskets would look good with vibrant-colored flowers, such as dark reds and purples. 

5. Rose Gold

You may only have to look at the back of your iPhone to find a popular casket color. Rose gold caskets are popular choices. They typically look good with any silver or gold hardware and light-colored liners. Costco sells a rose gold casket explicitly marketed for mothers.

Other Popular Casket Colors

You can purchase almost any casket color. In fact, you can even order a custom paint job for your loved one’s casket so it perfectly matches the hue of his favorite car or the color of her favorite flower. 

Some online casket retailers will enable you to choose three different colors to use on the same customized casket. The lid can be a different color than the base. You could choose a third color for the middle of the coffin. Of course, you can also customize the color of the liner and pillow.

Besides those listed above, here are some other colors to consider.

6. Black

Black caskets can be made with steel or wood stained in an extremely dark color. You can use white or ivory lining with a black coffin and almost any hardware color. 

Black caskets have a very formal and traditional feel. You may not see black caskets as often as you would have in the past, but black never goes out of style.

7. Navy 

Navy blue is also a sophisticated color choice for a casket. These caskets look good with silver hardware and a white or light blue interior. This might be the choice for someone who served in the navy or cheered for a team with dark blue color.

Almost any color flower looks good with a dark blue casket. Consider using yellow, orange, or coral in the arrangement.

8. Maroon

As you can see from our list, vibrant colors are not typically used for caskets. This doesn’t mean that you must choose an entirely neutral casket style.

Consider a maroon casket for your loved one. Since maroon comes in various shades, you may be prepared to give your florist a sample so the flowers do not clash with the casket. 

9. Green

You may not have seen a green casket at any of the funerals you have attended, but it is an option to consider. In fact, you may choose an Army green-colored casket if your loved one served in this military branch.

Others may choose a green camouflage casket for those who enjoyed hunting and the outdoors. Green may also be the color of your loved one’s favorite team. You may also choose green if your loved one was proud of his or her Irish heritage.

10. Gray

While you can purchase a gray steel casket, you may soften the look by buying a gray casket made with cloth-covered fiberboard. This extremely economical option may be considered if you are planning a funeral on a budget. Of course, this approach can be taken in a variety of colors. 

Since gray is neutral, any flower color or interior would look appropriate. 

11. Your loved one’s favorite color

Did your loved one have a signature color or was she a huge fan of a particular sports team? If everyone around associates a specific color with your loved one, why not purchase a casket that would reflect their taste?

As we mentioned previously, you can purchase customized caskets in almost any color imaginable. Most businesses that sell caskets know how important it is to deliver their product within a specific time frame. Still, you may want to talk with a customer service representative to ensure the delivery will arrive well in advance of the funeral.

Did your loved one love bright pink, red, purple, orange, or yellow? Consider customizing a casket to reflect your loved one’s signature color. 

If you are worried that having a bright casket may distract from the meaning of the funeral, consider using your loved one’s signature color elsewhere during the service. If the casket is left open during the visitation, dress your loved one in his or her favorite outfit. You may also choose flowers to reflect the favorite color instead of ordering a customized casket. 

Colorful Casket Alternatives

If you want to add color to your or a loved one's final resting place, you don't have to purchase a casket made of pricey materials. Here are some alternative options for creating a brightly colored casket or urn. 

  • Painted cardboard casket. For the most affordable casket available, and one that's more eco-friendly than metal or hardwood, consider cardboard. You can purchase a simple, white cardboard casket, and then paint it with the color of your choice or with colorful designs. Just make sure the paint you use is non-toxic and Earth-friendly.
  • Pine casket. Another inexpensive and DIY-ready option is pine or other softwoods. Like cardboard, pine caskets are easier on the Earth because they decompose underground. But pine also has a natural-yet-refined look. 
  • Casket decorations. If you choose a casket in a subdued color, you can brighten it up with decorations. This may include real flowers or flowers made of paper or silk. It may also include photos of the person in brightly colored frames. 
  • Colorful or custom urn. If you or your loved one opt for cremation over burial, you can still have a colorful final resting place. You can find urns in many different colors, and you can even have a one-of-a-kind urn 3D printed with a company like Foreverence

Other Things to Think About When Choosing a Casket

Some people who are grieving a loss may have a hard time making even the most mundane decisions regarding their loved one’s funeral. If you are having a hard time concentrating or every decision seems overwhelming, consider leaning on a good friend during this difficult time. 

Ask someone a little distant from the situation to help you choose your loved one’s casket color as well as the clothes you wear to the funeral. Your friend wants to help you as you go through this challenging time.

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