14 Types of Cat Memorial Jewelry to Remember Your Pet

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Have you recently lost your beloved cat? If so, you may be looking for a way to commemorate your pet’s life. You can find many pet memorial items available at brick-and-mortar or online stores such as memorial plaques, garden stepping stones, and windchimes. 

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These items are beautiful but they sometimes get lost within the clutter of your home. Instead of adding another item to your bookcase or another wall hanging, why not purchase a piece of commemorative cat memorial jewelry to memorialize your cat?

Here are some types of pet memorial jewelry items. The first section will highlight pieces that you can find at online stores, and the second section describes items that you can make with a few tools. 

Types of Custom Pet Memorial Jewelry

It doesn’t have to be obvious that pet memorial jewelry honors a deceased pet. You can purchase any piece of jewelry that reminds you of your beloved cat. You may be attracted to a particular gem because it looks like the color of your cat’s eyes. Maybe movement from a pair of dangly earrings reminds you of your cat’s tail as he walked away from you. 

Here are some more cat-specific pieces of pet memorial jewelry to search for at a store near you.

1. Cat paw pendant

You can find many different cat paw pendants available online. You can find a pendant shaped like a cat’s paw print or you can find a heart-shaped necklace with a paw print engraving. 

Since there are so many of these available online, you can find a pendant in almost any size, color, and quality. You may also be able to pay extra to have the pendant engraved with the name of the pet you lost. 

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2. Cat companions pendant

Are you mourning the loss of two important cats in your life? If your cats were best friends and worst enemies, consider celebrating their unique relationship with a pendant that looks like two cats sitting next to each other.

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3. Cat pendant

You can find plenty of cat pendants available. Some are in the shape of a cat head, while others look like a cat body. Some show the back of the animal, while others depict a smiling cat face. You can even purchase a cat angel pendant so others can see that you are honoring a deceased cat. 

You can find pendants in all colors and sizes. Some jewelry manufacturers allow you to customize your piece with a specific gem. While these items can be attractive, you may have a difficult time matching your pendant’s look to the exact look of your cat. 

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4. Photo necklace

If your pendant must look exactly like your cat, search for a company that creates photo necklaces. These pendants are etched to look precisely like the high-quality photograph you provide. The pendant is then cut around the edges to match your pet’s distinct shape. 

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5. Necklace with small charms

Jewelry designers have used small delicate charms in their designs for decades. If you like the layered look, search for pieces of memorial jewelry personalized with small charms commemorating your cat. On the same necklace or bracelet, include charms depicting a paw print, angel wing, cat, and a gem in a meaningful color. 

Some of these charms can hang on the same chain, while other companies can create a floating locket. That way, the charms can move inside a glass container that hangs at your neck.

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6. Cremation jewelry that holds cremains

For generations, it was rather common for people to show affection for a loved one by wearing a locket with a lock of hair tucked inside. While you can do this for your cat, you can take it one step further by purchasing a piece of cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry often includes a pendant shaped like a vial. This container is large enough to hold a tiny amount of cremains of your loved one. 

Cremation necklaces are common, but you can purchase cremation rings and bracelets as well. 

While you can purchase a generic piece of cremation jewelry, you could also find cat-specific jewelry. Consider engraving the small vial with your cat’s name. 

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7. Cremation jewelry made with cremains

You may be surprised to learn that you can find a second type of cremation jewelry. Some companies create a piece of glasswork using the cremains from your cat’s cremation. You can choose the style, size, and colors of the piece since each pendant is custom-made. 

Search for artists who specialize in this type of jewelry. Make sure you look through artists’ portfolios to find a craftsperson who appeals to your style.

We recommend Eterneva, a company that makes gorgeous diamonds from the deceased's ashes or hair.

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Easy DIY Cat Memorial Jewelry Ideas

Some people deal with the loss of a cat by creating something in memory of the pet. The act of creating is often cathartic for many people. If you feel an emotional release from designing and working on a project, consider completing one of these relatively easy DIY pieces of jewelry.

If you aren’t particularly crafty or skilled with a glue gun, you may consider ordering a piece on Etsy. Don’t forget to search for all sorts of memorial items — not just ones that commemorate a cat’s life.

8. Cat photo pendant

Search online for instructions on how to make a glass-covered photo pendant of your cat. You can complete this project with a clear, circle glass piece, a quality photograph, and a steady hand. 

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9. Rainbow bridge necklace or bracelet

Most people are aware of the imagery of the rainbow bridge. When a pet crosses the rainbow bridge, your pet arrives at beautiful pet-filled heaven with all of your animal’s favorite things. 

Consider making a rainbow bridge bracelet or necklace out of multicolored beads. Purchase a cat-shaped charm to place in the center. This project can be striking and relatively inexpensive to create.

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10. Pressed flower necklace

Are you looking for a beautiful and delicate reminder of your lost cat? Consider creating a pressed flower necklace pendant to remind you of your deceased pet. Flowers would be especially appropriate if your cat had a botanical name or was known to pounce and play among wildflowers. You may also choose to include a bit of your cat’s fur or whiskers in the pressed necklace.

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11. Washer jewelry

Create a simple necklace using a washer and a bit of leather or ribbon. Make it a piece of memorial jewelry by delicately painting the name of your cat on the face of the washer with a permanent marker or nail polish. This craft is economical and would be a great creative outlet for someone with a steady hand. 

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12. Cricut earrings

Cricuts are precise cutting machines that can be programmed to cut any shape you desire. Many people use these machines to create dangly earrings. Consider using your Cricut to make some memorial earrings for your cat

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13. Pet tag memory pendants

Why not keep your pet’s identity tag close to your heart? Look online to learn how to add decals or other charms to make the tag more decorative. A pet tag project would be super inexpensive and you could place the tag on the chain of your choice.

14. Braided leather bracelet

Look online to learn how to make a braided leather bracelet. This project should be relatively inexpensive and should only require the purchase of leather, a bracelet clasp, and perhaps a pendant depicting an angel cat or wings.

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Other Ways to Remember the Life of Your Cat

You had a personal relationship with your pet, so why not wear something to help you honor this connection?  

Memorial jewelry, especially pieces you make yourself, can be extremely economical as well. It may appeal to you if you wish to live as simply as possible. 

Memorial jewelry pieces also can act as a conversation starter. Other cat lovers will be attracted to your jewelry and may ask you about your beloved pet. 

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