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Condolences & what to say

Being there for someone after a loss is difficult, and it's not always clear what to say. The right condolence message goes a long way, and remember that your words have power.

Condolence etiquette

Offering condolences after a loss is a gesture of kindness. While it's tempting to share your well-wishes as soon as possible, tread carefully. There is such a thing as condolence etiquette, and it's all about being mindful of how your words could be taken. Whenever you're offering condolences, consider the meaning behind your words. Sometimes this meaning doesn't align with what we're really trying to say, so condolence etiquette offers helpful structure.

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Examples of how to offer condolences

Finding the right words to say to someone after a loss takes introspection and empathy. You want to offer kindness and support, but you don't want to accidentally make things worse for your recipient. Reading examples of how to offer condolences goes a long way towards simplifying this process. It's okay if you need a framework to find the perfect condolence message. These examples offer the right message at the right time, giving you the headspace you need to focus on your recipient.

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How to respond to condolences

If you've received condolences, you know how supportive and meaningful they feel. Your loved ones took the time to be there when you needed it the most, and this deserves to be honored in its own way. Understanding how to respond to condolences makes it easy to show that these acts of kindness were appreciated. From thank you messages to cards, it's important to say thanks for the things in life that matter.

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