12 Unique, Affordable Cat Urns to Keep Your Cat Close

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When a beloved pet dies, it’s easy to feel lonely and disconnected. Pets are daily companions. They are often by our side every waking hour when we are at home. Losing them can feel like an integral part of yourself has died. This may be one reason why more and more people are choosing cat cremation when their feline companions pass away.

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When you bury a pet, you may one day have to move away and leave them behind. Cremating them means you can keep them with you always. If you do choose to cremate your cat, you can even feature their cremains in a beautiful urn.

This enables you to see them (in a new way) every day. Here, we explore some beautiful and unique urns that may be ideal for featuring a cat’s cremains.  

Custom urn tip: For a truly unique cat urn, you could turn to a service like Foreverence, which creates custom, 3D-printed urns to order. 

Best Elegant Cat Urns to Display at Home

For many people, their home is their sanctuary. When their cats were alive, they might have bought cat towers and beds that fit their design aesthetic. When a pet dies, there are ways to display their remains that also work with the feel of your home.

These elegant and design-conscious types of urns are perfect for displaying your cat’s ashes in style.

1. Stained glass urns

When a beloved cat dies, it can feel like the color and joy have been leached out of your life. A beautiful stained glass urn can be a great way to brighten up the space around you again. One popular design features the flowers “forget-me-nots,” which can be a sweet choice for a memorial urn.

2. Marble urn

If you have a more traditional personal style, a marble cremation urn makes for a beautiful decorative element. This allows you to pay tribute to a beloved cat by displaying their ashes even in the most formal of spaces. 

3. Hand-painted cremation urn

Even a generic ceramic or stoneware urn can be customized with an individualized paint job. Hire an artist to paint an urn in a way that fits your personal style. It can incorporate the colors of your decor, or feature a sweet design.

One popular design for a cremation urn is a depiction of a sunset or a night sky. It can symbolize that your pet has reached the end of their life in a subtle way that still blends in with your decor. 

4. Butterfly cremation lamp

This is less of a traditional urn and more a decor item. But as you place ashes inside, it’s close enough to count. In many cultures, butterflies symbolize rebirth or the transition into a new phase of life.

A cremation lamp featuring a glass butterfly design can represent the feeling that your pet has moved on to a more joyous space. 

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Best Personalized Cat Urns

For many people, aesthetics aren’t the most important aspect of displaying their cat’s ashes. They want a personalized memorial that serves as a tribute to a beloved cat. These urns incorporate details about your pet to make for a more custom memorial. Pet keepsakes like this can serve almost as a portable grave marker. They add a more personal element to displaying cremains. 

5. Custom pottery urn

When people picture cat cremation urns, they tend to picture a traditional pottery urn made from ceramic or stoneware. You can get something with these same lines that are still highly customized.

Many independent artists offer pottery urns that are hand-painted with portraits of deceased pets. Send photos to the artist, and they will lovingly recreate your pet’s image on the urn that will hold their ashes. They may also feature your pet’s name, the dates they were alive, or a memorial quote. There is plenty of room to personalize this kind of memorial. 

6. Custom resin statue urn

Many companies and individuals offer urns that are actually shaped like pets. One common design features a cat curled up sleeping on top of a rock. It looks as though they are just napping, instead of going into their eternal rest.

These can be made out of many materials, but are frequently crafted from materials like resin. Once the urn is made, it can then be hand-painted in the image of your late cat. A brass plate featuring your cat’s name and dates of life adds another lovely, personal touch.

7. Custom wood urn

If you prefer natural wood elements in your home, you can achieve that look in a way that is still intimate and personal. There are wood urns available from companies and artisans that serve as a final resting place for your pet.

You can mount a photograph on some designs. Others feature laser engraved pet portraits directly on the vessel. You can often even select the type of wood and color of stain to customize it even further.  

8. Soft urn cover

This item isn’t technically an urn. But it goes hand in hand with them. A lot of people have a hard time seeing their pet’s ashes in a cold, hard urn.

They miss cradling a soft furry friend. Some artisans make soft covers for pet urns that feature hand-painted portraits of the deceased cat. This makes for a soft and cozy memorial that is also deeply personal. 

Best Types of Cat Urn Jewelry

For some people, an urn or personalized memorial piece helps them feel close to a deceased pet. But other people like to keep their late pets even closer to their hearts. Cremation jewelry allows you to wear a portion of your pet’s ashes in a subtle way.

This can really help someone who feels lonely after losing their beloved cat to death. These styles of cremation jewelry incorporate urns or other vessels where a small portion of ashes can be contained.  

9. Cremation urn charm bracelet

Charm bracelets are a lovely way to pay tribute to a pet who has died. One of the charms can be a small urn containing a portion of their ashes. But you can also decorate it with charms that remind you of your pet.

Did your cat like frolicking in the yard? Include a flower charm. Did they like to nap in sunbeams on the floor? Include a sun-shaped charm. This kind of cremation jewelry can be completely customized for a truly personal tribute.     

10. Modern bar-style cremation urn pendant

Jewelry companies and independent artisans alike make cremation urn jewelry in a variety of shapes and styles. One popular design is a cremation bar necklace. In this design, the vessel you keep your pet’s ashes in is a sleek and simple metal rectangular prism. It is unobtrusive and has clean lines. It’s casual enough for everyday wear, but it still has an understated elegance to it. 

They come in a variety of finishes, and you can order a cremation necklace in metallic tones like silver, gold, bronze, and rose gold. You can also have them engraved with your pet’s name, paw prints, or a short memorial quote. This is a lovely and classic piece of jewelry that’s also a great way to honor a beloved cat. 

11. Hourglass cremation pendant

Hourglasses have become an increasingly popular way to display cremation ashes. This is in large part because it makes for a beautiful metaphor. We all have a finite amount of time on this Earth, people and pets alike.

An hourglass serves as a visual representation that our time does run out, and that’s just part of the circle of life. There are pendants made in the shape of hourglasses that allow you to pour in a small portion of your cat’s ashes. While they aren’t calibrated enough to serve as a functioning timepiece, their visual impact is undeniable. 

12. Cremation locket

Lockets have long been used as a place to preserve memories of loved ones. Many people keep photos of their loved ones in a locket. Others will actually carry a piece of their loved one in a locket. A lock of hair belonging to a loved one is often enshrined in a locket.

Memorial lockets have also been designed that allow you to keep a small amount of ashes inside. If your cat has been cremated, this is a lovely and traditional way to carry them with you. It may not be shaped like an urn, but it’s still a sweet memorial vessel.

Beautiful Urns for Cat Cremation 

While the cost of cremation may not be manageable for all pet owners, pet cremation has distinct advantages. It allows you to keep your pets with you if you move out of the home you lived in when they died. And it allows you to keep them in your day to day life. Saying goodbye to a companion animal is hard.

When you display their ashes in a beautiful urn, it’s a way to continue featuring them in your day-to-day life. Just because your cat passes away, it doesn’t mean they have to stop being in your life. You can still include them in a new way.    

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